Best Gas Leaf Blower Reviews: Commercial Leaf Blowers of Choice

If you’re tired of gathering leaves and other debris from your yard using a rake, then it’s probably time you purchased a gas leaf blower. Considering how pleasantly effective they are at eliminating grass clippings and rubble, gas leaf blowers are delightfully affordable and easy to use. However, it’s crucial to understand how different gas leaf blowers operate. We’ll review the best gas leaf blower available to help you make an informed decision.

Differences Between Electric and Gas Leaf Blowers

The major difference between these two is the power source. 

Electric blowers derive power from electric sources. They are divided into two categories: cordless vs. corded leaf blower. 

The corded varieties have to be plugged into an electrical power outlet whereas the cordless types have to be fitted with rechargeable batteries.

Gas leaf blowers are typically powered by a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. There are essentially two models of gas blowers: backpack blowers and handheld. 

To get the engine running, users need to mix oil and fuel together. But with more advanced models, this mixing isn’t necessary.

Another notable difference lies in the ease of use. Corded electric leaf blowers offer a limited range of use – the cord length determines how far you’ll reach. However, gas leaf blowers aren’t restricted at all. They also pack more power, allowing users to handle lawn cleaning projects much faster.

Gas blowers usually let off smoke and gaseous emissions, mainly because they’re powered by gasoline-dependent engines. Electric leaf blowers, on the other hand, use electricity as their sole power source. Fittingly, they don’t discharge any smoke. They sometimes tend to overheat and may stop working for some time.

Gas Leaf Blower from Above

Commercial Use of the Best Gas Leaf Blowers

For landscapers and lawn care professionals looking to get a fast, convenient, and budget-friendly leaf blower, commercial gas blowers are evidently ideal. Their engines generate a stronger wind velocity, allowing users to clear leaves off their yards quicker and more easily. 

In addition, they aren’t restricted by any power cords as is the case with corded electric leaf blowers. This enhances user convenience.

Although commercial gas leaf blowers are noisier and relatively heavier than their electric counterparts, most come with load-reducing harnesses that are designed to reduce the stress imposed on the back and arms.

Their elevated power levels allow them to generate tremendous wind speeds. Some gas blowers have a vacuum suction feature that sucks stray leaves for later disposal. These properties make commercial gas leaf blowers a better choice for lawn professionals worldwide.

Best Gas Leaf Blower Reviews

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower - Handheld

These powerful gas leaf blowers generate an air volume of 441 CFM (cubic feet per minute) to facilitate optimum debris removal.

Its maximum air velocity reaches 170 MPH. This allows users to effectively remove wet leaves and stubborn grass clippings from their yards. The tapered nozzle that’s attached to this Hitachi leaf blower helps it achieve the best results.

Key Facts

  • Air volume: 441 CFM
  • Air speed: 170 MPH
  • Cylinder displacement: 23.9 cc
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)
  • Power Output: 1.13 HP
  • Consumer use warranty: 7 years


Air Volume (cfm)


Air Speed (mph)


Weight (lbs)


  • Powerful enough to move wet leaves and other stubborn debris from the lawn
  • Eco-friendly with a 2-stroke engine equipped with a brilliant low emission technology
  • Lightweight and compact, making it very comfortable to maneuver for extended periods


  • A few users have reported incidences of their Hitachi blowers failing to start after a long time. This can be addressed by draining the fuel before storage and following the user manual.

Key Features

Another impressive feature of the Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Gas Leaf Blower is its environmentally friendly 2-stroke engine that features a unique PureFire low emission technology. This engine produces fewer fumes than conventional engines, creating less carbon footprint and making it safer to operate. Its eco-conscious design makes it CARB Tier III compliant and fit for use around California.

Hitachi RB24EAP

The Hitachi Leaf Blower might be a good choice for handling those big jobs that demand more attention – like eliminating autumn leaves from the lawn. Users could also use it for quick sprucing tasks around the yard.

Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to control and easy to maneuver for hours. It weighs 8.6 pounds, helping to lower user fatigue. The Hitachi RB24EAP gas blower also sports a huge two-finger throttle lever that facilities easier operation.

The leaf blower’s dimensions are 17.3 x 10.5 x 15 inches. It’s therefore quite compact and can easily be stored in small garage spaces. This particular blower is gas-powered, with all of it benefits described earlier.

It possesses an auto-return stop switch feature that enhances user convenience by automatically resetting to “ON” to guarantee simpler startups.

The consumer warranty for this product is 7 years. However, it’s also covered by a warranty of two years for non-rental commercial uses and one year for rental applications.

Feedback from Previous Buyers

A number of customers from Amazon are delighted with the huge volume of air his Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Gas Leaf Blower produces. Some also describe this machine as having a much better performance than its replacement. 

Another buyer is pleased with the 7-year warranty that covers his Hitachi leaf blower. He says that this gas leaf blower is powerful and starts quite easily. However, one buyer shared concerns that ethanol contained in the fuel was causing the machine’s plastic fuel tank to disintegrate over a long period of time.

Husqvarna 125B Gas Powered Handheld Blower

Husqvarna 125B Gas Powered Handheld Blower

The Husqvarna 125B powerful leaf blower is ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort. The machine’s blower tube is uniquely engineered to be in line with the handle, helping to reduce the rotational force imposed on the user’s wrist.

Weighing 9.4 pounds, this leaf blower is typically lightweight compared to other handheld units on the market. Its compact design allows users to maneuver even in very tight spaces. 

Key Facts

  • Air Volume: 425 CFM
  • Air Speed: 170 MPH
  • Fuel Consumption: 575 g/kWh
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs (4.26 kg)
  • Decibel: 94 dBA
  • Power Output: 1.1 HP
  • Maximum Speed: 8000 RPM


Air Volume (cfm)


Air Speed (mph)


Weight (lbs)


  • Its unique X-TORQ engine technology enhances fuel efficiency by 20% and reduces dangerous exhaust emissions by 75%
  • Low Vib technology effectively absorbs all vibration, reducing the stress and discomfort imposed on your hands and arms
  • Ergonomic design is perfect for users working for long periods


The carburetor may develop issues over time, causing the machine to bog down or fail to start altogether.

Consequently, the carb might need adjusting after a while.

Key Features

It’s best suited for light to medium yard projects such as sprucing up the flowerbeds and blowing off grass clippings from driveways.

Husqvarna 125B Key Facts

Another exquisite feature of the Husqvarna 125B is its Low Vib technology that provides exceptional anti-vibration dampeners. These dampeners effectively absorb any ensuing vibrations, helping to reduce the impact of stress on hands and arms.

This leaf blower is fitted with a load-reducing harness as well as an adjustable handle. These two features not only reduce tiring vibrations but also make the blower easy and comfortable to use.

The Husqvarna 125B generates enough power and wind speed to clear gravel, sand, leaves, and debris from your yard. The ergonomic harnesses provided help to spread out the machine’s weight, reducing the strain and fatigue experienced on your arms, hands, and back.

This handheld gas leaf blower is remarkably easy to start, thanks to the stop switch that automatically resets itself to the ON position.

Feedback from Previous Buyers

One Amazon customer was particularly pleased by how quickly her Husqvarna 125B Handheld Blower started (in the worst case after 3 to 4 pulls). She was also delighted by the cruise control feature and strongly recommended this product.

Another user was happy with the machine’s remarkable quality and performance, saying that it “works as advertised”. However, a few buyers were displeased with the carburetor issues that normally crop up after some time, causing this Husqvarna leaf blower to stall. One buyer had to order a new carb, filter, and fuel line for his machine.

Echo PB-250LN Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Echo PB-250LN Gas Leaf Blower

The Echo PB-250LN Gas Leaf Blower delivers an air speed of 165 miles per hour. This velocity is sufficient enough to blow off grass clippings, decomposing leaves and other stubborn debris from the yard.

Key Facts

  • Air volume: 391 CFM
  • Air Speed: 165 MPH
  • Engine Displacement 25.4 cc
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.9 oz
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs (3.99 kg)
  • Decibel: 65 dBA


Air Volume (cfm)


Air Speed (mph)


Weight (lbs)

Key Features

It has a noise decibel level of 65 dBA, meaning it’s relatively quieter compared to other handheld leaf blowers. Buyers won’t have to endure hours of noise when operating this machine.

Another interesting feature of the Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas Blower is its 16.9 oz. gas tank capacity that allows it to run for extended periods without requiring constant refueling.

This Echo leaf blower is EPA compliant, meaning it has successfully passed all required laws and regulations regarding handheld machines.

Echo Gas Leaf Blower PB-250LN Engine Facts

It weighs 8.8 pounds and has dimensions of 17.63 x 12.13 x 15.25 inches. Its design is both compact and lightweight, allowing easier maneuverability and enhancing user comfort.

The Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas Blower is motorized by a 2 stroke gasoline-powered engine with Speed Control Variable functions.

Feedback from Previous Buyers

The majority of customers on Amazon are really pleased with this handheld blower. 64% of reviewers awarded this product a 4-star rating or higher by the time of this writing.

One buyer loved how easy it was to start this machine, saying it gets the job done perfectly. Another customer says he bought his Echo leaf blower 8 years ago and it still runs efficiently.

Apparently, this model is less noisy than previous ones, backed up by its official decibel rating. Judging by one buyer’s review stating that he was replacing his previous model with this quieter version, this applies to real life conditions as well.

However, one particular customer sounds frustrated because his Echo PB-250LN won’t restart even after carefully mixing the fuel and oil. This is why it is so important to read the manual and follow manufacturers’ instructions.

Conclusion – The Best Leaf Blower Powered by Gas

Comparing customer reviews of these leaf blowers discussed above, the Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower takes the crown. It gets 4.3 stars out of 5, edging out the Echo PB-250LN and the Husqvarna 125B handheld leaf blowers. The latter achieve 4.2 stars and 4.0 stars respectively at the time of writing.

Both the Hitachi and Husqvarna blowers generate an air speed of 170 miles per hour. The echo produces 165 mph – still an impressive air velocity. However, Husqvarna’s ergonomic design and Low Vib technology make it stand out distinctly. On the downside, it’s the heaviest and noisiest of the trio. The Hitachi is light (8.6 lbs), compact, and offers a whopping 7-year warranty cover to consumers.

If you desire a durable, high-performance blower, the Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower might be what you’re searching for. But if you’re all about comfort and eco-friendliness, the Husqvarna could be the best choice for you.