Best Walk Behind String Trimmer Reviews & Buyers Guide

If the yard is getting overgrown or you are tired of forking out money to your local lawn care service, it may be time to get a walk behind string trimmer. If you have weeds that a regular string trimmer can’t tackle, it may be worth considering adding a walk-behind to that garage or tool shed.

A walk behind option will be easier on your back and so will allow you to get more work done in a day. There are several options on the market and we intend to help you find the right one. The best walk behind string trimmer will work fast, and efficiently and will be powerful enough to tackle all the heavy weeds.

Here are some of the other string trimmers we reviewed:

In case you need some heavy duty power, check out the top walk behind brush cutters, although bear in mind, that they cost a fortune!

Best Walk Behind String Trimmers – Our Top Picks

Remington RM1159 Walk Behind High Wheeled String Trimmer Reviews

Remington RM1159 Walk Behind High Wheel String Trimmer


Engine (cc)


Cutting Diameter (in)


Line Diameter (in)


Weight (lbs)

This string trimmer is definitely a heavy-duty one that is ideal for cutting high grass and weeds thanks to its 159 cc OHV engine.

It is easy to use and is well designed for a comfortable user experience even on rough terrain.

The wheels are ball-bearing wheels that allow for the smoothest movement thanks to their large 14 by 2-inch size. The handles fold down to allow the equipment to take up a little less space.

It has a cutting width of 22 inches which is the standard when it comes to these types of equipment.

The trimmer head can be adjusted in 5 different ways giving you the opportunity to cut from any angle.

This walk behind trimmer will cut even wet grass very well so you don’t have to waste time waiting around for the grass to dry.

It is truly a beast coupled with its ability to work with a stringer line size of 0.155 inches. It will come in handy for all your yard work whether in hard to reach places or just your average everyday stuff.


  • The folding handle makes for easy storage
  • Will cut wet grass
  • Great for taller grass and weeds
  • Equipped with a powerful gas engine


  • A bit on the heavier side

EARTHQUAKE Walk Behind String Mower

EARTHQUAKE Walk Behind String Mower


Engine (cc)


Cutting Diameter (in)


Line Diameter (in)


Weight (lbs)

This walk behind stringer trimmer from Earthquake is quite a versatile option. It will trim tall grass, weeds as well as light brush.

The handlebar is adjustable and does not require the use of tools to be adjusted. This helps to make adjustments easy and also helps to take up less storage space.

It is built with a seamless one-piece deck which helps to minimize vibrations.

Designed with high wheels this string trimmer will glide over uneven surfaces and thick weeds. The wheels are 14-inch wheels that improve the handling of the trimmer greatly.

The ball head is super sturdy, being made out of metallic material, and will be able to manage tough terrain.

It has a cutting width of 22 inches which is standard for a walk behind trimmer.

It has a unique feature that allows you to stop the trimmer head by releasing the handlebar while the engine stays running.

With a low trimmer deck, the trimmer can easily go under fences, trailers, and low evergreens.

Height adjustments can be made from 0.15 inches to 3 inches. Overall this heavy-duty walk behind string trimmer from Earthquake is easy to start and easy to use.


  • Comes completely assembled
  • 5-year warranty
  • No need to mix gas and oil
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine


  • Won’t work on anything woody

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 Field Trimmer

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer


Engine (cc)


Cutting Diameter (in)


Line Diameter (in)


Weight (lbs)

This heavy-duty push weed eater is built with a 150 cc engine that delivers torque of 5.7 ft per pound.

It uses a heavy-duty 0.155-inch trimmer cord.

The trimmer unit is versatile enough to provide such power while being very lightweight at just 50 lbs. This makes it one of the lighter walk behind trimmers on the market.

It is designed with manual recoil which makes it easy to start as fuel delivery is remarkably efficient.

Built with 12-inch wheels and a cutting width of 22 inches this trimmer can stand up to some amount of uneven terrain well.

The handle of the unit is made comfortable with a foam grip.

The foam helps to reduce vibrations and makes it more comfortable to use as you go over your lawn. The handle folds to allow the weed eater to take up less space.

This is a gas-powered trimmer model that is both EPA and CARB certified.

The Southland trimmer is built with a manual start recoil system making every start-up super easy.

This is one of the best walk-behind string trimmers for getting hard jobs done easily thanks to its ability to reach under fences and other low areas that may need cutting.


  • Lightweight when compared to competitors
  • The foam handle grip dampens vibrations
  • Handle folds away for storage
  • Replacing string is easy – no tools required


  • 12-inch wheels are smaller than competitors
  • Limited two-year warranty

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317 Wheeled String Trimmer

Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317 Southland Wheeled String Trimmer


Engine (cc)


Cutting Diameter (in)


Line Diameter (in)


Weight (lbs)

This is the best walk behind string trimmer if you are looking for something that does not have the traditional four-wheel design.

It is further uniquely designed with a trimmer head that has the ability to swivel 20 to 30 degrees.

The trimmer head also has a bevel feature that allows you to select the angle at which you want your edging to be done. This can be adjusted from 5 to 10 degrees.

Though not as powerful as the best walk behind string trimmers on the market it is more powerful than your handheld weed trimmer at 43 ccs.

The trimmer head is equipped to accommodate three different sizes of trimmer line. So you can choose the size that is right for your needs.

It features onboard storage for your trimmer line so it is always close by if you need it.

The SWSTM4317 Wheeled String Trimmer is designed with an ergonomic handle and adjustable height to meet your needs for comfort, especially for long use. The handle is springloaded and the throttle is activated via an embedded thumb control.

It features wheels that are sturdy at 12-inches in size. They are ball bearing wheels that help to increase the maneuverability of the cutting unit.


  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Compatible with different line sizes: 0.095 to 0.155
  • Adjustable trimmer head
  • Comfortable while cutting for long periods


  • Not for heavy-duty lawn cutting and trimming

Ariens Walk Behind Trimmer

Ariens Walk Behind Trimmer


Engine (cc)


Cutting Diameter (in)


Line Diameter (in)


Weight (lbs)

This Ariens 946154 walk behind trimmer features a Kohler engine. It uses the Xt650, 149 cc engine to be exact. Kholer is known for its ability to build powerful, dependable, and high-quality products.

Along with this powerful engine, this ARIENS trimmer has a cutting diameter of 22 inches to get a big job done in the shortest time possible.

It is built to last with a deck made from 14 gauge steel and an adjustable pivoting head made with reinforced steel.

With 12-inch plastic wheels, it will work well on uneven surfaces and over different types of ground material.

The manufacturer is so confident with the quality of this piece of lawn equipment that they backed it with a 3-year warranty.

The trimmer features a recoil start and is a CARB compliant unit that comes with 4 cutting positions to help you meet the different needs of different areas.

The Ariens walk behind trimmer starts easily, most often with just one pull once setup was done according to the instructions and once the unit is being properly maintained over time.


  • Durable Kholer Engine
  • Strong 12 inch wheels
  • 3 year warranty
  • CARB compliant motor
  • Adjustable swivel head
  • Manufactured in the United States


  • Heavy
  • Swivel head locking mechanism hard to reach

Buyers Guide

Why need a walk behind string trimmer?

If you have to trim a large amount of thick weeded area you may need a walk behind string trimmer. Larger areas will require more power than your average string trimmer. They will require you to be at work longer as well.

It will prove to be very fatiguing using a handheld trimmer. If you find a large area of weeds that are too rough or too thick for your lawnmower, you may also need a walk-behind trimmer for that as well.

Another reason you need a walk-behind weed eater is that they are more rugged and their wheels make it easy for them to maneuver through rough terrain.

They can cover a larger cutting area and will take down thickly overgrown areas and feel a lot easier than any other lawn care tool.

What to consider when looking for the best walk behind string trimmer?

Yard Size

A wheeled trimmer can be used on any size yard, but most are ideal for medium to large sizes.

It is common for homeowners to choose a handheld model when they have a smaller yard, and that is fine. However, if you don’t want the strain of a handheld tool, you can opt for a wheeled option even for a small yard.


Wheeled string trimmers are ideal for areas where there is uneven terrain. Their large plastic wheels can manage bumps and more thanks to their rugged design.

Weight and Dimensions

Because of the big engine, your walk behind the trimmer will be bulky. They can be heavy and will take up a notable amount of storage space. Thankfully this doesn’t mean they are hard to maneuver, but it is good to keep in mind.


Due to their size, walk behind string trimmers will take up more space than your handheld string trimmer. They will take up as much space as a lawnmower, so make note of the amount of storage space you have before you choose any walk behind string trimmers. You don’t want to purchase a trimmer and not have adequate space to store it after all.

Cutting Height

Most walk behind string trimmers feature cutting heights between 1.5 and 4 inches. The best walk-behind string trimmers will have the ability to adjust the cutting height.

The cutting height affects what kind of greenery it can cut. Choosing a trimmer with the adjustable setting allows you to use it as a regular trimmer or make some order in the garden even after you have come back from vacation and your grass and weed is much higher than usual.

Cutting Diameter

You may notice some item specifications speak of “cutting swath”. It is the diameter of the cutting radius or path that a particular unit clears.

The standard cutting diameter for most of these string trimmers is around 20-22 inches. This means the string trimmer can cut the diameter of grass approximately 2 feet wide.

Ease of Use

Walk Behing String Trimmer Ease of Use

The ergonomics of any lawn equipment will impact its maneuverability even more so than its weight. Ease of maneuverability affects usability and user comfort.

A heavier unit will be harder to control on rough terrain but one that is designed to be easy to push would make the job easier.

The kind of handlebar grip, the height, the angle… all these factors are affecting the ease of use of a walk-behind string trimmer.

There is also noticeable vibration that the equipment will produce. A unit that is made with vibration dampening features will be easier to use and less tiring during longer periods of operation.

Warranty and Price

More innovative and powerful trimmers tend to have a higher price tag. You can still find affordable ones with similar features.

The engine on the unit will affect its price greatly but a powerful engine is typically worthy of an investment.

Other things that determine price include materials used in its manufacturing. Metal or sturdier heavy duty plastics will cost more.

A warranty will provide you with a reliability guarantee. There are some manufacturers that provide warranties that cover mechanical parts.

For the most part, higher-rated trimmers tend to offer longer warranties.


When working with this or any other equipment out in the yard you should always take the appropriate safety measures.

One of the basic things that are often overlooked is reading the operating instructions in full.

Then there is the standard safety advice. Wear ear protectors, safety goggles or a face mask.

Depending on the model you choose, adding a pair of gloves could give you additional grip.


When it comes to maintenance there are some tasks you want to do every time you use your new walk behind string trimmer.

Before doing any kind of inspection or maintenance, you should always ensure that the string trimmer is completely powered off and all moving parts have stopped moving.

After use, always inspect the cutting shield. Look for debris and damage to the cutting strings and shield.

You should also ensure that the unit is free of a broken string, leftover and hardened grass or anything else that would prevent the free turning of the trimmer head.

Maintenance that should be done routinely but not necessarily after each use includes a general inspection, thorough cleaning, re-oiling, and replacing the air filter. You also want to inspect and replace the spark plugs if necessary, typically at the beginning of every season.

Check oil levels if this is relevant to your model before each use.

Gas Engine

When you choose to purchase a walk behind weed eater with a gas engine you will be getting a powerful model.

These models provide you with the power necessary to cut the more stubborn weeds, grass, and brush.

Look at the output of the engine in the product specifications to get an idea of the type of power that you can expect from a unit prior to purchasing it.

Bear in mind that these will emit fumes so you should take that into consideration.

It is important to read the operator manual prior to using the trimmer and ensure that you are familiar with these units and their operation standards.

Trimmer Line Size and String Replacement

The thicker the trimmer line size (or diameter), the better the string trimmers’ ability to cut through grass and weed.

For heavy duty tasks, go for thicker strings. The thicker the string you choose, the longer it will last which will mean fewer string replacements over the lifetime of the trimmer. A decent string is also better when you have to deal with woody weeds and tough unwanted shrubs. Go for the best trimmer line for the task and given tool.

There is a number of common sizes when it comes to line diameter.

The thickest string you can find that push grass trimmers are using is a string with a diameter of 0.155 inches. This string size is good for large plots of land and tough enough to deal with solid vegetation.

You can also find line sizes around 0.095 and 0.105 inches. These are perfect choices for medium-duty work such as lawns with dense grass and weeds or commercial gardens.

Then there are the light duty lines with a diameter between 0.065 and 0.080 inches. These are ideal for small to standard residences and for light trimming and weeding.

Once you purchase your walk behind string trimmer, it is a good idea to think of purchasing a string replacement as well.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing the string on the trimmer head. To make replacing the string easier you can opt for pre-wound rolls of string. Here is a guide on how to restring a string trimmer.

Occasionally, the trimmer head needs to be replaced, but not as often as the strings themselves.


What’s our best pick? We consider the Remington RM1159 to be the best overall walk behind weed wacker currently on the market.

It is an ideal choice for heavy-duty use, it is powerful, durable, and has one of the best warranties on the market as well. Your purchase is protected for a full 5 years. Take note of the dimensions of the unit before you purchase it.

Getting the best self propelled string trimmer is tempting, but do you have enough storage room? If not, then take a look at our other, lightweight weed eater product reviews that can provide exceptional value for money.