Best Time to Buy Snow Blower: Buyers Guide

While some people love to sing the sentimental carol, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” many residents in the northern part of the country may rather change the words to “No more, snow, no more snow, no more snow!” While drifts of fluffy white stuff can evoke romantic notions of cozy fires and snowball fights, the reality is that heavy snow falls can be a hindrance to roadway transportation or just getting out the front door for many, especially up north. Snow blowers are the heroes of winter. Without them we would be stuck – literally! So, in preparation for the coming winter months, many may be wondering, “When is the best time to buy snow blower”?

Buying a Snow Blower

Late Summer / Fall

Since retail is always one season ahead, summer and fall can bring great deals on winter merchandise, as retailers are eager to start pushing their latest inventory.

Leftover stock of the previous year’s models will most likely be picked over, but any snow blowers that are left will certainly be offered at close-out prices as the newer models start rolling in. 

If having a wide selection of the best cordless snow blowers on the market is of greater importance than price, late summer and autumn are the best times to shop.

This is when retailers will have all the latest models with the latest features available. Also, most brand-new snow blowers will be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty for a time, which can offer peace of mind about new purchases. 

However, discounts will not be as steep for new inventory. Retailers may offer some discounts to lure in shoppers, but they will not be clearance prices.

buying a snow blower late summer or fall

End of Winter

Typically, the tail end of those long winter months is when retailers start getting eager to move their remaining winter stock and make room for spring items.

January and February are when both online retailers and big-box hardware stores will be thinking ahead to spring planting supplies and offering close-out prices on their snow merchandise – sometimes up to 50% off!

The disadvantage of buying nearly a year in advance is that the snow blower will be sitting in the garage or garden shed for several months before use.

Since many clearance items are non-refundable or have a smaller return window, be sure to test the blower after purchase to make sure it is in working condition before the next snow rolls around.


Once sprigs of green start sprouting from the ground, snow season may be the furthest thing from shopper’s minds. However, some retailers may have a scant selection of last year’s snow blowers left in stock. 

If there are any available, it is likely that there will not be a wide selection. However, if any blowers are left, they will certainly be offered at super-discounted prices.

The Worst Time to Buy a Snow Blower

Of course, the worst time to buy a snow blower will be once a snow storm has already occurred, or when one is already in the 7-day forecast. When this is the case, many people will be scurrying to find a good snow blower for the upcoming weather event.

The advantage will flip to the retailer, who suddenly has a product that everyone needs. Do not wait too long, as inventory will probably sell out fast, but be prepared to pay full price – or close to it.

Online or Brick-and-Mortar?

Snow blowers are available for purchase both online and at local hardware or gardening stores. Buying offline gives the advantage of being able to see the product in person and take it home the same day. 

When buying in advance, though, consider the advantages of shopping from online retailers such as Amazon. Wide selections, customer reviews, and discounted shipping prices or even free deliveries can keep shoppers well-informed and keep the process convenient.

Types of Snow Blowers

When shopping, also consider the different types of snow blowers available.

Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower ION18SB

Electric and cordless snow blowers are growing in popularity, as they are lightweight, quiet, and environmentally-friendly.

Most retailers offer competitive pricing, making them a cost-effective option, as well. 

Electric and cordless snow blowers work best in light, fluffy snow that is less than 6-inches deep.

Buying a Single Stage Snow Blower

Single-stage blowers may be the most commonly used snow blowers. These work great in moderate snow of up to 12 inches deep. The gas-powered snow blower versions are powerful and can easily clear paths up to 24 inches wide. Since they are so powerful and their auger is touching the ground by design, do not use these blowers on gravel driveways. 

Buying a Two Stage Snow Blower

The mighty Husqvarna ST224P dual stage snow thrower

Two stage (or Dual stage) snow blowers are very powerful and can clear paths even 45 inches wide. These blowers can also handle heavy, wet snow and ice. They tend to be much more expensive and usually run by a gas engine that needs more attention and higher level of maintenance.

Conclusion: The Best Time to Buy Snow Blower

Working snow blowers are great to have on hand when snow season rolls around. It is wise to think ahead to find the type of blower that best suits our needs while also considering the best time to purchase. 

Taking these factors into consideration can allow us to enjoy the winter season without being affected by the heavy snow it can sometimes bring.