Bionic Steel Hose Review

Metal hoses are a relatively new invention, and as such are quite rare. You see, your typical metal garden hose has a serious problem with rust, which was the major factor preventing them from being used.

The Bionic Steel hose is not much different from other metal garden hoses that have been made, but it manages to be very flexible and kink resistant compared to most of its brethren, and most importantly, there’s no rust.

Stopping Rust with 304 Stainless Steel

Ordinarily, metal and water don’t go very well together, because the metal will begin to rust very quickly. This is the problem that prevented metal garden hoses from being used in the beginning.

However, your typical metal hose is made with 304 stainless steel these days; and 304 stainless steel doesn’t rust. That’s because this particular steel utilizes an alloy with enhanced corrosion resistance, making rust a problem of the past for the metal garden hose.

Of course, being rust free isn’t something unique to the bionic steel hose in particular, but it’s still a feature it can boast.

Superior Water Pressure

A common issue with your average hose is a slow water flow. The inner pipe may be too wide, therefore there isn’t enough water pressure for that powerful stream you need. This hose has a much narrower tube, roughly the width of a pen or pencil.

This means the same amount of water is concentrated in a much smaller space, and that means it comes out of the hose with a lot more power. Generally speaking, higher water pressure has a lot more uses than low water pressure, so this is definitely an aspect of this hose worth noting.

Steel Hose vs. Expanding Hose

When deciding between a steel hose and for example, the expanding Flexi hose that we tested earlier, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. Steel hose offers superior durability compared to an expanding hose and can withstand high water pressure without bursting or leaking.

However, steel hoses tend to be heavier than expanding hoses which makes them harder to maneuver around the garden or yard.

Is One Objectively Superior?

One of the most notable shared features of these two hose types is how lightweight (not to mention inexpensive) they are compared to rubber garden hoses. The Bionic Steel hose in particular weighs just about 3 lbs for every 25 feet.

Not only is this very light in comparison to some old metal hoses, but it’s only about half a pound heavier per 25 feet compared to your average expanding garden hose. This leads us to the major benefit of a steel hose compared to an expanding metal hose.

Exterior Durability

The main reason humans like to use metal is that metal is tough, right? If you’ve ever tried to cut through or puncture metal, you know it isn’t easy at all.

That’s why a hose made with metal is such a good idea, it is tear proof; your typical garden hose is vulnerable to tears, penetration, or ruptures.

A metal garden hose is by no means invincible, but it is absolutely the most resilient type of product available in this market. When it comes to hose materials, steel is simply the best choice.

That’s why these products like the Bionic Steel hose are becoming so popular; they’re the most durable hose on the market, while still being extremely lightweight and easy to use. No customer can frown on that combination.

Exterior Durability

Customer Complaints

When it comes to shopping for a new product, you should always take a look at both the good reviews and the bad ones.

A review is not an infallible indicator of a product’s quality, but if enough people say the same thing, then it is probably true. The following are the most common complaints from customers online.

Kinks and Leaks

The biggest complaint for this hose (indeed the most common complaint for any other garden hoses) is leaking or kinking.

No hose is perfect of course, but customers would likely find that such issues exist in every hose, and usually because they are not cared for properly.

Failing to drain and store a hose properly will quickly cause it to have problems with kinking and leaks, even if it is steel.

Shipping and Handling Issues with Bionic Steel Garden Hoses

Following that, most customer complaints are about isolated incidents that don’t speak for the product as a whole. These complaints are along the lines of the product arriving damaged, or in one case, a customer receiving a hose that had female attachments on both ends.

It’s important to understand that these shipping mishaps are often just mistakes, and if you provide the company with pictures of the problem, they will replace your Bionic Steel product free of charge.

Metal Garden Hose in use

Warranty of These Metal Garden Hoses

Assuming that you have some problem with your Bionic Steel product, the warranty that comes with it is pretty great, as it has a 45-day money back guarantee and a twelve month replacement guarantee.

As we said, a stainless steel hose is very resistant to damage but not invincible, so having this generous safety net is a major plus for the Bionic Steel Garden hose.


Ultimately the Bionic Hose is one of the best garden hoses on the market and even one of the best stainless steel garden hoses. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, and it is much tougher than any fabric an expanding hose could use.

Despite being metal, it is lightweight instead of heavy and nearly as flexible as an expandable hose. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive and highly recommend the Bionic Hose, and most importantly, it’s very affordable in comparison to much of the competition.

Taking all of that into consideration, if you are looking for a new metal garden hose, we highly recommend the Bionic Steel hose 100ft for its strength and versatility.