Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower Review

Moving leaves and stubborn debris off the yard is often a rigorous and time-consuming affair, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools to effectively spruce up your lawn. Leaf blowers are great when removing leaves from the yard, but it’s essential to conduct some research before picking the perfect blower. The new Husqvarna 580BTS is a perfect backpack leaf blower that boasts more power and better ergonomics than previous Husqvarna models.


  • The Husqvarna 580BTS has one of the highest CFM ratings on the market
  • Modern X-Torq Engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%
  • Backpack design: ergonomic and significantly enhances user comfort, shoulder straps distribute the heavy weight evenly
  • Air Injection: Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter


  • It weighs 25.7 pounds (11.7 kg)
  • The oil cap location is not ideal


Air Volume (cfm)


Air Speed (mph)


Weight (lbs)

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Husqvarna X-Torq Engine Design

This Husqvarna new blower generates a maximum air speed of 208 MPH, powerful enough to blow off the most stubborn leaves and debris. Users shouldn’t have to struggle to spruce up their messy yards – this blower can handle both heavy and light-duty cleanups.

It is fitted with an X-Torq engine that has a capacity of 75.6cc. 

This engine reduces dangerous gas emissions by 60% and enhances fuel efficiency by around 20%. Evidently, Husqvarna has made significant strides towards being eco-friendly with its 580BTS model.

Another impressive feature of the Husqvarna 580BTS is its massive air volume reaching up to 908 Cubic Feet per Minute. This is arguably the highest CFM of any leaf blower in the market, capable of handling large yard projects swiftly.

This leaf blower also has superior ergonomics, a hip belt. This includes several adjustable handles that allow users to operate the tool more easily. In addition, it has an air cleaning system that eliminates huge debris and particles before they can pass through an air filter. This efficient air injection system considerably enhances engine life.

Features of the Husqvarna 580 BTS

The Husqvarna 580BTS can operate in dusty conditions for lengthy periods, thanks to its superior commercial-grade air filter. 

This filter, coupled with its highly efficient fan design, makes Husqvarna 580BTS a high-performing leaf blower. This might be a good option for tackling hefty clean-up jobs around the compound.

Weighing 25.7lbs (11.7kgs), the 580BTS is relatively heavier than most leaf blowers.

However, it comes with a remarkable harness with wide shoulder straps to improve user comfort. This harness helps to balance the weight and reduce stress on the user’s hands and arms.

What Did Previous Husqvarna 580 BTS Buyers Say?

This product enjoys an extremely high rating on Amazon: 92% of customers gave it a 5-star rating. Most buyers love the enormous CFM delivered by this leaf blower, terming it as a beast. It’s a commercial-grade blower that moves piles of debris with ease. In addition, it’s very easy to start.

Other customers were intrigued by how effectively it blows leaves and snow off their yards during winter. Sure, it requires more gas than most leaf blowers, but it gets the job done perfectly. However, some buyers complained that the unit was heavy – but the weight-balancing harness helped increase their comfort.


Husqvarna offers a standard warranty of 2 years for all their gas powered backpack blowers, including their New Husqvarna 580BTS backpack leaf blower. This warranty can be extended to either 3 or 4 years if customers meet certain requirements.

Husqvarn Backpack Leaf Blower Engine Air Injector

Conclusion – The Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower

The New Husqvarna 580BTS backpack blower is an impressive addition by Husqvarna that generates enough power to tackle heavy-duty clean-ups around the yard. If you live in a heavily forested area, you’ll love how effortlessly this model blows leaves off the compound. Boasting a remarkable wind speed of 208 MPH and air volume of 908 CFM, the 580bts might just be the ideal leaf blower to handle your yard clean-up needs.

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