A History of British Gardening Series – Victorian

In our History of British History Series – The Victorian period was celebrated for its progress, invention, new ideas, and discoveries from giant glasshouses to garden tools. History of British Gardening Series Roman Medieval Tudor and Stewart Restoration Georgian and Regency Victorian Edwardian Modern Timeline 1840 The most popular plants for displays were chrysanthemums, dahlias, and roses. 1840s James … Read more

Does Grass Seed Go Bad: How Long Does Grass Seed Last?

Does grass seed go bad or expire?

You may have noticed a bald spot in your lawn or simply just want to create more lawn area, and in the back of your mind, you still remember having some grass seeds left over from the last time you seeded your lawn. The question we have here is, does grass seeds go bad, will … Read more

Gorilla Carts: Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart Review

Gorilla Carts Heavy Duty Garden Dump Cart Review

The Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart Makes Garden Jobs a Breeze Because hauling garden waste and supplies can be a pretty heavy-duty job, it’s common for homeowners to look for a way to make that job go smoother and faster. If you want to make the least amount of trips back and forth, … Read more

Best Dual Fuel Generator Reviews

Best Dual Fuel Generator Reviews - Featured

Our lives revolve around electricity. When the power goes down it is more than the lights that go out. Air-conditioners, refrigerators, and heat all depend upon electricity for power. That is why a backup generator is so important. In this article, we are going into detail about the best dual fuel generator on the market … Read more

A History of British Gardening Series – Tudor and Stewart

British History - Hampton Court Privy Garden

In our History of British Gardening Series – The Renaissance movement was sweeping across Europe and eventually Britain in the 15th century. It endeavored to capture the classical art styles of ancient Rome. History of British Gardening Series Roman Medieval Tudor and Stewart Restoration Georgian and Regency Victorian Edwardian Modern Timeline c.1492 Christopher Columbus brought back many new … Read more

A History of British Gardening Series – Roman

Roman Garden Conimbriga

Roman era In our History of British History Series – The Romans were the first to start growing plants for ornamental purposes and not just to eat. Discover more about the impact the Romans had on gardening in Britain in this article. History of British Gardening Series Roman Medieval Tudor and Stewart Restoration Georgian and Regency … Read more

Dog Friendly Lawn Care: Pet Safe Fertilizer Reviews

Best Dog and Pet Safe Fertilizer Reviews - Gardenlife Pro

Most Americans are familiar with the sacrifices that accompany pet ownership, but a healthy lawn and garden do not have to be something we give up when we welcome pets into our families. When considering which pet safe fertilizer to use, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and benefits that different … Read more

Best Garden Cart Reviews

Best Garden Cart Reviews for 2022

Gardening can be a rewarding hobby or a fulfilling profession. The ability to not only grow plants to provide food or add beauty to a property is an incomparable one. That being said, gardening is not an easy task. It requires time, effort, and patience to create the perfect garden. On top of that, you … Read more

A History of British Gardening Series – Restoration

British History of Gardening – Restoration - Ornamental Canals

In our History of British Gardening Series – As Charles II was restored to the throne, it was out with the old Tudor style and in with a more flamboyant and elaborate French influence, such as ornamental canals and avenues. History of British Gardening Series Roman Medieval Tudor and Stewart Restoration Georgian and Regency Victorian Edwardian Modern … Read more

Best Soaker Hose Reviews

Best Soaker Hose

If you don’t live in a flat, chances are that tending your garden is part of your weekly chores. However, plants do not grow by themselves and they need a lot of water to ensure they are healthy and reach their best aesthetic look. The best soaker hose is one of the easiest tools to … Read more

Best Trampoline Reviews

Best Trampoline Reviews for 2022

Anyone who has jumped on a trampoline can attest to how much fun they can be. There is something entertaining about bouncing all over the place, and it is a fun way to stay active. The best trampoline can promote balance, coordination, endurance, and strength. In the past, trampolines were often associated with injuries obtained … Read more

A History of British Gardening Series – Medieval

History of British Gardening - Medieval

In our History of British Gardening Series – Sadly, no existing medieval gardens have survived in their entirety in Europe, and historical documentation on gardens and plants is scarce. Much of what we know is from paintings. History of British Gardening Series Roman Medieval Tudor and Stewart Restoration Georgian and Regency Victorian Edwardian Modern Timeline c.1087 The Doomsday … Read more

Ultimate Pressure Washing Guide: Best Pressure Washer

Nothing is more frustrating as a homeowner than having a property covered in dirt, grease, oil, and peeled paint. Except for the times that we have to clean those messy spots. Cleaning by hand is back-breaking and sometimes not effective. Spraying down surfaces with a garden hose more often than not simply pushes debris from … Read more

How to Kill Dandelions: The Best Dandelion Killer

Best Dandelion Killer - Featured

We have all experienced the wrath of the broadleaf perennial, the dandelion, on our lawns at some stage. Whether you love them or hate them dandelions can be a challenge to remove and keep at bay. In this article, we are debating ways of getting rid of dandelions and trying to find the best dandelion … Read more

Top Garden Sprayers: Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews

Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews

Keeping a garden and yard properly maintained is a source of pleasure for many homeowners. Property maintenance projects include the use of many chemicals and tools that will keep everything looking great. One of those tools is a garden sprayer. These tools are used to apply everything from fertilizers to weed killing herbicides. The best … Read more

Best Mosquito Killer: Ultimate Guide for 2023

Best Mosquito Killer Reviews

By the time you scratch the itch, it is already too late. The irritation a mosquito bite causes can last for days. In some parts of the world, these insects kill hundreds of thousands of people each year through the transmission of deadly diseases. In recent years some of these diseases have begun to spring … Read more

How to Get Rid of Pigeons and Keep Them Away?

Best Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons - Featured

It is estimated that there are over 400 million pigeons in the world, with nearly every urbanized city being occupied by some number of feral pigeons. Their name is derived from the Latin word pipio, which means “young cheeping.” These feral pigeons have served many purposes through the centuries, from food to fertilizer to communication … Read more

Succession Planting: Double Your Harvest

Succession Planting

For centuries, gardeners and farmers have wisely planned the layout of their gardens to maximize their harvests. This is a method known as succession planting. This technique has maintained its popularity among gardeners and small farmers who need to protect their small crops, while making the most of the space they have available during the … Read more

Best Rat Poison: The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Rats

Best Rat Poison - How to Get Rid of Rats

There are few pests met with the same level of disgust as the rat – and rightly so. Typically associated with nastiness and urban areas, rats have been known to carry disease and damage property. From the plague to listeria to salmonellosis – and a host of other fevers and diseases – rats have wreaked … Read more

Growing and Harvesting Sunflowers


No summer garden looks complete without majestic sunflowers towering over the other crops, their signature yellow petals facing the sun. Certainly, sunflowers are a summertime favorite, lending cheer to harvest landscapes throughout the growing season. In addition to their beauty, sunflowers are a source of food, as well as ingredients for herbal medicine and natural … Read more

Best Jokes for Kids for All Events

Best Jokes for Kids for All Events

The benefits of sharing jokes go beyond the casual fun and can improve family cohesion, social interaction and correlate with better coping skills for children. The best jokes for kids not only an opportunity to spend more time together but can be used to cheer up any social event that kids attending. This occasion can … Read more

A History of British Gardening Series – Modern

British History of Gardening - Gardeners World Programme

In our History of British Gardening Series – Modernism blended urban, public places and new housing estates with the older, more naturalistic form of gardening. Gardening became the nation’s most popular pursuit. History of British Gardening Series Roman Medieval Tudor and Stewart Restoration Georgian and Regency Victorian Edwardian Modern Timeline 1948 Hidcote Manor is the first place … Read more

Planting a Pollinator Garden to Attract Bees and Butterflies

Planting a Pollinator Garden to Attract Bees

Pollination is essential to the survival of many fruit producing plants in our ecosystem. Planting flowers that attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, enhances a region’s overall ecosystem. As we may recall from middle school science class, pollination is the process of transferring pollen from the male stigma to the female stigma to fertilize … Read more

Halloween Garden Decor: Pumpkins, Corn Husks and Flowers

Halloween Garden Decor

From trick-or-treating to apple-picking to pumpkin spice everything, fall is a favorite time of year for many Americans.  And, of course, the peak of autumn celebrations is Halloween. Though some have linked its ancient origins to the supernatural and spooky, today Halloween is a fun holiday that brings communities and neighborhoods together with costumes, candy, … Read more

History of British Gardening Series

History of British Gardening Series

In our History of British Gardening Series you can learn about the importance of the Domesday book and religion, discover more about the first plant hunters and the rise of the English landscape movement.  The original content was published on the BBC Gardening website, however the Design section with all of its content has been removed. We try … Read more

How To Kill a Snake: Is It Necessary?

How To Kill a Snake - If Necessary

In many cultures throughout the world, snakes are both feared and revered. Some snakes are admired for their sly hunting abilities, others are feared for their deadly venom. However, each one of these slithery serpents is an essential link in the world’s ecosystem. Without snakes, we would likely be overrun with small rodents and other … Read more

Amazing Types of Sunflowers: The Top Variations

Amazing Types of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are, perhaps, the most popular summertime blooms incorporated into garden landscapes across America. Native to this country, they are as American as apple pie and are loved by almost everyone for their bright and cheery appearance. Sunflowers are characterized by their fuzzy, thick stalks, lush leaves, and large bright petals that always face the … Read more

Growing a Fall Vegetable Garden

Growing a Fall Vegetable Garden

As summer winds down, we usually start to shift our focus to get the leaf blower, chainsaw and other tools ready for the fall season. In terms of produce, we are preparing for canning and freezing the summer harvest without much more thought of planting. But fall is a great time to start a garden of leafy green … Read more

Building a Hummingbird Garden

Building Hummingbird Garden - Featured

Hummingbirds are perhaps the daintiest birds whose presence is the most desired among gardeners and bird-watchers alike. Every spring millions of Americans hang bright red feeders filled with sugar water to attract the lovely flying creatures, and many gardeners set out plants and flowers whose bright hues and fragrant aromas draw hummingbirds to them. These … Read more

Botanical Frequently Asked Questions

Botanical Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Gardening, Botany and Horticulture Botany vs horticulture: What is the difference between botany and horticulture? Because they both involve plant life, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, botany and horticulture are quite different. Botany refers to the broad scientific study of all living plant organisms. Horticulture is an applied science that … Read more

Soil Calculator and Raised Garden Bed Basics

Soil Calculator and Raised Garden Bed Basics

For gardeners, the single most important ingredient for a thriving garden is good, quality soil. It is imperative that soil contains vitamins, nutrients, and organic matter that can feed the plants, as well as give the roots plenty of room to expand. As more Americans have limited access to large lots of land with loose, … Read more

What Do Carrot Sprouts Look Like

What Do Carrot Sprouts Look Like

Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables in the U.S. The crunchy orange veggies are a staple in many of our recipes, as well as a preferred snack for kids and adults alike. The USDA reports that the average American consumes around five pounds of carrots per year. Considering carrots are so well-loved, it … Read more

Best Grass For Dogs: The Pet Friendly Grass Seed

Best Grass For Dogs: The Pet Friendly Grass Seeds Reviews

There’s no denying that dogs are one of the best things to happen to mankind. They are often our closest friends and companions. That said, a big part of dog owners’ relationship with their pets is playing with them outside. Sometimes we do this in a park area, but many times we play on our … Read more

Best Kids Weed Wacker

Best Kids Weed Wacker Reviews

Kids love to emulate life, and toys that encourage little ones to use their imagination to mimic the world around them have many benefits. Imaginative play is a necessary component of proper neurological and social development. While kids are playing, they are learning. Most often, children mimic the adults in their lives, copying everyday tasks … Read more

Epsom Salt Palm Trees: Is it Good for Plants?

Epsom Salt Palm Trees - The Guide

Palm trees are one of the most easily recognized trees in the world. Although they are indigenous to tropical and subtropical climates, palm trees are popular additions to landscaped areas that do not have heavy frosts, and indoors as potted plants. There are more than 2,500 species of palm trees and all of them are … Read more

What Baby Roaches Look Like? Identify a Baby Cockroach

What Do Baby Roaches Look Like? Identify them!

Most of us know the feeling of dread that comes when we spot a cockroach scurrying across the floor. Among the most hated of all household pests, the cockroach is more than just an unwanted house guest. Experts at hiding their nests and fast runners, cockroaches can go undetected for weeks. Too often, by the … Read more

Glossary of Botanical Terms

This glossary of botanical terms is a list of terms related to botany and horticulture. These include flower terms, plant terms and words, botanical definitions and terminology. What is botany? Botany is a branch of scientific study in which plants themselves are examined. If you are looking for general answers related to botanical and horticulture … Read more