EGO Power+ 56V Leaf Blower Review

It’s when you first hear the name “Ego Power+” you immediately know you’re about to pick up and use a powerful tool. This EGO Power+ 56V leaf blower is one muscular unit, with a turbine fan that delivers a rush of wind up to 480 CFM. Add to that a 1-hour running time for the battery on a full charge, and you start to get the picture of why so many people are choosing the EGO Power+ 480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower for their lawn care needs.

We have to point out that the motor in this blower is fantastic. It’s a high-efficiency brushless motor that is efficient and quiet! There’s no reason to wake up the whole neighborhood just because you’re clearing leaves and debris from your driveway. In fact, you might be surprised at just how quiet this blower operates.

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Air Volume (cfm)


Air Speed (mph)


Weight (lbs)


  • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio
  • Long warranty period of 5 years
  • Interchangeable batteries across the EGO Power+ 56V range
  • High air volume of 480 cfm blower


  • Battery runs out quickly in TUROB mode


EGO Cordless Leaf Blower 480 CFM Specifications

It’s impossible to discuss leaf blowers without touching on the gas versus electric debate. 

For years gas blowers had the edge in comparisons over electric versions because they were so powerful. Sure, they smelled terrible and were loud, but they got the job done. 

However, newer blowers like the Ego+ Power 56V are changing the game. They come with more powerful engines but are quiet and gas-free! The beautiful thing about the smaller design of this blower is that it means the battery runs longer. One hour of the running time is going to hold up well for all but the most substantial jobs.

It’s important to bear in mind that when you replace batteries with higher capacity ones, the weight will also go up, resulting in increased overall fatigue during use.

The blower can be regulated using a variable speed trigger, a cruise control dial, and a turbo button that delivers an instant power output boost when needed. It offers an impressive runtime of over 90 minutes. The variable speed trigger enables you to transition effortlessly from “off” to full power using just one finger.

EGO Power+ Battery Leaf Blower runtime

The blower has a low vibration rate. Sometimes gas blowers will nearly shake your hand off if you use them long enough. The powerful ones are a real hassle to handle for long periods of time. The Ego+ Power 56V is the opposite and using it was a real treat.

It weighs 11 pounds with the 2.0 Ah battery (although incredibly 5.16 lbs without batteries), so it will still get heavy at some point, but your arm won’t feel like you’ve been at the gym the way it does with alternate models.

Need even more power?
EGO Power B01DVO8Y6I

Check out the new, updated model that can deliver up to 530 cfm air volume and 110 mph air speed! Somewhat pricier and a little heavier, but hey, the more power the better, right?  

What did previous EGO Power+ Leaf Blower buyers say?

This leafblower has a great number of reviews on various platforms. Most buyers are more than impressed by its “crazy powerful” performance (source) and some getting rid of their 2-cycle gas power blowers. 

Verified owners are stating how lightweight it is, although after 30 mins they could use a second handle on the tube. After all, running a leaf blower is hard work. 

Some reviewers are disappointed with the short, 10 to 15 minutes of operation time in turbo mode, while the battery charging time is 30 mins. However, there is no need for the turbo boost mode all the time, the second highest speed is still pretty strong (385 cmf) offering a considerably longer run time.    

Warranty and Support

The tool itself has a 5-year warranty, and the battery carries a 3-year warranty. The blower also is weather resistant, but it always pays to be realistic about the conditions. Many people use the Ego+ Power to dry wet floors and other tasks, the stream of air is that powerful. For almost all everyday household chores durability will never be an issue. The lightweight design and turbo engineering give the device a sleek presentation and allow for efficient use.

Conclusion – EGO Power+ Leaf Blower

We are rating the Ego+ Power 56V Leaf Blower as a “must buy”. It impressed us with being relatively lightweight, especially with such performance, and long battery life. We are giving up on gas leaf blowers, except for the largest jobs. If you have an average lawn or driveway to clear, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

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The reduced vibrations you feel should be enough to sway your purchasing decision. If you’ve ever felt like you were working a jackhammer after an hour of leaf blowing you understand why this fact is so crucial! The ease of use, beautiful design, and competitive price all make this option worthy of your consideration.

A direct competitor of this great blower is the Worx WG591. We believe having an informed decision before you make a purchase is important, so go and check out our review of the Worx model. Either way, you will have a powerful yet light cordless leaf blower at hand in our opinion.