Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews & Buyers Guide

Maintaining a nice look yard can be rewarding. Having the right tools to do this effectively and safely is important for most homeowners.

When it comes to pruning and trimming branches and limbs high up, the best pole saw can cover both bases and then some.

Traditionally, electric pole saws are the most common and affordable kind of these tools, therefore n this article, we are looking for the best electric pole saw on the market today.

Other types of pole saws to consider:

These pole chainsaws employ a saw blade on the business end of a pole extension. This provides a stable and safe footing when cutting into limbs that cannot be reached due to the height off of the ground.

They can also provide access to bushes and shrubs that are normally a hassle to reach inside.

5 Best Electric Pole Saw

Sun Joe SWJ800E – Best Budget Electric Pole Saw

Sun Joe SWJ800E - Best Budget Electric Pole Saw


Blade Length (inches)


Motor (Amp)


Weight (lbs)

The SWJ800E features an 8-inch chain and extends to a full length of 8.7 feet.

The entire unit weights seven pounds.

Its electric motor provides 6.5 amp of power. This is capable of generating a no-load speed of 6000 rotations per minute.

This Sun Joe product comes at a low price point, which makes it a budget-friendly option for those who are conscious of cost. The lower cost does not reflect on the product’s strength or durability though.

It takes advantage of the Oregon bar and chain design, a feature that should meet the approval of chainsaw aficionados.

The 8-inch bar may seem a bit short, but it should be capable of taking on branches that are up to 7.5 inches in diameter thanks to the amperage provided by the electric motor.

Sun Joe Pole Saw SWJ800E Chain and Saw Head

A user of average height can reach up to nearly 15-feet thanks to the 8.7-foot telescoping pole.

An automatic oiling system will keep the chain well lubricated with an oil reservoir, cutting down on maintenance.

This pole saw is CSA approved and Sun Joe offers their customers a full two-year warranty on this telescoping unit.

Remington RM1035P Ranger Electric Pole Saw

Remington RM1035P Ranger Electric Pole Saw


Blade Length (inches)


Motor (Amp)


Weight (lbs)

The Ranger II is a two-in-one product with a chainsaw that measures approximately 39.8 x 8.4 x 9.2 inches, with an additional 10-foot of length provided by the aluminum pole. The total assembly weighs 12.5 pounds.

An 8 amp electric motor provides the unit with plenty of cutting capacity.

One feature that stands out on this reasonably priced unit is its ability to convert from a pole saw to a hand-held chainsaw. This feature adds to the versatility of this Remington product, allowing a user to further cut branches more easily once they are on the ground, potentially replacing purpose-built electric chainsaws

The 10-inch bar and chain, coupled with the amperage from the electric motor, allows a homeowner to tackle most branches on their trees up to 8 inches.

Tension on the chain can be adjusted without tools, a convenient feature that can save time when working.

2 tools in one - convertible pole saw
2 tools in one – convert the pole saw to a chainsaw

The telescopic pole provides extra security with lock clamp adjustments that are easy to use. The lubricating oil can be applied from the reservoir by a push-bulb.

Remington offers a two-year limited warranty on their Ranger II electric pole saw.

WORX WG309 – Best Electric Pole Saw

WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw


Blade Length (inches)


Motor (Amp)


Weight (lbs)

This WORX product measures about 42 x 8 x 9 inches and includes a maximum pole length of 96-inches. The unit itself weighs 10 pounds.

Its electric motor supplies 8 amp of cutting power.

This pole saw’s chain speed is listed at 28-feet per second.


It employs a ten-inch bar and chain that, when coupled with its high power, is capable of cutting most limbs a person will work with.

The saw is easily detachable, which allows a user the ability to further work on branches once they are off of the tree.

An automatic chain tension design is a great feature that can extend the life of the saw itself. While the tool does not come with lubricant, any bar and chain oil can be used in the reservoir that is able to hold over four ounces of fluid.

WORX WG309 Detached Saw

Another design feature that adds convenience and versatility to pruning and trimming is the rotating handle on the pole. This allows a homeowner to position the chain properly as it cuts.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a two-year limited warranty on the WORX WG309 pole saw.

Best Corded Electric Pole Saws – BLACK+DECKER PP610 Pole Saw

BLACK+DECKER PP610 Corded Pole Saw


Blade Length (inches)


Motor (Amp)


Weight (lbs)

This fairly priced Black and Decker pole saw measures 68.3 x 3.8 x 6.4 inches and include a 9.5-foot extension for added reach. The product weighs eight-pounds fully assembled.

Its electric motor generates 6.5 amps of power, which is adequate for pruning and branch trimming on most trees. There is no verifiable chain speed that we can locate for the PP610.

The 10-inch bar combined with the motor power can cut thicker softwood and should handle harder wood up to seven inches without a struggle.

The blade type is an Oregon design, which combines improved cutting speeds, low kickback, and less vibration during use.

An automatic lubricating system conveniently provides continuous oil to the chain. This feature keeps the saw operating consistently and extends the life of the product.

BLACK+DECKER Pole Saw with Oregon Low Kickback Chain

The major feature of this unit is its lightweight. The smaller motor increases the weight to only 8 pounds, a great feature for those with limited upper-body stamina and strength. The lower weight also provides better control when cutting overhead on higher branches or pruning jobs.

Black and Decker provide a two-year warranty for their customers who have purchased this 10-inch electric pole saw.

Best alternative: Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

Fiskars Tree Pruner and Manual Pole Saw


Blade Length (inches)


Motor (Amp)


Weight (lbs)

When a powered pole saw is not required, a manual unit can perform the job adequately. The Fiskars Power-Lever measures 2.5 x 7.5 x 87.5 inches. The unit itself weighs only 5.35-pounds complete.

While it will require manual labor to cut, a lack of an electric motor comes with the benefit of fewer parts that can potentially break down or power that will add additional costs while in use.

Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw Blade
Fiskars Pole Saw Locking Handle

The major advantage of this Fiskars product is its minimal weight. At just over five pounds, this pole saw should be easy to control and operate for anyone who can reach over their head.

This pole saw makes use of a 15-inch wood ZigSaw blade.

It also sports a steel pruner that is capable of tackling branches up to 1-1/8-inch in thickness without a struggle.

Fiskars WoodZig Saw tree trimming

The fiberglass pole helps to keep the weight down and is adjustable from 7-14-feet in length. A double-locking system helps to keep the pole length in place once it has been adjusted.

Fiskars makes use of Power-Lever technology that offers double the cutting power.

They also offer a jaw-dropping lifetime warranty to customers.

Buyers Guide

Advantages of an Electric Pole Chain Saw

Electric pole saw advantages

The most obvious advantage of these types of saws is the reach that the unit provides. To use a more traditional saw on higher branches, we would need a step ladder to stand on, even with a long reach chainsaw.

In many cases, the extra height provided by a ladder will not be enough. Some will try to put a chainsaw on a pole, but that can be highly dangerous.

An electric pole saw provides us with the extra reach that is needed to access hard to reach limbs.

This type of saw also the operator to keep their feet on the ground while they work. Ladders can be a hassle to set up and move. A user can work with better balance and control from the ground. It can provide a more efficient experience, saving energy and time.

Using a pole saw is also safer than working with a saw from a ladder.

Some prefer an electric chainsaw with an extension pole, although it comes with more weight at the end of the pole. This limits the time the operator can hold on to it, as well as reach among dense branches.

Electric vs Battery vs Gas Powered Pole Saws

When it comes to electric saws on pole, they do offer some unique advantages over battery and gas pole saws.

They are lighter for one thing. This can be an important feature since the operator will be working either above their head or extended away from their body. Arm and shoulder fatigue will be less of an issue. Even the best battery powered pole saw will weigh more due to the heavy power source being connected to the saw.

Electric Powered Products

A corded pole saw uses power from an outlet. 

A homeowner will not need to stop their work to refill the gas tank. Shoot, they won’t even have to store and mix extra gas for the saw. 

Work won’t be interrupted by a drained battery that needs to be recharged or replaced either.

The maintenance required for an electric saw is minimal when compared to a battery or gas-powered tool. Not only do gas products require refilling continuously, they also require more engine upkeep to keep them in proper working condition. A battery must be charged constantly and will begin to hold less power over time.

Cost is also something that will favor the best pole saws over either battery or gas-powered products. Even the best electric pole saw has a simple design that allows it to be sold at a cheaper price point out of the box.

Gas pole saws cost more to buy and will be more expensive to fuel and maintain over time. Quality batteries will cost a homeowner more initially, as well as later if extras or replacements are required.

Electric vs Manual Pole Saws

As an alternative, we feature a manual pole saw in our review. Easy to use and no restriction in terms of extension cord length – pureness and simplicity certainly have their charm.

Considerations When Buying an Electric Pole Saw


The price of one of these products is comparable to many of the gardening and lawn tools a property owner needs. They are sold at a price point similar to that of weed whackers or similar products.

As with any power tool, the price range can vary considerably, often based on the features the particular saw provides. We find that budget tools can found priced under one-hundred dollars, while top-end pole saws can cost over two-hundred bucks.

One thing is sure when it comes to price and power source, a corded electric pole saw is quite difficult to beat!


An electric saw uses a standard household outlet to draw power from. These units will require a standard extension cord to use.

The power that one of these saws provides is based on the amperage it is rated at. This is a feature to look for when shopping for one of these products. The power that a pole saw generates helps to determine its cutting capacity.

Cutting Capacity

Most of the work that a typical homeowner will use a pole saw for would be considered light maintenance, such as pruning or trimming tall trees or shrubs.

Cutting Capacity for Electric Pole Saws

A good pole saw is capable of cutting through branches that are several inches thick. It is important to remember that harder woods will require more power to chew through when compared to a branch from a softwood tree.

A great electric saw can easily handle hard or soft wood as thick branches as four to five inches in diameter.

Bar Length

The bar length is measured from the cutting saw’s body to the farthest end of the cutting chain.

Even if a pole saw has the power to cut through a branch, it needs to provide enough cutting area to cleanly pass through the wood.

Worx Electric Pole Saws Low Kickback

It is a feature to consider based on the diameter of the tree branches a user expects to cut.  

Ideally, the length of the pole saw bar will be longer than the thickest diameter branch a homeowner is cutting. A ten-inch bar, for example. should suffice for branches up to eight inches in thickness.

In this electric pole saw review article though, we are going to stick with the most common and demanded 8 to 10-inch options.

Maximum Overhead Reach

The maximum reach of a pole chainsaw is important, as it gives flexibility as well as the ability to reach the top branches with controlled safety. On the other hand, if the maximum overhead reach is more than necessary, it adds weight to carry all the time.

Most modern electric pole chain saw has a reach between 10 and 15 feet, with a telescopic bar. This includes the operator’s height with extended arms.

As a side note, the longest electric pole saw in the world could easily be this PVC DIY saw, for those fun loving enthusiasts.


A pole saw’s weight is an important consideration when using it for long periods of time.

The lighter an electric pole saw is, the easier it will be able to control it while cutting branches higher up.

It will also be easier to extend one’s arms above or in front of the body for longer periods of time before muscle fatigue sets in.

Most electric products will weigh ten-pounds or less, and it should be remembered that a lighter weight may be required for safe operations by someone with less stamina and upper body strength.


Many manufacturers will offer a limited or lifetime warranty on their pole saws. Cheaper products will usually be more limited in the coverage offered.

A company’s willingness to stand behind its products can help to promote more consumer confidence in a saw’s durability than any electric pole saw reviews can. The warranty may be the deciding factor between two very similar units.

Other design considerations

The pole saw should provide ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold while using the unit.

Another consideration is anti-vibration technologies that can provide comfort during extended trimming sessions. 

Any length extensions need to provide a secure connection, and it is worth considering a two-piece pole for storage purposes.

Most homeowner pole saws are equipped with low-kickback chains, but it is always good to double check. Unless you are an experienced chainsaw operator, this feature is good to have.

There are other features like an automatic oiler that might come in handy in the long term.

Practice Safe Use

Pole Saw use safety measures and gear

It is important that a user protect themselves while they are working. Pole saws are essentially chainsaws that are notorious and can cause serious injuries. There’s an added risk that with a pole you are working above your head, with a high risk of falling branches and other debris.  

As a best practice, try to avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing, flip flops, and other non-secure elements. 

A person should also wear eye, hand, and head protection to prevent an injury from occurring while working with even the best pole saw. 

Pole Saw Rental

We are lucky these days as manufacturers are competing hard for our attention and, of course, our credit cards. This is great news as even the best selling pole saw online, which is great quality, by the way, costs less than $60.

For pole saw rentals this is not so good news as this makes their selling point quite difficult. Why would you pay $20-30 for rental when you can get a brand new electric pruner for yourself?

Conclusion – Which one is the best pole saw?

As we can see by the information above, there are many features that manufacturers add to their electric pole saws. 

Which features are desired or even needed will depend upon the job that they will be used for. The size of the branches that will need to be trimmed is the main consideration when shopping for the best electric pole saw. 

The diameter of the thickest branches will determine the amperage required from the saw as well as the length of the bar.

Here at Gardenlife Pro, we really liked the Worx WG309. It has great performance, and lots of features, and the detachable saw is brilliant. The WG309 is slightly more expensive that its competitors but for a reason. 

As a budget option, both the BLACK+DECKER and Sun Joe models would work, with the SWJ800E being one of the most popular and best seller pole saw on the market today. You can’t really go wrong with either one.  

We hope that this article has cut down on any confusion about these tools and you will find the best electric pole saw for your garden!