Flexi Hose Reviews

Unfortunately, expandable hoses only come in two levels of quality; very good and very bad, and the latter are far more common. With the disproportionate levels of quality, choosing the right hose online is not a simple matter, especially since the aspects that make a good garden hose the best hose are slight and not immediately obvious.

Naturally, you want the best expandable hoses that are both durable and flexible, with an outer covering that won’t tear and an inner tube that won’t burst, as well as fittings that won’t crack on you.

That said, even the most durable hose is bound to suffer some damage eventually, and repairs or replacement could be expensive. That’s why the lifetime replacement guarantee of the Flexi Hose is a major benefit.

Questions to Ask Before Buying

How Many Lengths Do You Need?

When it comes to a water hose, length is very important, and you should always ask, ‘how long of a hose do I really need?’ An expandable hose can come in many lengths, from a mere 25 feet to a staggering 100 or greater.

One may assume that the longer the better, as a longer hose will make it easy to reach every point in your lawn or garden. But while this is true, keep in mind that a longer garden hose will also be heavier, as well as more of a hassle to both store and drain.

This is why most hoses compromise at 50 feet, which still has some reach without as many disadvantages.

Expandable Garden Hoses

How Much Water Pressure Does the Hose Need to Withstand?

Also very important is what you will be doing with the hose. Each hose has a recommended maximum burst pressure, which is a measurement of how much water pressure it can handle before the hosepipe bursts.

Some hosepipes may not be suitable for heavy duty tasks like power washing, so you should always double check the burst pressure of a hose before you buy it.

How Tough Do You Need the Hose to be?

Finally, you’ll need to consider just how tough of a garden hose you need. There are three parts of a hose relevant to this; the outer covering, the inner tube, and the fittings.

The inner tube of most expandable hoses is latex, so there’s not much variation to worry about there. Fittings can be several things; most are solid brass fittings, preferable, while others may be plastic.

You should definitely avoid the latter when you can. The outer covering is often some sort of fabric, such as polyester or nylon. You want that fabric to be rated at 3750D at least, which is a measure of its density.

If you can’t find that measurement anywhere, you may want to be wary of the product.

Features of the Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose

Considering the many nifty features of the expanding hose, there’s plenty of reason to consider one over a classic.

Flexi Hose, our expandable garden hose, is easy to carry due to their low weight and is much more flexible than the old school variant, allowing it to bend around obstacles and function without kinking.

But despite all of these advantages, this type of garden hose has some flaws as well, both of which we’ll cover here.

Kink Free Expansion – Contraction

The main draw of any expanding garden hose is its ability to stretch and shrink kink free. The Flexi Hose when fully retracted is 17 feet, but it stretches out to its full length of 50 feet when filled with water.

Different lengths you can choose from:

All you have to do is turn the water on for the Flexi Hose to stretch out, and when you turn the water off it will contract back kink free to its usual size, making it easy to store.

Reliable – Durablility

The Flexi Hose has 3/4 inch brass connectors, but also a double latex hose pipe. The brass fitting is tough and won’t crack or leak, and the double latex piping ensures that you have a backup if the first pipe springs a leak.


The Flexi Hose has two features that give you more control and versatility in the garden.

The brass fitting that is attached to the nozzle has a built-in shutoff so you can turn off the water without returning to the spout, but it also comes with an 8 setting nozzle that gives you many ways to use it, from a powerful jet of water to a gentle trickle.

Specific Advantages of the Flexi Hose

Admittedly, every expanding garden hose can flex and has the ability to grow and shrink, so those great features aren’t unique to the Flexi Hose even though they are valuable features. But it does come with a few noteworthy aspects that not every flexible hose comes with.

The before mentioned 8 pattern rotating hose spray nozzle is one of them, as even though many hoses have multiple pattern nozzles, there are some that don’t come with such accessories at all.

However, its most impressive feature is definitely the lifetime replacement guarantee. Needless to say, your typical hose comes with a pretty scant warranty, such as a mere month of guaranteed replacement.

But Flexi Hose will replace your product at any time free of charge if it gets damaged. If they can’t replace it, they’ll refund you the full price of the hose.

The One Weakness

Some reviews have stated that there is occasionally leaking between the spray nozzle and the brass connector.

It’s a minor issue and doesn’t always occur, but it does still exist and can be annoying.

Conclusion of Flexi Hose

Ultimately the Flexi Hose is not the absolute best garden hose on the market, as there are some out there with up to four latex hose pipes or more included accessories.

However, it is still an extremely good hose, as you get a lot of quality for your money; 50 feet of hose that is easy to maneuver, a nozzle with many options, and undoubtedly one of the best warranties on any hose on the market.

If you need an affordable hose with solid durability, useful versatility, and a stellar warranty, this Flexi Hose is the best option for you.