Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews – Buyers Guide

Are you looking for the best cordless pole saw to cut branches, trim trees, prune trees or clear a bush?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Corded pole saws are limited to working on a particular place near power source or outlets. What’s more, the cords can easily interfere with your gardening projects.

Additionally, the cords can tangle, cut or get damaged easily. This results in extra charges for replacing the damaged cords. It then becomes necessary to take extra caution when working on tricky and long gardening projects.

This is where a cordless pole saw comes in to save you from incurring extra costs in replacing damaged cords. They’re also mobile, meaning you can work on different sections of your yard, garden or hedge without being limited by a cord.

A cordless saw doesn’t get in your way as corded saws, resulting in no interference in your job. It’s easy to use, comes in multiple types to choose from, varies in length, and requires more maintenance than manual ones but less than a gas pole saws. The top cordless pole saws are battery-powered and lightweight to support mobile use.

Other type of pole saws to consider:

The most modern pole saws feature fast cutting technology and deliver extra power for high performance. The saws are also compact for easy transportation and take up less storage space. What’s more, they have a long lifespan and can run for several hours to support pruning or cutting.

This is a review of five best pole saws without cords and a buying guide on what to look for when shopping for the right pruning or cutting saw.

Top 5 Best Cordless Pole Saws

Here are five cordless pole saw reviews to help you choose the right pole saw for your unique trimming or pruning needs.

Oregon PS250 Cordless Pole Saw

Oregon PS250 Cordless Pole Saw

Oregon is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for lawn, garden, forestry, and tree care. The Oregon Cordless Pole Saw is powered by a 40V premium lithium-ion battery that powers the tool to cut and prune tree branches.

You can charge the battery up to 1,000 times. The 2.6 Ah lithium-ion battery cuts up to 325 tree branches with a diameter ranging from 2-3 inches.

The 8-inch guide bar and chain have a compact head to enable you to cut branches far away from your reach. It also gives you a better balance when pruning or cutting tree limbs.

The lightweight mid-mount motor reduces the weight of the saw for easy handling and maneuverability. It minimizes the cutting head size so you can easily cut branches in hard to reach places. It’s also ergonomic and makes using the saw less tiring.

The extendable reach of 10.1 feet allows you to cut higher branches. What’s more, the PS250-a6 pole can reach a maximum of 15 feet from the ground. The branch hook allows you to remove cut branches or limbs easily. The adjustable collar easily extends from 7 to 10 feet to reach higher limbs.

The Oregon cordless battery powered pole saw is also available in three battery powered capacities to meet varying pruning needs. They include 2.6 Ah, 4.0 Ah, and 6.0 Ah.


  • Eliminates the hassle of pulling cords or warming the tool
  • The pole is extensible to reach top branches
  • Ergonomic design makes the tool comfortable to hold and use
  • Gives a better balance and lightweight for mobile use
  • Low vibration, quiet, eco-friendly and starts instantly
  • Requires less maintenance; no mixing of gas and oil


  • This cordless saw is a bit costly, but worth the price

Oregon PS250 Cordless Pole Saw

Black+Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw

Black+Decker is a leading manufacturer of power tools, home and garden equipment, small appliances, home cleaning equipment, housewares, books, and pet products, among others. The company has been in business for many years and is popular for its top quality products.

The Black+Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw uses 20V maximum lithium-ion battery to power up and function. The tool can support pruning of tree branches up to 14 feet high. The battery life has a longer lifespan and about five times longer charge than NiCd batteries of the same capacity.

The 8-inch guide cutting bar and chain allows thick branches of up to 6 inches in diameter to be cut. The extensible length ranges from 6.5 feet to 10 feet to help you reach higher branches. Its overhead reach is a maximum of 14 feet.

With the in-line power-head, you can easily maneuver the space between any two branches. If you want to transport the Black+Decker LPP120 or use it on the go, easily disassemble it. Bringing it to your work site is a breeze.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It can make up to 100 cuts of 1.5 inches pine branches with every charge
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery for better performance
  • 375 RPM and is cost-effective


  • Limited to cutting tree branches of 6 inches only

RyobiONE+ Cordless Pole Saw

RyobiONE+ Cordless Pole Saw

RyobiONE+ is a manufacturer of power tools and equipment for lawns and gardens. The company has been in the industry long enough to know what novice and professional gardeners and arborists look for in their power tools and equipment.

The RyobiONE+ Cordless Pole Saw is powered by an 18V compact lithium-ion battery. The charger that the powered pole saw comes with recharges the battery in about 30 minutes. The 1.3 Ah battery powers the pole saw to cut tree branches of up to 6 inches in diameter.

The lithium-ion technology powers the unit from start to finish without fading. The 18V battery is powerful enough to power more than 100 ONE+ tools.

The extensible pole ranges from 6.5 feet to 9.5 feet to reach higher branches. The cutting bar measures 8 inches in length to assist you to cut limbs of up 6 inches in diameter.

The in-line motor works together with the angled cutting head to cut branches even in tight hard-to-reach spaces. The two deliver greater precision and cut control, respectively. The automatic bar and chain oiling minimize maintenance for consistent operation.

With the clear-view fluid window, monitoring the levels of oil in the saw is a breeze. The 3-year warranty offers protection from manufacturing faults and defects.


  • Extends up to 9.5 feet to reach higher branches
  • Charger recharges battery fast in less than 30 minutes
  • Backed with a 3-year warranty
  • Auto chain oiling offers convenience in maintenance


  • Some users reported that the chain lubricant may leak when not in use

Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw

RyobiONE+ Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks is a pioneer brand that manufactures high-quality hedge trimmers, blowers, mowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, pressure washers, and pole saws. It also manufactures combo, snow and power tools, batteries and chargers, and accessories.

The Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw is battery powered. It features a G-MAX 40V lithium-ion battery that can power several yard tools working together as a single system. It also comes with a charger to recharge the 2 Ah battery when it runs out so you can continue operating it for a long time.

The cutting bar measuring 8 inches and the chain ensure that trimming your tree limbs or branches is easy. Weighing only 8.360 pounds, the powered pole saw is lightweight to reduce fatigue while working.

The chain tensioning system is easy to adjust to support fast chain tightening when cutting or trimming branches. To ensure optimal operation and durability, the chain and cutting bar of the Greenworks 20672 is oiled automatically as necessary.

The translucent oil tank gives you a clear view of the level of oil so you know when it’s running low and needs refilling. Furthermore, the aluminum shaft comes in 3 pieces and is extensible to 8.5 feet for cutting higher branches.


  • Batteries can be shared among multiple tools with the G-MAX system
  • Quiet and lightweight for easy handling, and no fatigue
  • Easily adjusts the chain and eases trimming of branches
  • Automatic oiler lubricates the chain and bar for optimal use


  • Not strong enough to support regular, professional use

WORX WG323 Cordless Pole Saw

WORX WG323 Cordless Pole Saw

WORX is a brand that manufactures high-quality lawn and garden tools, power tools, cordless tools, and combo kits. It uses innovative technologies and premium materials to manufacture premium tools bound to last a long time of regular use.

The WORX WG323 Cordless Pole Saw has an extra reach of 12 inches and a length of 10 inches. Attaching the pole is easy and requires no special tools or skills to do, making the saw ideal for beginners. Weighing only 10 pounds, you can easily handle and maneuver the unit.

The battery powered chain saw is rated 20V for fast, powerful and clean cuts. The same batteries are powerful enough to power the brand’s Haw Saw, Hydro Show Power Washers, and lawnmower, among other powerful garden and power tools.

The tension system is automatic for top performance at all times. Additionally, the lubrication system is automated for efficient and smooth use and increased durability.

With the oil level indicator, you’re able to track its usage. The unit weighs only 6.2 pounds to reduce fatigue and support prolonged usage.


  • Doubles as a chainsaw
  • Delivers fast, powerful and clean cuts
  • Automated tension system for high performance
  • Lightweight and compact for mobile use


  • Some users reported that the battery life of 2 hours is too low

Buying Guide

When shopping for cordless pole saws, various factors come into play to help you choose the best tool to prune and/or cut branches and bushes in your garden or yard.

Consider the following factors when buying the best cordless pole saw for your unique needs:

Types of Pole Saws

Gas-Powered Pole Saws

Gas-powered saw models are the most heavy-duty and powerful on the market. Designed for high cutting power, the saws are mobile, versatile for varied applications and easy to use.

One end of this type of pole saw features a gas-powered engine while the other end has a small chainsaw blade. The length of any given pole varies from one saw model to another. However, the least length you’ll find on the market is 6 feet.

Just like gas weed eaters, a gas-powered pole saw works in a similar manner in terms of operation and engine style. For instance, in regard to a corded pole saw, you prime the engine, pull the cord to start the engine, and supply varying power levels to the blade located at the edge using a trigger.

Despite being mobile, a gas-powered pole saw works for prolonged hours before refilling fuel. This explains their popularity among professional arborists or landscapers in limb trimming and clearing around large properties or gardens.

Electric Pole Saw

Electric-powered pole saws are either corded or cordless.

Check out our review of the best electric pole saw on the market today.

Although electric pole saws vary in reach and size, professional types range from 6 to 16 feet or more. Like other auto-powered pole saws, the engine sits at the bottom of the pole saw, connecting to a trigger responsible for blade speed control.

Cordless and corded pole saws have slight differences in power, size and weight, making the right model just a matter of your specific preferences.

Although corded pole saw models have slightly more power and an infinite supply of it, they’re only ideal for small or average-sized yards with a tree or two to prune or cut its limbs not too far from power sockets.

On the other hand, cordless pole saws can utilize rechargeable battery just like power drills. Limited charge translate to shortened periods of use. This means that the battery may run out, but you gain from being completely mobile in your gardening tasks.

Manual Pole Saw

Based on manual action, these pole saws are the most reliable thanks to their simple but old design. They’re ideal for specific situations and types of sawing.

The primitive design comprises a long pole built with a curved hacksaw blade and longer teeth. This works to the advantage of the pole saws, making them ideal for cutting branches of wood or trees.

You can easily extend your pole saw to a desirable length but cheaper models usually have a fixed size. Hold the pole to manually saw. Although manual sawing is tiresome, it gives you control over how to cut using your hands.

The best manual pole saws can prune or trim trees without causing damage to them. This is a must-have tool in every professional arborist’s toolbox.

Some models feature clippers on one end for making fast cuts on smaller branches or limbs.

Hydraulic Pole Saw

Designed for heavy-duty use, hydraulic tools such as hydraulic pole saws come in various models. They come as skid steer attachments for installation on compatible tractors and skid steers.

The units are used for brush-clearing, farming or cleaning up after a disaster because they’re heavy-duty.

Pole Saw Attachment

An auto-powered pole saw is often smaller than the chainsaw on the end of a pole. The pole gets in the way of cutting something in front of you, on the ground, making it generally difficult to saw.

Although pole saw attachments are ideal for standalone chainsaws, some models feature 2-in-1 saws; a pole saw attachment that’s extensible. They’re the most versatile saws of this kind on the market with high and on-demand tasks for cutting large tree branches or anything else.

For instance, hedge trimmers and string trimmers attachments can be added for increased versatility.

Saws that make use of pole saw attachment aren’t heavy or big, translating to reduced ability and power to some level. Even so, you may still love the power level and versatility of the pole saw just like most buyers.


Do you have access to a power supply? The decision to buy a corded or cordless pole saw depends on your accessibility to a power supply outlet.

Opt for a corded saw if you’ve got a portable generator or the trees you want to work on are less than 100 feet away from the available power socket. For greater distances you can have extension cords with some limitations but otherwise, a battery-operated or manual saw would be a better choice.

If you intend to use your pole saw regularly, the ideal tool is long-lasting and durable. In this case, a more costly gas-powered pole saw would come in handy. This is true for professionals who use their tools almost daily.

However, a battery-powered or electric pole saw is ideal for occasional use at home. Unlike a professional pole saw, models designed for home use don’t require extensive maintenance prior to using them in terms of fixing gas and oil, assessing fuel lines or worrying about the tool failing after a long break from using it.

The power source for a cordless pole saw is limited. Batteries vary in power with higher amperage lasting short times. However, lower ampere batteries last long. The former has more cutting power than those with lower ampere.

What’s more, higher amperage batteries require frequent recharging to continue using your tool. For average performance, opt for a pole saw with about 8 Amps.

Battery Life

Look for a saw with long battery life to ensure that you don’t stop in the middle of a task to recharge the batteries. Get information on a saw’s average power unit life before making a purchase.

Consider a pole saw with a charger designed to recharge batteries faster in anything below 30 minutes.


The best cordless pole saw is the one that you can work with for longer periods of time while making good progress. If you believe you won’t be fit enough to hold the weight then consider a lightweight manual saw or a pruner.

What’s more, holding a pole saw improperly due to its weight puts your life at risk. The tool could easily slip off your hands and cause injuries.

An electric corded pole saw is the lightest, weighing as little as seven pounds. However, a gas-powered pole saw can weigh twice the weight of its electric counterparts.

Unlike a power tool you hold in your hands, the pole saw feels heavier when in use because the actual tool lies at the end of an extended pole. This makes a pole saw of the same weight harder to handle.

A manual saw is ideal if you’re struggling with lifting heavy items. Even so, a heavier tool is generally easier to operate due to better ergonomic design. Customer reviews can give you a better feel of a pole saw to help you make an informed decision.

Cordless pole saws are arranged from the lightest to the heaviest in the list below:

  • Manual saw – the lightest
  • Electric saw – lighter than cordless models due to lack of battery
  • Battery-powered saw – lighter than gas on average
  • Gas-powered saw – the heaviest

Pole Length

How high do you want to cut a tree branch? Extensible poles allow you to cut higher branches. Short pole lengths are also ideal when handling tree branches closer to the ground.

If you’re looking for long poles to handle high branches, make sure the pole saw is lightweight for better and easier control. Check out a pole saw’s reach to help you choose the correct length.

Most powered saws can extend up to 12 feet long. Take note of maximum reach as manufacturers often advertise; it’s the farthest the saw can reach into a tree when you hold it.

Some manufacturers usually add 3 to 5 feet more onto the actual extensible length of a pole saw because people have varying heights. Look out for the maximum extension, not reach.

Length of the Guide Bar

Do you want to cut thick branches or prune thin limbs? Gas-powered saws are the most ideal for cutting thick branches or large limbs. They often feature longer guide bars, making them the most powerful pole saws.

On the other hand, smaller bars can work on tighter spots and require less power to cut thin branches or limbs. They’re ideal for light pruning for more convenience. The best battery-powered and corded saws are ideal for light tree pruning.

Make sure the guide bar and chain of your pole saw is about two inches longer than the diameter of the tree branch or limb you want to cut. This makes it easier to cut limbs in one pass. You may need to tackle a limb from different angles to cut thicker branches.

Angle of Head

Choose the angle of cutting head depending on the task you want to accomplish. Fixing heads at an angle makes it easy to cut horizontal tree branches vertically. The angle of the head is parallel to the branch of the tree being cut.

However, this feature doesn’t work for horizontal cuts. For cutting branches in tight spaces, opt for a tool with multiple heads.


Are you able to carry out regular maintenance? The best cordless pole saw is easy to clean and maintain. Make sure a saw that you set your eyes on is easy to maintain before purchasing it.

A gas pole saw requires the most maintenance. It requires routine changing of air filters and spark, and sharpening of the chain regularly to keep the tool in good working condition.

Electric corded and battery-powered pole saws require less maintenance because they lack engine components. However, there’s a need to regularly sharpen the chain or replace it as the need arises.

Cordless pole saws require oiling of the chain. Battery-powered models are easy to oil. Opt for a manual saw if you’re not interested in carrying out maintenance on your tool.


Cordless pole saws come with warranties for protection from manufacturing faults. Depending on the manufacturer, expect anything from 1 to 2 years of warranty on your saw. Battery replacement can be done within 6 months after purchase.


Cordless pole saws come in handy when you need to prune or trim your trees or hedges. They’re lightweight and portable to support ease of use and prolonged operation. The best pole saws cordless units have long battery life and an automatic oiler for consistent use. The best pole saws without cords depend on your unique needs, but check some pole chainsaw reviews will help making an informed decision on the best battery powered pole saw for you.