DEWALT DCCS670X1 Cordless Chainsaw Review

The DeWalt DCCS670X1 is a mid-range cordless electric chainsaw with a variety of appealing features. In this DEWALT DCCS670X1 Cordless Chainsaw Review, we will explore the saw’s characteristics and attributes to help you decide whether this battery operated chainsaw is a good fit for your needs.


Bar Length (inches)


Battery (Volt)


Weight (lbs)


  • Mounts a standard 16-inch Oregon bar and chain kit
  • Tool-less knob for adjusting chain tension
  • The auto oiling mechanism eliminates the need for repeated lubrication
  • Bar size and motor power are enough for just about any home application
  • Transparent Oil Window


  • The battery could last longer for the size of the saw

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Key features

This brushless chainsaw kit has several key features that help it stand out. A transparent oil window (oil reservoir) is installed to help you fill the oil up to the recommended mark without spilling it. You can use any standard bar oil and chain oil. The inclusion of an auto oiling feature for constant lubrication, combined with its tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob, ensures the application of proper bar clamping force.

It weighs slightly over 12 pounds, so it isn’t as light as a corded saw, but still not too heavy to carry around and use. 

The chain brake protects you from dangerous kickbacks. Whenever you need to add more oil to the chamber, you can open up the valve with a small quarter-turn movement. 

The flexvolt battery is easy to swap in and out. 

Additionally, the rubber on the handle gives you a secure grip without impeding your finger movements. 

DeWalt Design

This DeWalt 60V chainsaw is well-designed and ergonomic. The handles are comfortable with rubber padding for feeling grip. 

On top of that, both the adjustment knob and the cover for the oil chamber are easy to turn. They are also placed in easy locations to reach without getting in the way of your line of vision or your hand positioning. 

That, combined with the light weight, means that the saw is accessible for people with lower arm and back strength. 

It is probably too heavy to mount onto a pole, even if you downgrade to a 14-inch bar and chain. That’s ordinary for a saw of this size, though. 

When using the saw, don’t forget to periodically check the oil chamber. It can be hard to tell how full it is from the outside, and if you run out of lubricant without noticing, then you can damage the motor.

Battery and Uptime

The battery on this DeWalt 60V chainsaw comes with a 3.0 Ah battery and is officially rated for 70 cuts through a 6 by 6 block of pine wood. That’s quite a bit of battery power and run time, but could be better.

DEWALT  FexVolt 60V Battery System

As a DeWalt FlexVolt chainsaw, it is compatible with several different batteries in DeWalt’s FlexVolt interchangeable system, so you can opt for a second battery if you feel that you will require more running time from the saw. 

That way you can swap in a fresh one when you run dry. Also, the batteries can be used in other compatible gardening tools, 

In general, a couple of basic tasks will be within the capacity of one charge, but extensive work requiring several hours of effort will call for multiple charges.

Following best practice, if you are planning to leave the chainsaw alone for an extended time, then you should remove the battery or at least run the battery down to avoid any damage. 

You will know when you need to charge it because the saw will slow down considerably or stop working. 

Warranty and Support

This product has a limited 3-year warranty. It goes on to highlight the superiority of its quality.

DEWALT is a company that takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of its products and as a brand, it has a proven track record of quality homeowner and professional grade machines.

Conclusion of this Dewalt Chainsaw Review

The bottom line is that the DCCS670X1 doesn’t have any features that are totally unique, but it is a well-executed cordless saw with no obvious flaws. 

There is an option to mount a larger 18-inch bar and chain set if you need it, but 16 inches should be able to handle nearly all trees, logs, bushes, hedges, and other obstacles around the house. 

It also covers a good range of professional needs. The size, weight, and convenience features add up to a saw that is easy to use and requires minimal upkeep. 

The DeWalt FlexVolt chainsaw compatibility is just a bonus. If what you need is a cordless saw that can take care of domestic chores and doesn’t need any extra work, then look no further. 

This will be your daily driver, especially if you get that 18-inch bar and chain kit for maximal cutting ability. You shouldn’t notice much of a drop off in battery life even with the bigger saw, so you get all the reach with the same dependability and power.

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