Our Top 6 Picks: Best Hose Reel Reviews and Buying Guide

Taking care of a garden or yard can be rewarding. It can also be a struggle, especially when a person has to fight their tools. This is often the case with hoses. A hose used for air or water can be difficult to operate and may get in the way when they’re not in use. This is what a hose reel is for. In this article, we are looking for the best hose reel for your garden.

A garden hose reel essentially provides a storage option for a hose. It also helps to prevent us from tripping over the hose and causing an injury. While the reel has been around almost as long as the hose itself, today’s products offer a variety of features that incorporate convenience and ease of use.

What follows below is a closer look at the different types of reels available, followed by a review of six products, one of which may be the best garden hose reel for you!

Why Would You Need a Garden Hose Reel?


In the long term, one of the most important reasons for a homeowner to use a hose reel is for the protection of the hose itself.

When a hose is left on the ground it will become knotted, twisted, and form pinches along its length. All of these will form cracks and tears in the hose.

Using a hose reel will help to prevent pinches and twists from forming which would eventually lead to a broken, leaking hose.


A hose reel promotes proper garden hose storage as well. Extreme cold and heat will break a hose down prematurely when it is left lying on the ground throughout the year.

Proper storage will help to prevent the sun’s UV rays from breaking down the hose surface.

When a homeowner coils their hose on a reel, it forces excess water out as it is lifted off of the ground.


The personal safety a hose reel offers is also worth considering. An uncoiled hose on the ground is easy to trip over.

The rubber hose surface can also be slippery when wet.

A hose reel can also make coiling the hose up easier for those who have difficulty bending over.

These devices provide convenience in storage and even mobility with hose reels that can move.


A hose reel can provide looks as well as convenience and protection. Many hose reels that are mounted on walls are available in ornate designs.

Even free-standing hose reels are made to enhance their surroundings.

These products can also assist in storing and carrying hose accessories.

Some mobile units provide storage for attachments and couplings or provide a flat surface to set things on until they are needed.

Pressure Washers

A quality hose reel is very handy for pressure washers as well, as these tools typically use mains water that can be further away from where the power washer is needed.

All of the benefits above can be even more critical for pressure washers. They provide efficiency and save time. For a commercial washer, saved time is saved money.

Features to Consider

Hose Length

The length of the hose needed will depend on the size of the property. A smaller yard may be covered by a hose that is less than 100 feet long, while larger gardens or lots will require more hose than this. 

Most outdoor water fixtures are mounted on the wall of the main house but might be positioned in the yard on larger properties. 

The reel must be capable of holding the length of hose needed to reach the edge of a garden or yard.

Portable vs. Wall Mounted Reel

Best Hose Reel - Wall mounted

A wall-mounted hose reel tends to be less expensive due to its simple design and few components. For some homeowners, this setup could be ideal. A renter, on the other hand, may not have permission to attach a hose reel to the wall of their home. 

Another consideration is the possible need for separate reels on the front and back sides of the property.

Also, a wall mounted unit must be located on a wall that is capable of supporting the combined weight of the hose and the reel. Deciding between a horizontal or vertical mount is a personal preference.

A portable hose reel eliminates the need for multiple hose reels. It also allows the hose to be stored out of the elements, inside a garage or storage shed. This design may be a good choice for larger properties that would require dragging longer hoses over. They can also provide convenience and ease of use for seniors or those with limited mobility.

The best garden hose reel cart should employ wheels that can traverse the property without difficulty. A portable design must be light enough that the user will not struggle when attempting to move it.

Retractable Hose Reels

These models retract the hose automatically so that the user does not have to coil the hose by hand or crank it onto the reel. The best garden hose reel usually comes with this feature.

They can save a person energy and time by doing all of the work. On the other hand, they may require more strength to pull the hose off of the reel. Retractable hose reels can be found in portable or wall mounted designs.

A retractable hose reel will cost more than other designs, due to the mechanism used to retrieve the hose. Any product selected should be easy to pull and simple to activate. The spring component needs to be durable. Some top-end models use water propulsion to recoil the hose after use.

Hideaway Hose Reels

Hideaway hose reels

This type of hose reel is placed inside a housing. The housing protects the hose from damage from the sun and keeps it out of sight when it is not in use. 

A hideaway reel comes with a retractable hose installed. It will require extra work should a defective hose need replacing and a broken retraction spring may require replacing the entire unit.

Accessories and Reels that Come with a Hose

While hideaway and retractable designs come with their own hoses, other styles of products may not include a hose with their purchase. The price a homeowner pays will often determine the quality of the hose.

Some setups will come with a hose nozzle attachment included. Many people purchase a spray nozzle with multiple settings to add versatility or hose couplings to make connections quickly.

Other Considerations

Metal reels are far more durable than plastic. Conversely, hard plastic or resin reels will not rust. A metal reel may be required for pressure washers, as these hoses will constrict the reel under high pressure. 

Hose reels can be used even with hoses as part of an irrigation system programmed by a garden hose timer.

Unfortunately, reels are usually not to be used with a metal garden hose.

In the end, the best hose reel will be able to handle the job and the requirements of the equipment’s user.

Best Hose Reels

Goodyear L815153G Steel Retractable Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel

Goodyear Steel Retractable Air and Water Hose Reel


  • The hose is designed for use with compressed air or water
  • This setup is rated to handle 300 PSI
  • Retractable reel with solid steel construction


  • The length of the hose will limit it to small yard or patio use

The Goodyear Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel could be well suited for use in a commercial setting. The versatility of air or water usage can cover multiple jobs in the shop. The brass couplings offer a connection point for many tools that require a 3/8-inch connection. The four half-inch mounting holes are great for larger securing bolts, something that will be needed for high-pressure usage.

It has multi-directional rollers that do not snag the hose as it retracts, an appreciated addition that can prevent issues when it is being used. The Goodyear warranty shows that they stand behind their product.

This hose reel comes with a 3/8 inch x 50 feet rubber hose. Max pressure it can handle is 300 PSI.

Liberty Garden Products 708 Steel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Products Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel


  • The powder coated finish makes the body weather-resistant
  • An additional shelf can hold attachments or other items
  • It has a decorative design


  • The mounting hardware is not included with this product
  • The 125-feet hose capacity limits this to smaller yards

This hand-cranked hose reel mounts horizontally to the wall. The design would be ideal for someone who wants to add visual interest to a mounted piece of hardware. The reel provides easy removal and recoiling of 125-feet of 5/8-inch hose. This would be a good setup for a smaller yard.

A steel body should provide a homeowner with a lifetime of service. The handle is long enough to provide a decent turn with each crank. This Liberty Garden product comes with a one year warranty as well as a five-foot leader hose.

If you fancy this design, than we recommend getting this as according to online reviews, this may be the best hose reel on the market today.

Best Hideaway Hose Reel – Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway

Suncast Swivel Hose Hideaway


  • Very low price – under $70
  • A user can unwind and coil the hose with little effort
  • The base swivels to keep the front facing the user


  • The plastic gears in the retraction component may wear or break over time

Suncast Hose Reel Storage

One of the Best Sellers online, the Swivel Hose Hideaway is capable of holding 225-feet of 5/8-inch hose, which should cover most yards. The swivel on the base keeps the hose feed pointing toward the nozzle and helps prevent hang-ups. 

The ease of use may prove ideal for seniors or users with limited strength. Design elements include a tracking system that winds the hose onto the spool in a uniform manner, preventing coiling issues. Leader hose included.

It should be noted that the company also offers a slightly more expensive alternative, the Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder 125-Foot Capacity Hose Reel. This hideaway uses water power for automatic hose retraction, which is really cool. These are much better options than a metal hose pot. Could this be the best hideaway hose reel?

Best Pressure Washer Hose Reel – Coxreels Steel Hose Reel 1125 Series 3000 PSI

Coxreels Steel Hose Reel


  • The A-frame provides a simple and sturdy reel mount
  • It has lubricated bearings that provide smooth rolling during use
  • Can be used with a pressure washer
  • Used by professionals


  • This model must be hand cranked to recoil the hose

Coxreels’ Hand Crank Hose Reel, made in the USA, is capable of handling up to 3,000-pounds of pressure, a good rating for many pressure washing jobs. The heavy-duty disks that make up the sidewalls of this reel are robotically spun and keep the hose in place under pressure. Even the best hose reel can break when it gets high pressure in the hose, but not this one.

An outlet riser is capable of offering a smooth wrap, helping to save time on the job. The locking pin is a nice touch for those needing to keep the hose in place along bumpy roads.

The steel is coated and is capable of handling temperatures up to 275-degrees without a problem.

The manufacturer offers various sizes with capabilities to hold hoses from 100 feet 1/2″ hose to 250 feet 3/4″ hose (hose is not included). 

Best Retractable Hose Reel – RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel


  • Nozzle and hose included
  • Great price: around $70
  • The unit can be removed from the mounting bracket and carried
  • The 180-degree swivel helps to prevent kinks in the hose when used


  • The 65 feet of hose is a bit short when not used as a portable

The RL Flo-Master offers versatility in a retractable hose reel. The system can be mounted for stationary use, or it can be detached and carried by the included handle. The spring-loaded mechanism retracts slowly which is a nice feature that prevents the hose from snapping back towards the housing. An eight-setting nozzle is included that offers a variety of spray patterns.

The threaded brass end on the 5/8-inch hose provides a good seal to help prevent leaks. The hardware needed for mounting the hose reel is included.

Among the many reels this could easily be the best hose reel – with automatic retraction.

Best Budget Garden Hose Reel – NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel

NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel


  • The additional clip provides a convenient nozzle holder
  • A hose guide along the bottom helps with rolling the hose
  • Price is in the range of $30-$40


  • The plastic mounting surface may wear out over time

The economical NeverLeak Hose Reel is a wall mounting unit That offers simplicity in design. There are a minimal amount of hard plastic components that help to keep the price down. It is operated by spinning the reel by hand while the hose collects onto the spool from underneath the mount. It is capable of holding up to 100 feet of 5/8-inch hose, which should be good for a small garden or yard.

The hose is fed through a loop that helps to prevent knots and tangles from climbing onto the spool. An integrated clip prevents the nozzle from dangling.

Conclusion – The Best Hose Reel

All of the hose reels examined above represent a small sample of the variety of features that are available with a hose reel. The best hose reel for an individual will provide adequate storage for the length of hose needed to cover a garden or yard. A hose should wind up neatly upon the spool and be ready to easily uncoil on the next use. Each side of the spool needs to secure the hose in place so that it will not uncoil off of the spool on its own.

When looking to purchase a hose reel, the planned location for the device is an important consideration. This decision will help to determine the type of reel that can be used as well as what features will be required. It is important to select a model that is easy to operate, now and in the future.

Looking after the lawn is not an easy task and once it’s there, be proud and show it to others. If your time allows, check out the review of outdoor solar lights, that can lighten up your garden at all times.