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Why Is My Cactus Squishy

Why Is My Cactus Squishy

A squishy cactus is a cactus that has become soft and mushy to the touch, a condition that is often caused by a variety of factors. This can indicate serious problems for the health of the cactus, such as root rot, over-watering, or fungal disease. If a cactus is squishy, it is important to take … Read more
Cactus Root Rot

Cactus Root Rot

Cactus root rot is a common problem that affects many cactus owners. It occurs when the roots of the cactus become waterlogged, causing them to rot and die. This can lead to a range of symptoms that can seriously harm your cactus plant, including severe wilting, discoloration, and even plant death. In this article, we … Read more
Why is my cactus turning yellow - GardenLife Pro will help

Why is my cactus turning yellow?

Cacti are popular houseplants, known for their unique appearance, low maintenance requirements, and ability to thrive in harsh conditions. Have you ever wondered “Why is my cactus turning yellow”? Despite their hardiness, yellowing is a common issue faced by cactus owners. In this article, we will explore the common causes of yellowing cacti, the symptoms … Read more
How to store snow blower - tips from Gardenlife Pro

Protect Your Investment: How to Store Snow Blower

If you’re like most homeowners, your snow blower has been a trusty companion throughout the winter season, clearing your driveway and walkways of snow and ice. But as the winter weather starts to fade away, the snow blowing season is coming to its end, and it’s time to start thinking about properly storing your snow … Read more
Signs of cactus corking

Cactus Corking: A Natural Process

Cactus corking is a unique adaptation mechanism that allows cactus plants to survive in harsh desert conditions. This process involves the development of a tough, thickened outer layer known as “cork,” which provides protection against extreme heat, drought, and physical damage.  In this article, we will explore the concept of cactus corking in detail, examining … Read more
Brown Spots on Cactus

A Guide to Understanding Brown Spots on Cactus

Cacti are known for their hardy and resilient nature, but they can still be susceptible to certain problems, including brown spots on their surface. These spots may appear as small or large discolorations on the cactus, and they can be a sign of a variety of different problems.  Some of the most common causes of … Read more
Balck Sports on Cactus

Black Spot on Cactus Plants

Cacti are known for their hardy nature and resilience, but even they are not immune to problems. One such problem that can affect cacti is the appearance of black spots on their stems or pads.  These spots can be a sign of a fungal or bacterial disease, insect infestation, or physical damage.  In this article, … Read more
Sunburned Cactus

How to Identify Sunburn Cactus and What to Do About It

Sunburn of cactus occurs when a cactus plant is exposed to excessive sunlight for a prolonged period. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause the plant to become scorched, discolored, and damaged, particularly on the parts of the plant that are exposed to direct sunlight. Cacti are adapted to survive in hot, dry desert conditions, but … Read more
Cactus White Spots

Say Goodbye to Cactus White Spots: How to Identify and Treat Them

Cactus plants are known for their unique appearance and ability to thrive in harsh environments. However, like any other plant, cacti can develop health issues that can affect their growth and appearance.  One common issue that cactus growers may encounter is the development of white spots on the plant’s surface. These spots can appear on … Read more
Fungus on Cactus Plant

Fungus on Cactus Plant – How to Identify and Cure the Infection

Fungi are a group of organisms that belong to the kingdom of Fungi, which includes yeasts, molds, and mushrooms. They are known for their ability to decompose organic matter, but some species can also cause infections in plants, animals, and humans. Fungus on cactus is a type of fungal infection that can affect cactus plants, … Read more