Best 080 Trimmer Line

It’s good to have a stock of trimmer lines for when the one on your current weed eater breaks. Over time the trimmer line will start showing signs of wear and tear. If you find that you are not getting through as much grass and weed as you used to and are taking longer than usual, it may be time to replace your string grass trimmer line.

Why wait until it breaks to make the purchase? Be prepared for the inevitable. In this review, you will find out what the best 080 trimmer line is for your needs.

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Our Best Trimmer Line of .080 Picks

Oregon Gatorline .080 Inch 413 Foot Round String Trimmer Line

Oregon Gatorline .080 String Trimmer Line

This round lin trimmer from Oregon is available in a bright green color. The trimmer line is made with a commercial-grade co-polymer material which makes it extremely strong and durable. This means fewer reloads and less time lost.

The spool comes with 413 feet of string allowing for up to 20 refills and is 1 lb in weight. It is spun tight so you don’t have to worry about it getting loose and tangling.

This trimmer line from Oregon will fit all popular string trimmer models that are designed to work with 0.080 lines.


  • Up to 20 refills
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Durable and strong


  • Basic design

Cyclone .080 Spool Commercial Grade String Grass Trimmer Line

Cyclone .080 Spool Commercial Grade String Grass Trimmer Line

This spool of trimmer line from Cyclone is a commercial grade line that is designed for light to medium grass and weed trimming.

It comes made with a special co-polymer that is designed to last for a long time.

The spool features a bright green string with a total length of 200 feet.

This perfect replacement line has a six-sided shape which enhances its ability to cut through thicker grass and weeds. It fits most of the gas and electric trimmers.

Trimming takes a lot out of you and the last thing you want to be dealing with along with the yard that awaits is an inefficient line that keeps breaking. If you are looking for a good line for light-duty commercial work, this is a great option.


  • Patented 6 bladed shape
  • Durable copolymer formulation
  • Highly visible bright green color


  • Short in length when compared to competitors

Arnold Maxi-Edge.080 Commercial Grade Multi Sided Trimmer Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge.080 Trimmer Line

This high quality trimmer line from Arnold Maxi-Edge is a commercial-grade trimming line with a diameter of 0.080 inches.

The line is made by the reputable Arnold Corporation and has a very visible green color.

The spool features 280 feet of string.

The line has a 6-star shape and will fit most straight shaft options and curved shaft trimmers as well. With this design, the line is more powerful and will trim easier than regular round lines.

Its length allows up to 14 refills so it provides okay value for money and will last for a reasonable time before you need to replace it.

This string grass trimmer line from Arnold is a great choice for all your home or commercial grade yard trimming work.


  • Great value for money
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Low price
  • Included line cutter


  • Only 14 refills

Maxpower Twisted Trimmer Line .080-Inch

Maxpower 0.80 Twisted Trimmer Line

This product comes with a twisted design from Maxpower, a company that manufactures products in the USA.

The line is a commercial-grade option ideal for medium to heavy trimming thanks to its twisted shape and decent diameter size.

The trimmer line is made of high-quality nylon polymer for strength and durability.

Its design also helps to give it its efficiency and durability for added cutting power. The twisted shape, according to the manufacturer, allows operation with up to 50% less noise than its competitors.

The design of the trimmer lines also helps to reduce vibration from the equipment making the act of using them easier on your body. The Maxpower line provides less line drag and will thereby result in more efficient energy use.

The spool contains 280 feet of line, which will be good for up to 14 refills.


  • Provides commercial-grade quality
  • Efficient twisted line design
  • Reduces equipment vibration and noise
  • Durable


  • Relatively expensive

Buyers Guide

After mowing your lawn you will still have some amount of work left that your mower just won’t be able to handle.

In these instances, you will need a string trimmer. These blade-less cutting tools are ideal for clearing overgrown bushes and getting rid of unruly grass and weeds at hard to reach places.

There are a few different types of string trimmers on the market, all with their unique specifications and each having their own set of benefits.

First, we will go through these main categories of weed eaters and then get into details about our main topic, how to choose the best 080 trimmer line and what kind of weeding jobs it is for. Here are your options.

Electric String Trimmers

Electric weed eaters or trimmers are ideal for those who don’t want to bother with oil and gas tools. They are lightweight, quiet, and easy to maneuver while offering nearly the same amount of power you would get from gas-powered models.

You can find these options either as corded trimmers which may require the use of an additional extension cord or you can find battery-powered string trimmer options with the freedom to move around.

Gas-Powered Tools

These are designed for heavy trimming needs. They are designed with either 4-cycle or the more common 2-cycle engines. Gas weed wackers can usually easily mow down thick weeds and bushes and are the choice of professionals.

They are great if you want a tool that can tackle large areas to prune weeds, edge sidewalks, and driveways and help to cultivate neat garden spaces.

Wheeled Options

Wheeled or walk behind string trimmers are ideal for getting lots of trimming done with low effort.

They allow the user to trim faster and greatly reduce fatigue. They also feature pull string recoil starting mechanisms so they are easy to start, much like your lawnmower.

These kind of tools are designed with large wheels that allow them to be used on uneven terrain.

Featuring a wide cutting width, they can cover a lot more ground in a timely manner. Their powerful engines are mostly gas operated. With this, everyone can cut through the heavy overgrowth with ease.

Brush Cutters

These are kind of the brother of the string trimmer but the difference is that brush cutters are using sharp metal blades instead of nylon lines.

You will find three different types of brush cutters on the market including handheld, walk-behind, and tow-behind options. You may want to upgrade to a brush cutter if your trimmer is not up to the task of your yard work.

Benefits of a .080 Line for your Trimmer

This type of string grass trimmer line product is ideal for light to medium trimming needs. It has a versatile style and diameter size that is quite popular with both residential and commercial undertakers.

A 0.080 line is a step up from the 0.065 line. It is thicker and stronger, therefore it can provide more cutting power.

When you couple this diameter size with different line designs you make get an even stronger product.

The 0.080 line is suitable for light to medium yard work and weed size. It is ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Choose this line when you have a lot of yard work to tackle and need something powerful so you can get it done at a faster rate, while the line will stay on and break later than thinner versions.

Most of the reviewed trimmer lines are universal, meaning they are not brand specific and can be used with most weed eaters on the market today.


In general, 080 string grass trimmer lines are considered to be “light gauge”. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used for extensive residential or commercial purposes.

As we have demonstrated the shape of the line also has a big effect on its ability to tackle harder work.

Check out the Arnold Maxi Edge, it may be the best 080 trimmer line for a commercial grade or heavy-duty use. This line is made of a high-quality polymer making it the best choice for hard work.