Water Right Hose Review

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient garden hose? If so, then the Water Right Hose review is just the article for you.

Designed by Water Right Inc., the Water Right hose is one of the few polyurethane garden hoses on the market. It’s also one of the few garden hoses out there that are labeled as drinking water safe; this of course means that you can safely drink water from this lightweight hose without worrying about something unhealthy befalling you.

Of course, there are a lot of other features that make this a valuable hose aside from safely drinking from it. 100% lead free polyurethane is an excellent hose material that can handle tough tasks, but that’s just the beginning.

The Water Right garden hose has a lot of pros; to start with, it possesses a 1/2 inch diameter, which is larger than the 3/8 measurement that most hoses offer. This means you’ll get more water pressure out of the Water Right garden hose, along with higher water flow in general.

On top of that, it’s remarkably light considering the material, so it manages to exist in the same realm as expandable hoses while also offering more pressure than most of them do.

The hose has a distinctive, copper like sheen due to its 100% lead free polyurethane exterior, and like most expandable hoses, it coils very easily, which makes it a cinch to store.

Admittedly, its price is on the higher side relative to the average cost of garden hoses, but this is due to the high quality of its construction. With proper care, the Water Right garden hose will easily last you several years.

Drinking Water Safe

This benefit may seem pretty straightforward; you can drink water from this hose safely. But that’s more monumental than you might think. Water Right hoses have been certified lead free, as water safe by both the FDA and NSF.

This certification is not easy to get; most companies use inherently toxic materials in their garden hose, which means they have essentially no chance of getting the certification to begin with.

Needless to say, it costs a lot of money to get this certification because one has to put real effort and valuable materials into getting it.

Thanks to the lead free Polyurethane resin the hose is made out of, it has been safely certified by the FDA and NSF, which of course means that it is safe to drink from. At the same time, this means there’s no toxicity getting into the water you are using in your garden.

The types of toxic chemicals in question include lead, Phthalates, and BPA: the Water Right hose has none of these dangerous chemicals involved in its construction. Naturally, this is a good thing since those chemical byproducts can be harmful to children, pets, and even adults in high enough concentrations.

This means you can safely water your yard, garden, or the ground of your plants.

Water Right Hose Review by GardenLife Pro

Durability and Versatility

The fact that the Water Right garden hose is safe to drink from is definitely its biggest boon, but it has plenty of other noteworthy features that make it an excellent choice of lead free polyurethane garden hose. Of course, we’ll cover most of those things here.

All Weather Survivability

The Water Right garden hoses can be exposed to direct sunlight, extreme heat, and sheer cold weather without suffering damage or losing functionality.

That being the case both extremely hot and cold water can be used with the hose as well, without causing any problems. It is durable, even though it may not seem to be such compared to metal garden hoses.

Most average hoses will begin to deteriorate and break apart if left exposed to the elements for too long, but not this one.

Complete Color Choice

Sure, the color a hose comes in isn’t exactly a huge factor in how valuable it is, but it is still nice to get products that prevent kinks in a color you like.

These garden hoses come in four different colors that all have the same metallic sheen, and suffice it to say, none of them are olive green or black. It’s a nice change of pace from traditional hose colors.

Solid Brass Fittings

Hoses come with lead free fittings made from many materials. To be fair, most hoses use brass fittings because they are durable and reliable, but that doesn’t mean they all do: some use plastic.

That being the case, it is worth noting that they use brass lead free fittings, as garden hoses don’t just don’t have the same longevity.

Excellent Water Pressure

Finally, this kink free water hose has extremely high water flow. Out of all the products on the market, this lightweight hose offers a pressure of 400 PSI, which is definitely on the upper half of the scale. This PSI can result in four gallons of water a minute, which is mostly unmatched.

Alternatives Garden Hoses to the Water Right Hose

There are many good reasons to buy this great lightweight hose, but for one reason or another, it may not be the ideal choice for you.

If that is so, these alternatives to the Water Right hose may be helpful, and also provide you with more options to select your favorite from.

Water Right 600 Series

Water Right 600 Series

From the same company and also made of lead free polyurethane, this hose is still somewhat different from the 400 series we’ve been talking about thus far. It has a diameter of 5/8, which means it is even more powerful than the 400 series.

That said, this is the only major difference aside from its olive green color, and the fact that the larger diameter makes it slightly more expensive. Other than that, it has all the same features as the 400 series, such as all weather resistance and great flexibility.

Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose

Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose

Moderately different from the other two, this is a coiled hose, much like the kind you would see attached to an air pump. 65 feet long at maximum and 3/8 in diameter, it’s not quite as powerful as either of the hoses mentioned before it, but it is also less expensive.

Aside from that, it is still safe to drink from, and it is kink resistant. It’s the cheapest option mentioned here but probably also the least versatile.