Best Cordless Grass Shears – Reviews & Buyers Guide

No doubt, grass shears help in trimming your grass, which in turn contributes to the neatness of the lawn. While you can always opt for manual grass shears, the stress and the time you need to invest in trimming your lawn make it an unsuitable option. For this reason, we introduce a set of exclusive cordless grass shears that are portable, versatile, lightweight, and durable.

Other kinds of trimmers we reviewed:

Using these types of grass shears makes trimming efficient and stress-free for all age groups. Read on for the review of the best cordless grass shears on the market and the buying guide to help you through the decision making process.

What Are The Best Grass Shears?

The best grass shears are combining all the benefits of portability while still providing maximum performance and ease of use. Price is also very important as well as the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

We have compared a great number of shears on the market today and based on that, a selected list has been presented to you in this article.

All in all, we think that one of the

best lithium ion tools available today is the Worx WG801 20V Shear Trimmer

as it comes with both shrubbery and grass blades, it is compact, lightweight, and has outstanding reviews online. The package includes the battery and charger and you can share the battery across multiple WORX tools within the 20V power share platform.

The most affordable cordless grass shear is the Snow Joe Shear and Hedger which offers two different blades and light weight for a very reasonable low price.

Best Cordless Grass Shears – Reviews

Worx WG801 20V Shear Shrubber Trimmer

Worx WG801 Grass Shear Shrubber Trimmer

The Worx WG801 20V shear shrubber trimmer is a handy tool for making professional, neat, and tidy cuts.

As one of the best battery powered grass shears, this tool features a portable, lightweight, and compact design that only weighs around 2 pounds for convenience.

As a 2-in-1 grass shear, it is comprised of a 4-inch clipper blade and an 8-inches shrubbery blade. The grass shear blades are suitable for trimming and edging works. Changing the blades requires no special tools.

The rubberized and soft comfort grip on this tool allows for precise and safe control while running. It can be used along with an optional telescopic handle to maximize efficiency and extended reach.

The 20 V high performance lithium-ion battery allows a long term operation for heavy-duty trimming works.


  • 2 in 1 tool with both clipper and shrubbery blades
  • 20 V high performance battery system
  • Soft and ergonomic grip
  • Longer running time with a high capacity lithium-ion battery


  • A bit expensive

Ryobi Cordless Grass Shear

Ryobi Cordless Grass Shear

The Ryobi 18V lithium-ion cordless grass shear is a two in one grass shear that allows the user to switch between different blades with no effort.

The hedge trimmer blade has a size of 8-inches while the shearing blade comes with a size of 4-inches.

The blades are the dual-action types that allow for smooth operation and clean cuts.

It also has an overall medium weight which reduces strain on hands while working, but of course not as light as the budget Snow Joe trimmer.

This Ryobi tool features an ergonomic and soft grip handle with the control switches underneath for user comfort and accessibility.

Also, it comes with an 18 V lithium-ion battery with a capacity rated at 1.3 Ah, which makes it run for 90 minutes for heavy-duty tasks.

Additionally, the product comes with a trusted warranty of 3-years which assures one of its durability.


  • 2 in 1 tool offering hedging and shearing blades
  • 90 minutes long-lasting battery life
  • 3-Years warranty


  • Quite expensive

Snow Joe HJ604C 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Hedger

Snow Joe HJ604C 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Hedger

Snow Joe HJ604C is a typical 2 in 1 grass shear which are suitable to use on small lawn gardens and average sized hedges.

As a 2 in 1 trimmer, it comes with blades that are lightweight and can be used for multiple tasks of grooming.

Also, the tool has an overall weight of not more than 2.5 pounds, which is still very portable.

As a comparative advantage, we found the ergonomic handle to provide control and ease of use for this cheap yet impressive tool.

The 7.2V rechargeable battery is not the most powerful but is suitable for small to medium tasks.

The switches on this cordless grass shear of course come with safety features to prevent accidental starting.

The Snow Joe + Sun Joe Customer Promise offers 2 years warranty.


  • Very affordable
  • Portable and lightweight making it comfortable to use
  • 2-Years warranty


  • Vibrations are not reduced enough

Gardena Cordless Grass Shears

Gardena Cordless Grass Shears

This Gardena tool comes with innovative trimming technology. The product is a 2-in-1 grass shear with two interchangeable blades of clipper and hedge trimmer. It requires no special tools to change the blades.

It comes with an overall weight of about 2 pounds, contributing to its compact design, portability, and comfort while in use.

The tool has a well-structured and ergonomic design which offers comfort and a good fit for the average hand.

As for convenience, the tool can be equipped with the optional Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle that guarantees comfortable cutting even while standing or offers higher reach for those tall hedges and shrubs.

It comes out of the box with a blade protection feature and a special battery charger.

Gardena cordless shears have a lithium-ion battery rated at 1.2 Ah and are capable of giving you 45 minutes on a single full charge and it takes 6 hours to recharge. There is a LED display that shows the battery status.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Features a reasonably long-lasting battery with a running time of 45 minutes
  • Fast rechargeable functionality
  • Portable


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty cuts

Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Grass Shears

Makita XMU04Z 18V Lithium Ion Grass Shears

These battery-powered grass shears by Makita are perfect for effortlessly trimming your garden lawn with more speed.

The Makita cordless shears come with a portable weight of 3.7 pounds. They come with an 18V motor that provides high performance and good cutting action. This same motor confers on the tool the ability to deliver up to 500 spins per minute on the blade.

The XMU04Z features a dual-action blade for highly improved shearing capability. The blades are not long but instead pretty wide by design, offering a more efficient trim on larger areas.

Conveniently, the blade comes with a 3-stage height adjustable feature to offer more options while trimming.

The Makita XMU04Z also comes with a rechargeable battery which is rated at 5.0 Ah and 18V power rating and provides a running time of almost 200 minutes, which is outstanding. Unfortunately, the recommended BL1850B battery is not included and needs to be bought separately.


  • Dual blade action for smooth cuts
  • High performance
  • Long-lasting and a fast-charging optional battery


  • The battery is not included
  • Less versatile due to the fixed blade

Buyer’s Guide

What do grass shears do?

Grass shears are a set of handheld tools that are used for grass trimming and topiary work. They are quite compact and available to make precise trims around borders, obstacles, and flower beds that even a large mower cannot access.

Horizontal grass shears, the ones we review in this article, may be used to remove grass that has not been cut by the lawn mower. There are grass shears that can be converted to small hedgers so even the shrubs around the house can be trimmed to perfection.

In general, the grass shears are available for carrying out trimming and edging works on your grass lawn and hedges.

Why Do You Need Cordless Grass Shears?

Most people use a corded or battery powered weed eater to trim the edges of a lawn and get rid of unwanted patches of overgrown grass, but those tools offer less control and can lead to damaging the lawn, especially around the edges. For precision cuts and edging, we recommend using a shear blade or grass shears.

The main options for grass cutting shears available are the manual, corded, and cordless types. Selecting any of the above depends on your convenience and age factor.

Manual Grass Shears

Using handheld grass shears may entail more stress and slow trimming time. These kind of grass shears won’t be the best choice for older people who need to keep their lawns clean with less effort.

Corded Electric Grass Shears

Corded grass shears, sometimes called electric grass shears, can also help in efficient trimming but can be restricted by the distance to the nearest mains plug. Furthermore, you could run into the risk of an electric shock in the advent of cutting the wire.

Cordless Grass Shears

These grass shears rely on the power from the battery to operate. It can be used at any spot of the lawn as it has greater mobility and isn’t restricted by the extension cord.

Besides, they act like any powered small grass mover with very sharp teeth to tailor-cut grass at a stress-free pace.

These tools, regardless of the power source, are portable and giving less strain on your hands in any trimming activity. This makes them suitable for use by people who have sustained injuries on their wrists or are physically not that fit.

Many brands and versions are quite durable and come with a long-lasting battery that can be used for 45 minutes to an hour or more. We have found them to come with a well-trusted warranty, proving their long-lasting capabilities.

What are the Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cordless Grass Shear?

Blade Size and Type

Most cordless grass shears come with two blade types. There is the clipper blade type and there is the long hedge trimmers blade type. Both blade types have different designs and lengths.

The clipper kind of blade usually comes with a short size length of between 4-5 inches long, while the hedge trimmers blade comes at a long length of 6 – 8 inches.

Whichever type you choose depends on your trimming preferences. For longer and more efficient cuts across a large area, you should opt for a cordless grass shear with hedge trimmer blades. The shearing blade is better at trimming smaller areas with precision.

For a more versatile use of a cordless grass shear, you might consider a 2 in 1 model featuring both blade types.


The ease in using cordless garden shears depends on the ergonomic design. A cordless grass shear having an ergonomic handle guarantees comfort even for longer periods of time.

Making precise and accurate trimmings requires models of grass shears with good balance and sturdy materials.

Also, ensure the features such as the switches and other buttons are placed for convenience and easy accessibility.

Size and Weight

Whatever you do, the size and weight is an important factors to consider when selecting a cordless grass shear.

Even though most of the trimmers come in a portable size, weight is still an important consideration as it determines the extent of time you can handle the grass shear. This, in the long run, affects the performance of the cordless garden shears.

Among other things that contribute to the weight of a cordless grass shear, the main contributor is the battery. The more power the batteries can store, the heavier they are.

The weight of these models is typically in the range of 1.02 pounds to 5 pounds.

Speaking from experience, a grass shear with heavy weight makes trimming a real pain. Unless you have large areas to trim with precision, we suggest you select lightweight cordless grass clippers.

Power Output and Battery Life

One of the advantages of cordless grass shears is that they come with rechargeable batteries.

A rechargeable battery could be a lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium type.

The lithium-ion batteries are the most common ones you will find in the best models of cordless grass shears as it has higher performance and can be charged faster.

Batteries also come with different power ratings which range from 3.6 Volts to 20 Volts. If you need a cordless grass shear for a small or medium lawn, we advise going for the 3.6 V to 7.2 V model. For longer cutting jobs that could take time and need more power, any cordless grass shear from 7.2 Volts will be the best choice to go for.

Price and Product Warranty

Whenever you want to select the best cordless grass shears, you may need to watch out for the relative price to value ratio.

Cordless garden shears are portable tools with quite limited use, and we don’t want you to spend a fortune purchasing them.

The best set of cordless grass shears reviewed in this article comes with a price between 30$ – 100$. Always go for a model that would serve you best, no need to fork out a fortune on something you would rarely use, or that is overpowered for what it is needed.

Also, take into account the product warranty. Any specific model of a cordless grass shear with a decent warranty provides the needed assurance of its durability.

What is the Difference Between Lawn Shears and Edging Shears?

Grass shears are categorized into Lawn and Edging shears based on their purpose.

A set of lawn shears with horizontal blades are used for cutting parallel along a flat surface making your grass aligned and neat.

Whereas, edging shears with vertical blades are used for cutting grass along edges.

A typical manual edging grass shear may come with an elongated handle for performing edging work easily. As a rule, cordless grass shears can fall into any or both categories depending on the build and blade type available to them. In this article, we mostly feature pruning shears with horizontal blades that mostly cut grass and hedges.

How to Use Cordless Grass Shears

Cordless grass shears are easy to use because they belong to the category of small and portable tools. Many of these models take care to supply a simple power button, safety switch, and a comfortable and ergonomic handle.

Using an intuitive cordless grass shear only needs taking the following steps:

  1. The safety switch of the shears should be engaged at all times to prevent accidents.
  2. Release the safety switch once the power button is pressed down. Hold the power button for the continuous running of the cordless tool Note: some units require you to engage the safety switch while others allow a single switch operation.
  3. Keep the unit moving in a straight line over the grass for trimming or edging for a neat, decorative cut.
  4. If your grass shears come with an additional attachment, turn off the unit and secure it with the safety switch before the replacement.
  5. Once you are done trimming or the battery is losing power, switch off, remove the battery and place it on a charging unit.
  6. Ensure the battery is taken out of the cordless grass shears if they won’t be used for a long period.

Safety Precautions when Using Cordless Grass Shears

When it comes to mechanized tools and equipment, safety is quite paramount to prevent accidents. The grass shears consist of a sharp blade which can cause lacerations of the fingers if they are not properly handled.

The areas for safety precautions cover electrical, personal, and work area safety.

  • For proper electrical safety, we advise you not to use the grass shears in rain or wet conditions. Also, avoid charging the unit in a damp area.
  • Ensure the battery charger is used indoors only.
  • Always ensure the blades and the metallic parts are well lubricated to prevent friction, which could result in not just unnecessary abrasion but the blades can be stuck, and the engine can overheat or burn.
  • We also advise you to make use of eye protection to prevent eye contact with debris from cuts.
  • Check your work area for obvious hazards such as debris, broken glass, and other objects that could pose a danger.
  • As for personal safety, ensure you put on a long-sleeved vest and rubber gloves while operating the tool.

Maintenance Practices for Cordless Grass Shears

The longevity of the cordless grass shears relies on the maintenance practices it has been subject to over time.

Proper maintenance of any cordless grass shear requires the following:

  • After a cutting job, detach the blade from the unit and clean it thoroughly. The blade can be washed and cleaned with water; however, ensure you dry and lubricate with oil afterward.
  • Ensure you follow the instructional manual given by the manufacturer on how to use the unit. Sharpen cordless grass shears blade regularly for effective cutting.
  • Never for any reason wash the whole tool with water as it could damage the motor and battery unit of the cordless grass shears.
  • Always store the unit in a cool, dry area whenever it is not in use.
  • The battery should be removed from the unit if it won’t be used for a long period.


For gardeners and others alike, we have picked some of the best cordless grass shears which can be used efficiently to keep a garden neat.

They are top-notch powerful machines with strong performing capabilities. Gardening tools like this are not restricted by corded wire and can be taken anywhere around a grass lawn.

However, buying one requires you to pay attention to details like the battery, weight, warranty, and structural design of the tool. These help you to select the best fit for trimming and edging works on your grass lawn.