Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter – Reviews & Buyers Guide 2023

If you find yourself struggling to tackle dense overgrowth using a string trimmer, it may be time to consider upgrading to a walk behind brush cutter. These machines are the bigger and more powerful sibling of string trimmers, equipped with thicker and stronger line, as well as blades that can effortlessly slice through thick saplings and resilient reed patches.

These machines make quick work of clearing huge swathes of undergrowth with very little effort on the part of the operator. The problem is that there is a vast number of these products on the market and choosing the one that is just right for you can get confusing. This is why we have decided to do the legwork for you. We’ve done our research and come up with the best walk-behind brush cutters available today.

Top 5 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter Reviews

Billy Goat BC2600HEBH Walk Behind Brush Cutter

Billy Goat Walk Behind Brush Cutter

The Billy Goat hales from the stable of one of the oldest and best-known manufacturers of lawn care products in the United States. The company has been designing and manufacturing power turf products since 1967. It is now part of the Briggs and Stratton Corporation.

The Billy Goat field and brush mower have an 11.7 HP Briggs and Stratton motor. This machine moves with ease through even the toughest terrain thanks to its advanced traction control system.

The traction control gives the cutter superior handling powers even under uneven or wet conditions.

This walk behind brush cutter is designed to glide over the surface, avoiding the scalping that can take place when you cut too close to the ground.

The unique suspension system makes this possible by keeping the weight of the machine on the drive wheels where it should be.

The brush mower has an electric start button so it is quick and easy to power up. The drive controls are readily accessible, located as they are, on the handle. The handle is ergonomically designed. It is angled and padded for greater comfort

The cutting width is 26 inches. This is larger than the industry standard so it is quick and efficient, managing an acre of brush every hour. This is faster than most of its competitors. It can easily handle saplings with a diameter of 2 inches and a brush of up to 6-foot-tall.

The frame of the brush cutter is low-slung making it easier to control.

The big wheels are more than capable of supporting and moving this machine so you can move it around with no problem.

The reinforced blade gives this machine the power to cut anything from brambles to bush and vines. The only downside that we could find with this machine is that it is expensive, but hey you pay for quality.

The Billy Goat walk behind brush cutter has a one-year limited warranty.


  • Large 26-inch deck
  • Superior traction control
  • Suspension system that glides over uneven ground
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Electric starter


  • Expensive

Swisher WB11524BS Predator Brush Cutter

Swisher Predator Brush Cutter

Swisher has been around since 1945 when the founder started producing hand made lawnmowers. He went on to produce the firsts self-propelled rotary lawnmower. This US-based company specializes in the design and manufacture of garden equipment.

The Swisher WB11524BS Predator is powered by an 11.5 HP Briggs and Stratton gasoline motor.

It has a 24-inch deck which is the industry standard for non-commercial brush cutters. It is capable of cutting saplings of up to 1.5 inches thick.

This walk behind brush cutter has a four-speed transmission with a reverse function for backing out of awkward spots.

It has a single cutting blade made from hardened steel. The blade is fully enclosed for your safety.

The Swisher brush cutter features safety deflectors on either side of the machine to protect you from flying fragments.

The controls are located on the handlebar so you can easily access them. Start the engine using the manual recoil.

The brush cutter has a 1 ¾ cutting height range. This is a much wider height range than you will find in most competing brands.

This is one of the lighter brush cutters around and it has nice large heavy-duty chevron wheels, lending the machine superior maneuverability. The Swisher comes with a twelve-month warranty on parts and labor.


  • 11.5 HP motor
  • 4-speed transmission
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Wide range of cutting heights
  • Good value for money


  • The instruction manual is pretty confusing

Swisher WRC11524CL Predator Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower

Swisher WRC11524CL Predator Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower

Another walk behind brush mower from the Swisher stable, this walk behind brush hog also has an 11.5 horsepower motor from Briggs and Stratton. It has an engine displacement value of 344cc. Bullet-proof start of the engine by using the manual recoil.

This brush cutter sports a 4-speed transmission engine with a reverse function so you can back out of any trouble spots you may encounter. You set the speed that works best for the terrain you’re working on and then just guide the brush cutter over the surface.

The machine has a wide cutting height range of between 3 and 4.75 inches. It can manage saplings of up to 1.5 inches thick.

The machine is equipped with a single blade fabricated from hardened steel. It is fully enclosed for your safety.

It also has deflectors on either side to catch any debris. The electrical wires are also shielded. improvements

This rough-cut mower also sports the standard 24-inch cutting deck. It has a durable, well-made frame and is mounted upon large pneumatic wheels making it easy to maneuver.

The gear shift is conveniently located on the handle. This is another improvement on earlier model Swisher brush cutters.

The unit boasts an improved handlebar.

It is more rigid than the previous Swisher walk behind brush cutters, as it features a brace design. The handlebar is adjustable and all controls are located on the handle.

The Swisher offers good value for money. It has a limited warranty of one year.


  • 11.5 HP motor
  • Easy to reach gears
  • Wide range of heights
  • Easy to maneuver


  • The instruction manual is unclear

Generac Pro Walk-Behind Field and Brush Mower

Generac AT47030GENG Pro Walk-Behind Field and Brush Mower

The Generac AT47030GENG is possibly the best walk behind brush cutter on the market today. It has a powerful 18.67 HP G force engine with electronic ignition and a twelve-volt key start. The engine displacement value is a massive 606cc.

The motor features pressure lubrication that is particularly helpful on inclines.

This brush cutter has gear-driven transmission which locks the speed in so all you have to do is steer. There are three forward gears and a reverse gear.

It sports a 2-gallon fuel tank.

The brush cutter has a disk brake system that includes power steering. Each wheel has its own hand brake. This makes it very easy to move about, giving you total control.

The mower mulches the vegetation very well so you don’t have to worry about windrows building up. the mulch is expelled through the back of the walk behind brush cutter.

The deck is a super-sized 30 inches so it is quick and efficient. This is cutter can handle anything you throw at it from 3-inch saplings to 8-foot weeds and 4-foot grass.

The blade spindle forms an integrated part of the decking. The large cast-iron spindle has two big sealed bearings that ensure that the machine operates with little to no vibration.

The durable blade spindle should require no maintenance over the years. The blade is dual-sided, so it won’t need sharpening for a very long time.

The Generac walk behind brush cutter has a commercial-grade clutch. The self-adjusting clutch has no belts or pulleys. It is easy to get to and allows you to quickly swap out attachments.

The body is made from thick laser-cut steel powder-coated to perfection. The frame is made from 12-gauge steel and features reinforced stress points. The unit is equipped with large, lugged tires that offer maximum traction when the going gets tough.

The ergonomically designed handle is height adjustable and the controls are embedded in the handle grips.

The Generac is covered by a limited one-year warranty for both commercial or consumer use. The machine comes with an hour meter.


  • 18.67 HP G force motor
  • 30-inch deck
  • Commercial grade self-adjusting clutch
  • Low vibration
  • 12-guage steel frame


  • Expensive

EARTHQUAKE Walk Behind String Mower

If you’re a fan of the stringed brush cutter the Earthquake walk behind string mower may be just what you’re looking for. You don’t need an expensive blade, only one of the best trimmer lines we have reviewed earlier.

It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and has a quiet but powerful engine that will make light work of cutting through grass, weeds and other low brush. It cuts across a span of around 22 inches and will mow, trim and cut low brush.

Earthquake is a leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor power tools. The company is headquartered in the USA. The M205 walk behind brush cutter is just one of the products in the prestigious stable of innovative power equipment.

The Earthquake M205 is powered by a 150cc Viper motor which equates to about 4.6 HP. It is a four-stroke engine that requires no gas and oil mix. Four-stroke engines are more powerful and run cleaner than two-stroke engines.

The single-piece deck is designed to lessen vibration.

The 14-inch-high wheels ensure that you can easily move the brush cutter across uneven ground. The wheels can’t go flat since they are not pneumatic.

Take your hand off the engagement handle and the cutting head will stop without switching off the engine.

This EARTHQUAKE walk behind brush cutter offers height adjustments of between 1.5 to 3 inches

Use the adjustment knobs to fold the handlebar away for easy storage. You don’t need any tools.

This string mower has a generous 5-year warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.


  • Powered by a 150cc 4 stroke Viper engine
  • Pack away tool-less adjustable handle
  • High wheels for all terrains
  • One-piece design reduces vibration
  • Generous 5-year warranty


  • Designed for lighter brush

Best Walk-Behind Brush Hog Buyers Guide

A brush cutter, also known as a brush mower, does so much more than just cut grass, it can cut through crops and other dense vegetation on various terrains. A walk behind cutter is much more suitable for heavy duty jobs than a the best hand-held brush cutter.

For light to medium duty work and when you only need cutting grass and weed, instead of heavy brush and thich vegetation, you can simply opt for a cheap electric weed eater or a slight more expensive but cordless battery powered weed eater.

If you have parts of your land that are not regularly used but need attention from time to time you’ll find that walk behind brush cutters offer the ideal solution for quick and easy clearance of the area.

But before you go out looking for the best walk behind brush cutter for your application you need to know what to look for. So, we’ve put together a buying guide to help you to choose the best cutter for your terrain.


When evaluating the power of brush cutter, we always take into account two things; its horsepower and engine displacement. The two are correlated since higher engine displacement typically translates into high horsepower.

But this is not always the case.

Engines with higher displacement values generally last for longer, because the components used in smaller engines tend to wear out faster.

A less powerful engine does not infer that your brush cutter is inferior in any way, but it does determine what types of cutting jobs you can take on.

Usually, the manufacturer will indicate what diameter the brush cutter is capable of cutting.

A powerful engine will cut through the thicker brush, but it will weigh more, so if you’re working for extended periods this can be tiring.

Choosing the best walk behind brush cutter for you may require a balance between the two.

Generally speaking, the more powerful engines are suitable for the thicker brush. Thus, the power of the engine may also determine whether you can use the brush cutter for consumer or commercial use.


There are two aspects to consider when we weigh up the speed of a brush cutter. These are the speed at which the walk behind brush cutter moves and the speed at which it can cut.

When it comes to movement speed the power of the engine does play a role but the transmission has more of an impact on the speed at which it can move. Having said that, speed of movement is not necessarily as important as the cutting speed since no brush cutters move at high speed.

It is best to cut harder brush such as wood at high speeds and softer materials are best dealt with at low speeds.

Most brush cutters can work through any material at high speed but this is not the most efficient way to deal with brush. Using the machine at high speeds for soft materials may have a detrimental effect on the longevity of your brush cutter.

While the cutting power of the brush cutter will determine how well the machine will deal with the denser and thicker bush, cutting speed is important for clearing the thinner brush. You’re likely to clear more of thinner brush anyway and if your brush cutter can do this quickly you’ll finish the job in no time.

The cutting speed is typically given in acres per hour, but it is also sometimes expressed as the speed at which the blades move. The greater the speed the more efficiently you can work.

Build and Durability

When buying a brush cutter, you want one that will last for years. Walk behind brush cutters should, at the very least live up to the durability of any of your other garden equipment.

Make sure that the one you choose is made from durable materials that can withstand the rough and tough areas that you mean to keep under control.

Both the body of the brush cutter and the wheels and tires must be up to the job. Brush cutters are almost certainly made of steel, but the steel may have different gauges. Make sure that the wheels are large enough to comfortably bear the weight of the body.

One of the most important parts of the brush cutter is the deck. The bigger the deck the quicker it can get through the brush.

It must, of course, also have sufficient cutting power to get through the required brush.

The deck suspension system is of vital importance here. It must have the capacity to lift and drop the deck efficiently without scalping the surface below.

Remember that an engine with a higher displacement value is likely to last for longer. This is because the parts are larger and more durable. So, the engine size must be a consideration in evaluating the durability of the brush cutter.


In choosing a brush cutter we suggest that you look for versatility. The type of brush that you’ll want to mulch will not always be the same.

So, the machine that you choose should be capable of handling various types of brush.

Most manufacturers do factor this in so the best walk behind brush cutters will offer adjustments that will deal with this.

You can adjust the cutting action on most decent machines, and almost all will have adjustable height so that you can deal with uneven terrain.

Ease of Use

Brush cutting can be hard work. Make the job more pleasant by choosing a machine that is easy to use and move around.

Who wants the bother of a pull-start, even if it is spring-loaded? Electric starters or turnkeys are easier to use, but they may add to the cost.

Controls located on the handle can make life easier. An ergonomic and comfortable handle can help to prevent fatigue.

When it comes to noise, it is worth noting that many manufacturers have taken steps to dampen the noise that brush cutters can make.

It is also worth evaluating how easy it is to maintain the brush cutter. Make sure that the replaceable components easy to access.

You may also want to check whether there are easy to swap out cutting blades and trimming heads for cutting different types of terrain.


If you’re in the market for the best heavy duty brush hog on the market today, there are plenty to choose from. We hope this brush cutter review guide helped you a lot to make the right decision.

In case of large areas to clear or even if you cut brush on a commercial scale, it is worth buying the top of the range brush cutter rich in modern features, with a wide diameter, capable of cutting and mulching just about anything you throw at it. It is advised to replace the brush cutter blades from time to time.

If you’re on a tight budget, but looking for lightweight maneuverability then one of the budget-friendly walk behind brush hogs may be more suitable.

One thing that we’re sure of is that you won’t look back. Any one of these brush cutters will make light work of the wilder parts of your garden.