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If you like sprucing up your yard, you’re probably familiar with the array of tools you require to tackle this job successfully. These include a rake, a leaf blower, a mulcher and a vacuum. However, purchasing all these equipment might prove to be quite pricey and inconveniencing for most people. Imagine having to carry three or four power tools every time you clean the yard: exhausting, isn’t it? Today we dive into the best leaf vacuum reviews and see the best combination tool for this fall.

Delightfully, rapid advances in technology have culminated in the invention of cutting-edge power tools that can handle up to 3 jobs using their exquisite 3-in-1 design. These tools combine the functionalities of a blower, mulcher and vacuum, making it easier for lawn care enthusiasts to go about their normal yard duties more conveniently.

Why Would You Need a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher?

A leaf vacuum is typically used to pick up tiny twigs, fallen leaves and other debris that may have settled on the yard. 

A mulcher, on the other hand, is used to grind (mulch) the accumulated debris into minuscule particles. This allows you to stuff more debris into the collection bag, enabling you to collect more yard leaves before requiring to empty the bag. 

Combining these two features – mulching and vacuuming – offer users a convenient tool that can pick up a variety of debris, mulch them and store them in a collector bag for easy disposal.

Yard vacuums have become quite popular among lawn care experts worldwide. 

Combined this way, the best leaf vacuum mulcher tools can achieve more tasks within less time compared to traditional tools such as rakes. 

They’re especially essential in woody regions where trees regularly drop their leaves/twigs, leaving the compound looking like a mess. 

Since these tools are so convenient and easy to use, leaf vacuums are becoming more popular among homeowners and lawn professionals alike. The best leaf vacuum mulcher tools are packed with enough power to handle large garden clean-ups within a short time.

Benefits of a Leaf Vacuum

Aside from the added convenience of having a 3-in-1 design, leaf vacuum mulchers have an array of perks. Here are a few:

They are portable and lightweight: leaf vacuum mulchers are ergonomically designed for easy handling. They are lightweight enough to be carried around the yard for extended periods without tiring.

It’s easy to switch between different modes: these power tools allow operators to select the mode they require using a simple flip of a switch. It’s easy to shift from blower mode to vac mode.

They are inexpensive: since they combine an assortment of functionalities, one might think that leaf mulchers are overly pricey. On the contrary, these tools aren’t that expensive – they can be purchased and used for professionals and household use.

They get the job done faster: if you’ve used a rake to clean your lawn before, you probably understand how exhausting and time-consuming the entire process can be. With a leaf vacuum mulcher, collecting leaves and debris is a piece of cake. All that’s required is for users to turn on the vac mode and walk along the yard as the tool does all the work.

They’re sturdy and durable: most vacuum mulchers are manufactured using sturdy plastic or metal components that are long-lasting. In addition, their ergonomic design helps to balance out the weight, making them feel lighter to operate.

Leaf Vacuum and Mulcher Features to Look For

Power and Air Volume

Air volume refers to the total amount of air that’s supplied by a leaf vacuum/blower each single minute. It is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and could range from 150 to well over 350 CFM for leaf mulchers. 

Most tools have a variable speed feature that allows users to vary the air volume, making is easier to handle both large and light-duty tasks.

Power, on the other hand, refers to the energy generated by a power tool. It is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) for engines, volts for batteries and Amps for motors.

Engine Type

There are three types of leaf mulchers: gas, corded electric and cordless electric (battery powered) leaf vacuum mulchers. There is no definite answer to the engine type of the best leaf vacuum mulcher, the choice should be made on the specific circumstances.

Gas leaf vacuum and mulchers are old varieties that are powered by motors. They are cordless, meaning you can operate them without limits around the yard. They deliver vast amounts of air volume (>300 CFM) but are generally heavier than other types of leaf mulchers. They also release pollutants into the air during operation. 

Corded electric motors derive power from an electric plug. Despite being tethered by a cord, electric leaf vacuum mulchers are lighter and eco-friendlier than gas mulchers. They are also quieter. On the down side, they don’t handle big lawns as effectively as the former due to the length limitation of the extension cord. 

Greenworks Battery system G-MAX Cordless Yard Vacuums

Battery powered (cordless electric) leaf vacuum mulchers utilize portable lithium batteries. 

These generate decent power juice, enough to clear leaves and debris from huge yards. Such leaf vacuums increase user mobility since they’re not corded. However, you’d need to recharge the batteries after an hour or so of continuous use. 

There is a great trend in modern cordless yard vacuum tools and gardening power tools in general, that their batteries may be interchangeable between other tools from the same manufacturer and same battery platform.

Mulcher Reduction Ratio

This is also known as the mulch ratio. It’s simply a measure of how efficiently your mulcher can grind up leaves and debris into smaller bits. 

For instance, if your leaf vacuum has a mulcher reduction ratio of 16:1, it can successfully reduce 16 bags of debris to a single bag. An impeller is used to grind leaves, twigs and other debris into smaller particles for easier collection. 

You might be wondering:

Why Would I Need To Mulch Yard Debris? 

Imagine having to dispose the collector bag every time it fills up with leaves – it would be really taxing. Mulchers reduce the size of debris, allowing you to vacuum for longer without needing to dispose contents within the collector bag. Mulched organic materials are also great for composting.

Bag Size

This is yet another crucial feature that you ought to consider when searching for the ideal leaf vacuum and mulcher. Naturally, different mulchers will have varying types of collector bags. 

It’s important to get a bag that’s big and easy to use: it should strap and unstrap quickly and with little hassle. 

In addition, the bag should be sturdy and durable. Some collector bags tear after a few weeks, prompting users to fix them with duct tape. 

Eventually, a replacement bag may be required – ensure that your leaf vacuum mulcher can support standard-size collector bags in case you need to replace the original bag.


The net weight of your preferred leaf vacuum mulcher is also a crucial factor to consider, mainly because you’ll be carrying it around the compound for a significantly lengthy period. 

Best Leaf Vacuum - Portability and Weight

This weight could range from 5 lbs to well over 13 lbs. Ideally, lightweight leaf vacuums are more preferred than their heavier counterparts – but this doesn’t mean they have a better performance. 

In addition, a mulcher could be heavy but have excellent ergonomics (this could include a comfy backpack, nonslip handles and a weight-balancing design). 

Such a leaf blower vacuum is great because it asserts less pressure on the hands, arms and back. When it comes to the best yard vacuum, performance should always supersede weight.


All power tools should be covered by a sizable warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty protects the product against workmanship and company defects that may arise during operation.

Before purchasing any leaf vacuum mulcher, ensure it offers a household warranty of at least two years. In case your tool breaks down within the stipulated warranty period, simply return the product and get a replacement (or repair of damaged part) free of charge. 

You can get the product warranty information online. Also assess the terms and conditions of your preferred yard vacuum before buying it.

Other Considerations

The wind (air) speed is an important factor to consider when selecting a leaf blower vacuum / mulcher. It’s measured in miles per hour (mph) and could vary from 150 mph to 400 mph or higher. 

It’s wise to get a leaf blower mulcher that generates high air speeds, allowing you to handle large clean-up tasks around your yard. It’s far better if the tool has a variable speed control feature – this allows users to vary the wind speed as they desire and helps them handle any type of landscape.

The housing/material used to construct your lawn vacuum should be sturdy, lightweight and durable.

Best Leaf Vacuum Reviews

BLACK+DECKER BV6000 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Motor (Amps)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

This power tool operates as a blower, vacuum and mulcher. It offers users the unique convenience of handling three tasks using a single tool. In addition, converting it from a blower to a vacuum (and vice versa) is quick and easy.

The high impact metal fan prevents clogging when mulching

The Black and Decker BV6000 has a high impact metal fan that can grind 16 bags of mulch down to a single bag. This fan is delightfully efficient and also helps to prevent clogging.

It delivers up to 250 MPH of wind speed when used as a blower. This is powerful enough to blow off yard debris and wet leaves. Its variable speed feature makes it ideal for light-duty jobs as well.

Another impressive feature of the Black and Decker BV6000 is its eco-friendliness and lightweight nature. It weighs 8.1 pounds (3.67 kgs) which is impressive, considering that it’s a 3-in-1 tool. 

Also, users can attached disposable leaf bags directly to the Vac/Blower. These bags are compostable and good for the environment.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

The average customer rating for this product on Amazon is 4.2 stars out of 5. 82% of buyers awarded the Black and Decker BV6000 a 4-star rating or higher. Evidently, most customers are pleased by this 3-in-1 leaf blower vacuum and mulcher tool. 

Some buyers were highly impressed by the enormous power generated by this electric leaf vacuum while others loved how light the BV6000 was. A few customers use this product to blow and mulch the leaves lying in their yards. The process of swapping from blower to mulcher barely takes a minute. As some previous customers state, the biodegradable bags can be recycled regularly. 

Most buyers were impressed by the 2 speed functionality that allows them to tackle all sorts of tasks around the yard/garden. However, a few customers are bemused by the vacuum feature. According to them, vacuuming too fast could clog the vacuum tube (source).


Black and Decker offers a 2 year limited warranty on this product. For returns, customers will require to visit the retailer who sold them the product (within 30 to 90 days of purchase) and get an exchange. Another option is to send the BV6000 to any service center owned or authorized by Black & Decker to get it repaired or replaced.

Worx TRIVAC Yard-in-One Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum WG505

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Motor (Amps)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

The Worx TRIVAC WG505 has an all-in-one design: it can function as a mulcher, blower and yard vacuum, making it extremely convenient. Users can easily convert between its three different functionalities by simply flipping a switch.

This tool generates an airspeed that is powerful enough to remove wet leaves and tough debris from the yard. The blower has an adjustable speed feature that allows users to vary wind speeds from a gentle 75 MPH for light tasks to 210 MPH for more demanding jobs.

Another impressive feature of the Worx TRIVAC is its impressive 10:1 mulch ratio. This means you can fit 100 gallons of leaves and mulch into a 10 gallon collector bag, which is pretty efficient.
Its electric motor produces an output of 12 amps. This is powerful enough to vacuum 14 gallons of debris in a minute or less. 

In addition, this motor is efficiently designed to reduce noise pollution (its noise performance is 70 decibels) and doesn’t produce those harmful emissions that are popular with gas engines. The WG505 is a powerful, eco-friendly option.

100 gallons of dry leaves fits into the 10 gallon collector bag tanks to the 10:1 mulch ratio

This tool also sports a durable, innovative tube design. 

The tube is conveniently angled to make it easier for users to clear leaves and other debris lying under furniture, vehicles and garage equipment. 

It’s easy to clean the WG505 – simply open the impeller housing using a simple click of a button. This will clear any existing clogs.

Another impressive feature is the quick-connect coupler that allows users to empty the collector bag quickly and with ease. The bag is made using breathable nylon material that enhances air circulation.

This Worx TriVac is quite durable: it’s constructed using heavy duty metal, making it ideal for rigorous use around the yard and inside the garage.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

Customers on Amazon awarded this product 3.6 stars out of 5. Most of them are happy with their WG505 tools, saying that it works exactly as advertised. Some previous buyers use this power tool to clear tons of leaves and debris in their backyard. 

The mulch ratio is another feature that has won the hearts of most customers. Other buyers are intrigued by how fast they can switch from blower mode to vacuum mode, claiming it works like a charm. 

However, a few customers aren’t pleased by the collector bag, saying it’s not sturdy enough to hold heavy debris.


Worx offers a 3 year warranty on the TriVac WG505 leaf vacuum and mulcher. Purchasers can return their faulty tools for a free replacement or repair job. However, they ought to register on to enjoy this warranty.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum 24322

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Battery (V)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

The GreenWorks 24322 cordless blower/vacuum generates a wind speed of 185 MPH and delivers an air volume of 340 CFM. It also offers variable speed, making it easy to handle small cleaning tasks as well as large clean-ups.

It is powered by a 40V 4.0 Ah battery that offers an impressive run time of around 60 minutes. The output power derived from this battery is strong enough to generate wind speeds that can clear both dry and wet leaves from the yard. However, this tool is only compatible with an array of GreenWorks G-Max battery models.

This tool is equipped with an efficient brushless motor that enhances its operational life-time by up to 80%. Its cutting-edge brushless technology also lowers vibrations and reduces noise levels, helping to improve user comfort. The motor produces more power and more torque.

Another delightful feature of the GreenWorks 24322 is its ergonomic design and light weight. This tool weighs a mere 5.6 pounds (2.54 kilograms). It’s light enough to maneuver for hours without tiring. It also has a firm, non-slippery handle that is easy to grip.

Apart from being an eco-friendly alternative, this tool is easier to use and requires lower operating costs compared to gas-powered tools. It boasts of having zero emissions and more versatile features.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

Majority of customers on Amazon are pleased with the GreenWorks 24322, with 69% of them awarding it a 4-star rating or higher. Some buyers were pleased with the long battery life and exceptional power levels delivered by this lightweight blower/vacuum. 

It’s perfect for blowing off debris in the garage, walkways and driveways. The variable speed feature is a darling among many – users can simply use the low speed settings to handle light-duty tasks, then rev up the power when duty calls. 

Several customers are marveled by this battery-powered alternative, claiming it has no harmful emissions to the environment. 

However, a few buyers are frustrated by the vacuum tube, saying it might get clogged after picking up lots of sticks and wet debris all at once.


GreenWorks offers a 4 year warranty on this particular product. This warranty covers against any material defects or errors in workmanship. On top of this, the DigiPro brushless motor part is backed with a 10 year warranty. However, the customer must provide a proof of purchase to enjoy this warranty.

Best Leaf Vacuum: Toro 51619 Ultra Blower / Vac Electric Leaf Vacuum

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Motor (Amp)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

The Toro 51619 leaf blower vacuum is powerful and versatile enough to handle any yard clean-up job. It delivers a 250 MPH wind speed that’s enough to clear large leaves and debris. In its category of leaf blower vacuums and mulchers, the Toro 51619 is a best seller and one of the highest rated blower on the market today.

Best Cheap Leaf Vacuum - Toro Leaf Blower Vac 51619
The Toro 51619 Yard vacuum is compact, lightweight and powerful while easy to store

This yard vacuum blower has a variable speed air control feature that ensures better control of the tool while operating in blower and vac modes. 

The Toro 51619 can provide 350 CFM air volume in blow mode and 410 CFM in vacuum mode.

Apart from having a vacuum tube, the Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac also comes with a power insert, bottom-zip bag, cord storage hook and concentrator nozzle

The product’s new metal impeller is larger and more robust, helping to drive more power and improve mulching.

The blower quickly converts into a vacuum within a few seconds using the Quick-Release latch feature. This guarantees an easier, seamless functionality for operators. In addition, it can reduce 88% of debris to less than half an inch of mulch with a mulch ratio of 16:1.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

The Toro 51619 lawn vacuum and mulcher enjoys an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. Majority of Amazon buyers like this product and highly recommend it to other customers. 

Most customers were pleased with the massive power generated by their Toro units, terming it as an “absolute power house”. In addition, it’s compact and lightweight. This feature allows users to utilize it for longer hours without tiring. 

When it comes to storage, the Toro 51619 takes up very little garage space. Other customers love how effective this blower/vac is for blowing leaves, acorns and pine needles off their yards during fall. The Toro clears massive debris even at half power, making it an exquisite choice for customers. 

However, some customers claim that this Toro model is a tad heavier than they’ve previously owned.


Toro offers a 2-year full warranty for residents of Canada and the United States. This warranty covers a myriad of tool damages and allows users to either replace or repair their Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Motor (Amp)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

The Toro 51621 exhibits superior blowing and mulching functionalities and a little step up from the Toro 51619 model. The difference lies in the extra features of an oscillating nozzle, shred ring and higher mulching capability

It generates an incredible wind speed of 250 MPH, producing an air volume of 350 CFM in blower mode and 410 CFM in vac mode. This is enough to handle an assortment of yard tasks.

Another exquisite feature of this product is its variable speed control. Users can easily adjust the amount of power they need during operation for a myriad of light-duty tasks and more intensive clean-ups.

The metal impeller utilizes a unique shreds-all shred ring that significantly improves shredding performance. It’s able to reduce 97% of mulched debris to half an inch or less.

The collector bag that’s attached to this Toro unit is sturdy enough to hold a variety of debris, including wet and dry leaves. However, it is not designed to capture dust: it’s porous to allow ample air flow.

The Toro 51621 includes an oscillating nozzle kit that sweeps air back and forth automatically, helping to widen the blowing path. This feature improves user comfort by allowing operators to maneuver without having to move their wrists.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

84% of Amazon customers awarded the Toro 51621 a 4-star rating or higher. It’s the best reviewed product in this list. Majority of buyers love the immense power generated by this tool. This electric option is certainly quieter and lighter than gas-powered alternatives. 

Some customers love how easily they can change from vac mode to blower mode, thanks to its amazing variable speed feature. 

In addition, the Toro 51621 is conveniently small and can be stored in the garage area without taking too much space. Some customers also attest to how easy it is to assemble and operate this tool. 

However, a few buyers have issues with the vacuum bag, claiming that it may fall apart after operating the Toro for a while.


Toro offers a 2-year full warranty on this product for residents of Canada and the United States. This warranty covers an assortment of product defects and workmanship issues that might arise within this period.

Sun Joe IONBV 40V Cordless Lithium-Ion Blower / Vacuum / Mulcher

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Battery (V)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

The Sun Joe iONBV features a unique 3-in-1 design and performs as a blower, vacuum and mulcher. This helps to increase user convenience immensely

It delivers a maximum air speed of 200 MPH, powerful enough to clear leaves from the yard. Users can comfortably handle light duty tasks with this decent amount of power. However, its wind speed is relatively lower than most blowers in this list.

Another terrific feature of the Sun Joe iONBV is its 6 speed setting. Operators can easily adjust the speed level to suit any particular job, from light tasks to more demanding clean-ups. In addition, the blower seamlessly converts into a vacuum/mulcher within seconds.

Easy to switch between blower and vacuum
Sun Joe iONBV with plastic impeller - although with an exceptional 17:1 mulch ratio

The Sun Joe rechargeable blower/vacuum/mulcher offers a pretty decent run time of 45 minutes when operating at lower speeds, allowing users to sweep their patios, porches and walkways. This power is derived from a 40V lithium ion battery.

You can choose battery capacity between 4.0 Ah and 5.0 Ah, while in case you own other Sun Joe / Snow Joe tools with the 40V iON system, you can purchase the bare tool for much cheaper and just use your current battery pack!

The Sun Joe iONBV also features a sturdy 16 gallon collector bag as well as an interchangeable tube. These features essentially allow users to operate this tool for longer and replace the worn-out tube later on.

Its resistant impeller is a pretty effective shredder, helping to reduce leaves and debris to a seventeenth (1/17th) of their original size.

A great option is the SBJ6-GA Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment to help with hard-to-reach areas.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

The Sun Joe iONBV merely has two reviews on Amazon. One buyer gave this product a 1-star rating while the other awarded it with 2 stars. This isn’t very surprising, considering that Sun Joe commenced manufacturing this product a few months ago. 

The main issue with this product (judging by the two reviews) is that it neither comes with a battery nor a charger. You’d have to buy your own lithium ion battery and charger separately. 

Other than that, the Sun Joe iONBV is an exquisite battery operated leaf vacuum / blower / mulcher that works like a charm.


Sun Joe provides a 2 year warranty on all powered tools. They can either send over a brand new part to you free of charge or replace the faulty product with a brand new one.

BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 Backpack Leaf Blower Vacuum and Mulcher

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Motor (Amp)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

This Black and Decker BEBL7000 features a distinct 3-in-1 functionality. It not only works as a leaf blower but also operates as a mulcher and vacuum. This results in an enhanced user experience.

It generates an impressive wind speed of 250 MPH. in addition, it delivers an air volume of 400 CFM. This is strong enough to clear tough debris and handle a variety of heavy-duty tasks.

Best Backpack Leaf Vacuum Mulcher
Is the BEBL7000 the best backpack leaf vacuum?

This particular Black and Decker model is corded electric. Its motor delivers 12 Amps of output power, allowing the tool to generate a delightfully high performance.

Another impressive feature of the Black and Decker BEBL7000 is ergonomic design. It features a comfortable backpack that supports more than twice the capacity of the BV5600 and BV6000 leaf collection bags. In addition, there are several non-slip handles that allow users to operate with ease.

It also sports a PowerBoost button that effectively boosts power when needed. This allows the operator to handle a variety of yard duties with ease. In addition, this tool easily converts from blower mode to vac/mulch mode within seconds.

It’s unique Flexi-Tube technology helps to enhance maneuverability when using it to vacuum leaves and debris. The zipper-free bag attached to it is extremely easy to empty, and this enhances user convenience significantly.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

The Black and Decker BEBL7000 has an average Amazon rating of 3.9 stars. Majority of customers like this product, claiming that it worked better than they’d expected. Most buyers love the vast power it generates, enough to blow off any yard debris. 

The vacuum also sucks up leaves pretty well. Some customers also love how quickly they can shift the blower/vac modes with ease. 

However, you’d need to be careful when operating the mulch setting. It works perfectly with leaves but sticks and twigs could clog the tube and cause some complications. 

Ultimately, it’s a great choice for clearing leaves from your walkways, driveways, patios and other surfaces.


Black and Decker offers a 2-year limited warranty on all its power tools, covering a series of workmanship issues and material defects.

However, this warranty is subject to some conditions, mainly that the product should have been used in a home environment.

Husqvarna 125BVx Gas Powered Leaf Blower Vacuum

Air Speed (mph)
Air Volume (cfm)
Weight (lbs)
Engine (cc)
Mulch Ratio

Key Features

The Husqvarna 125BVx has a powerful 1.1 HP motor that generates an optimum power speed of 8,000 RPM, allowing it to produce vast air speeds of 170 miles per hour. This gust is strong enough to blow off stubborn debris and grass clippings around the yard.

The engine is very fuel-efficient as well. In addition, it has a huge tank that can hold up to 16.91 ounces of gas. The cruise control feature allows users to operate this tool without requiring to adjust the blower speed regularly.

Thanks to Husqvarna’s Smart Start function, users can easily start the machine with little effort. The starter cord has a reduced resistance of 40%. There’s also a unique air purge function incorporated within the tool that helps to eject air from fuel system as well as the carburetor.

Another outstanding feature of the Husqvarna 125BVx is its delightful ergonomic design. This tool is fitted with a soft-grip adjustable handle that has an array of intuitively gathered controls, making it easier to control it. In addition, it’s lightweight and is engineered to reduce stress on your arms and feet.

This blower is CARB compliant and easy to clean. In addition, the length of the blower tube is adjustable, allowing users to clean hard-to-reach areas around the compound.

Feedback From Previous Buyers

The Husqvarna 125BVx has a rating of 4 stars after 432 reviews. Most customers like the product and refer to it as a reliable gas blower. Some buyers use their Husqvarna to blow of debris in their walkways/driveways while others prefer using it to clean their kitchen gardens and garages.

However, some customers don’t like the vacuum feature. They claim its exhaust system discharges gas straight into their faces, thanks to its design.


Husqvarna offers a limited warranty of 2 years for this 125BVx model. This warranty covers an array of manufacturer defects that may arise within the initial 2 years of purchase.

Conclusion: The Best Leaf Blower Vacuum

Since most of the leaf vacuum mulchers described above work pretty efficiently, determining the best will naturally boil down to power, engine type and warranty. Gas powered leaf vacuums are good, but most of them are too heavy and produce pollutant gases. Corded electric vacuums, on the other hand, deliver decent power but are limited in range – it’s hard to reach every single spot within the yard. 

In light of these insights, the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph) with Metal Impeller, 12 amp certainly takes the day. This Blower/vac generates a wind speed of around 250 MPH and delivers an air volume of 350 CFM (blower mode) and 410 CFM (vac mode). In addition, it has a variable speed control feature that allows users to choose the speed they desire. It’s not surprising that majority of customers have awarded it the best rating.

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