Best Lightweight Weed Eater Reviews

Weeds are hateful, can be problematic and we may end up in a never-ending fight against them. Weed killers are effective in eliminating stubborn weeds but can pose a threat to the environment and in some occasions, the lives of pets. This is where cheap and lightweight weed eaters come in.

What’s a Weed Eater?

Also known as string trimmers, trimmers, or weed wackers, lightweight weed eaters are pretty useful tools. Weed eaters are power tools that help cut down tall grass, thin brush, and weeds growing around your garden, lawn, or yard. They cut weeds at hard-to-reach places where your lawnmower may not reach. For instance, it can cut weeds on gravel surfaces or narrow driveways.

A typical weed eater features a shaft with a handle at the top end and a string cutting mechanism at the lower end.

Weed eaters have similar basic construction and use fast-rotating plastic strings to cut unwanted plants.

Other kinds of weed eaters we reviewed:

Best Lightweight Weed Eater Reviews

Black+Decker LST300 String Trimmer

Black+Decker LST300 String Trimmer

Black+Decker is a leading manufacturer of housewares, small appliances, lawn and garden tools, power tools, and home cleaning solutions for everyday use. The Black+Decker LST300 Trimmer is a wireless trimmer.

The best lightweight grass eater runs on a lithium-ion 20V battery-pack for about 33% extra run time. It features a PowerDrive transmission to the cutting blade from the motor to cut weeds faster.

The 2-in-1 trim model easily changes from a trimmer to an edger in a few seconds. With the Automatic Feed Spool, you’re able to work continuously without ceasing. The line diameter is 0.065 inches.


  • Compatible with power tools rated 20V from the same brand
  • Modern Lithium-ion battery
  • Comes with a limited 2-year warranty
  • Performs both edger and trimmer tasks
  • Adjustable handle for varying height positions


  • The battery life is shorter than in most models

Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks 4-Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks is a leading manufacturer of machinery, equipment, and power tools for gardening and lawn care. It also manufactures high-quality trimmers, blowers, mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, cultivators, and pole saws, among others.

Greenworks 13-Inch Corded Trimmer is a powerful lightweight weed eater. Its 4 Amp motor is powerful enough to cut tough weeds that are difficult to tackle. It has a cutting path of 13 inches to ensure you finish your cutting job faster.

With the 0.065-inch dual line auto-feed trimmer head, you can easily advance the cutting line to cut down weeds from your yard. The trimmer shaft rotates to easily deliver precise edging aimed at finely grooming your lawn. The telescoping shaft adjusts to your desired working height. Its ergonomic handle and straight shaft make it easy to handle.


  • Comes with a 4-year warranty
  • Top quality and reliable
  • Light at 5.2 pounds weight for prolonged use
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Great price


  • Corded electric design

Makita XRU02Z String Trimmer

Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion String Trimmer

Makita is a leading manufacturer of 18V and 36V tools. With over 225 tools designed to use the same chargers and batteries, the company has been in the industry for over two decades.

The brand manufactures woodworking tools, commercial power tools, cleaning solutions, lawn and garden care equipment, and pneumatics, among others.

The Makita LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Trimmer features a motor working at 7,800 RPM to deliver faster cutting speeds and top performance.

With a balanced ergonomic design, the lightweight weed eater weighs only 6.3 pounds. The battery it uses is sold separately. The compact design allows you to trim your lawn or hedges.


  • Ergonomic and light for easier handling and reduced hand fatigue
  • Supports accurate edging and trimming due to its compact size
  • Easily adjusts to your tools’ length for a desirable cutting position
  • Delivers faster cuts and performance


  • Prone to jamming and poor at cutting tough woody weeds

Sun Joe TRJ607E Electric String Trimmer

Sun Joe TRJ607E 10-Inch 2.5-Amp Electric String Trimmer

Sun Joe manufactures eco-friendly and innovative tools and equipment for gardens, yards, and home care. Ranging from electric to manual, the company manufactures a wide selection of tools for every situation.

The tools include pressure washers, cultivators and tillers, pole saws and chainsaws, leaf blowers and mowers. The Sun Joe 10-inch Electric Trimmer String is compact and lightweight for easy handling. It weighs only 2.8 pounds.

The weed eater supports the cutting of overgrown unwanted plants in patios, flower beds, walkways, townhouse lots, stones, and small yards. It features a powerful 2.5 Amp motor to power its operations, working at 10,000 RPM speed. The 12-feet trimmer line is durable and promotes faster cuts.

With 10-inch swath in a single sweep, expect to work on even the toughest weeds. The push-button feature powers the weed eater instantly when you’re ready to begin cutting weeds in your yard. Choose from green, dark blue, and red color finishes.


  • Very lightweight
  • Compact and light to reduce hand fatigue
  • Versatile for cutting weeds in flower beds and patios
  • Starts instantly for immediate use
  • Available in 3 color options


  • Some users reported that the weed-eater isn’t easy to restring

WORX WG155 Cordless Lightweight String Trimmer & Edger

WORX WG155 20V Powershare 10" Cordless Lightweight String Trimmer & Edger

WORX manufactures power tools, lawn and garden tools and equipment, wireless and corded tools, and combo kits. The brand is popular for designing high-quality tools.

The WORX PowerShare 10-Inch Cordless String Trimmer & Edger runs on 20V lithium-ion 1.5 Ah battery. The 2-in-1 grass trimmer doubles as an edger and features an auto-feed trimmer line for no bump use.

It easily converts from a trimmer to an in-line edger using inline wheels; no tool is required. The 1×16 trimmer lines foster cutting of weeds. It also has a telescopic shaft, supports auto line feeding, and has an adjustable trimming head.


  • Easily converts from a trimmer to an edger
  • No tool required for conversion
  • Telescopic shaft easily adjusts to desired length
  • Rubberized wheels roll to guide edging
  • Cordless electric trimmer for portable use


  • More expensive than most weed eaters

Buying Guide

Why is a Lightweight Weed Eater Important?

You need a trimmer to care for your lawn for well-maintained outdoor areas. A gas trimmer is powerful but heavy because it features fuel and the tank holding it. An electric weed eater is lightweight, easier to use, and ideal for a modern home. The benefits of using the best grass-trimmer include:

  • Lightweight and flexible for fast weeding
  • Inexpensive and simple to use
  • Supports ease-of-use and offers convenience for high performance
  • Eco-friendly and gets the job done faster
  • Requires less maintenance and repair

Lawns differ in needs. The best grass trimmer for your lawn comes with multiple features to support its functions. With many brands on the market, it becomes important to find a reliable and reasonably-priced trimmer that guarantees better quality and a sensible warranty.

What to Look for When Buying Lightweight Weed Eaters?

When looking for the best lightweight weed eater, consider the following factors.

Power Source

A weed wacker can be powered by gas or electricity. Electric trimmers can be either corded that needs to be plugged into the power mains or cordless using a rechargeable battery.

Cordless string trimmers are versatile but can only be used for a certain duration before they need to be recharged or the battery swapped to a full one. This is ideal if the battery has a run-time of at least 30-45 minutes.

With brands such as Black & Decker, you may get a battery that’s common to all tools in the same range. This means the same battery or spare batteries may be used for the lawn mower, the leaf blower and even the trimmer.

On the other hand, corded trimmers don’t need recharging. They’re limited by the cord length of course, and even though an extension cord can be added to extend the range, it may still not be enough for your needs.

Battery powered string trimmers are preferable for cutting weeds in your lawn in case you’re not likely to spend more than 45 minutes on the task. Otherwise, go for a corded electric option.

An electric trimmer is the lightest and cheapest while cordless models are the most convenient.

Both corded and electric trimmers are more eco-friendly than gas models and also less noisy.


Revolutions per minute (RPM) is the standard for rating the speed levels of lawn trimmers. It indicates a machine’s power and capability. A machine with higher RPM has better cutting power.

Consider a minimum of 7500 RPM if you want a powerful trimmer that can handle serious weed problems. Some models allow for speed control so you can choose between efficient battery usage and tough weeding action.


Grass trimmers differ considerably in weight, typically ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 pounds.

You need a lightweight machine to lower the strain on your arms and shoulders. Consider using a quality string trimmer harness to make work more comfortable.

Also take into account other factors, not just its weight, as a lightweight electric weed eater may not be as powerful as its heavier counterparts, and may be not strong enough for the job needed.

Cutting Area

This is the width of the path a trimmer cuts in a single sweep. It is usually around 12 inches for a lightweight model.


Trimmers come in similar shape and design. The products feature a long shaft with a rotating head on the lower end and a grip at the upper end. A plastic line spins rapidly to cut weeds. Some models feature metal cutting blades but they are for though jobs and called brush cutters.

Double cutting lines help cut thick brush faster.

Some trimmers also feature shoulder straps, speed controls, anti-vibration, and ergonomic handles. The last two prevent operator fatigue which is fairly common for those who are not fit enough.

Brand Compatibility

Buying a weed trimmer from the same brand as your other tools ensure brand compatibility. Some manufacturers allow for interchangeable battery use across multiple tools in the same range.

Other factors to consider are price and accessories.


Lightweight weed eaters are easy to maintain as they are cheap, easy to fix and due to their popularity, parts are widely available.

Getting the best trimmer lines (typically 0.065) should not be a problem at all and even replacing the trimmer head is straight forward.

Here is a guide in case you need to re-string your weed eater.


The best lightweight weed eater comes in handy when you need to spend a short time grooming your yard or lawn after mowing it as part of yard maintenance in summer. They offer low weight and acceptable performance on the budget to tackle low to medium amounts of weeds.

They exert less strain and less fatigue on your hands while working. Every weed wacker on our list is functional to bring down weeds where you don’t want them.

In our personal opinion the best overall is the BLACK+DECKER LST300. In case you are looking for the ligtest one, go for the Sun Joe.