Snow Joe 323E Electric Snow Shovel Review

When it comes to clearing the snow effectively and slowly, the snow shovel can often be the best means. The Snow Joe 323E electric snow shovel is amongst the top sellers on Amazon in this category.

If you need quick snow pickups around your deck, patio, and sidewalks, this electric snow shovel can be a dependable alternative. Featuring an ergonomic design with an adjustable handle to minimize user strain.


Clearing Width (inches)


Plowing Capacity (lbs/min)


Weight (lbs)


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good 400 lbs/min plowing capacity, considering its size
  • Great price


  • Power cord can get in the way

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Key Facts

  • Cleaning Width: The 2-blade paddle can be used to shovel nearly 13 inches wide stretches in one go.
  • Cleaning Height: Along with the wide area that this shovel covers, it can also go deep. On any given instant, it can easily cut through 6 inches of deep snow cover. In certain cases, it can even cut through a little deeper than that also.
  • Throw Distance: You can easily assess the efficiency of this snow shovel by the fact that it can toss snow up as much as 20 feet.
  • Engine Power: It is a relatively powerful 10 amp motor and oozes power from the word go.
  • Plowing Capacity: No wonder it enhances the overall capacity of this electric snow shovel. It can plow as much as 400 lbs of snow every minute.
  • Weight: At 13.8 lbs it is slightly on the heavier side but only by a fraction. To alleviate user strain, its patented design ensures ease of use.
  • Price Range: It is priced very competitively, placing this snow blower under $100


Quick & Efficient. The motor strength and the design enhance the efficiency of the Snow Joe 323E electric snow shovel. You can shovel snow quicker with this electric shovel and get the job done a lot quicker.

It features an ergonomic design, in simple words, it means that it reduces strain on the body. The handle is designed in a way that it cuts down stress on your hands and back even if holding it for an extended period. 

Snow Joe 323E shovel

It is incredibly lightweight. This makes handling much simpler compared to standard single-stage snow blowers.

The best seller Snow Joe 625E that we have previously reviewed is weighting nearly 3 times more while offering only double plowing capacity to this snow shovel.

This snow shovel is not great removing ice covers or deal with heavy, thick and wet snow.

For clearing very deep, heavy, icy snow you should go for a two stage snow blower.

Lightweight properties come with unforeseen disadvantages, with this shovel one need to watch out for wind direction. 

Given how lightweight this snow shovel is, the wind direction plays a crucial role.

Shoveling can be rather time-consuming if you do not align this snow shovel in the appropriate direction, as thundery wind can push this shovel off route. The Snow Joe 323E electric snow shovel has a specially patented back saving curve design.

As the name indicates, it helps cut down strain on your back while using this machine for an extended period.

The ergonomic design and adjustable handle make sure that your comfort is not compromised at any cost.

Talking about costs, this electric snow blower is considerably cheaper than its cordless and hybrid siblings, like the Snow Joe iON13SS Cordless Snow Shovel.

What did previous Snow Joe 323E buyers say?

Most users have expressed satisfaction after extended use of the Snow Joe 323E electric shovel. They feel if you do not want to break your back shoveling, this perhaps is the ideal alternative for you.

However, some users have expressed concern about the width of this snow shovel. This, in case of heavy snowfall and rather huge yards to clear snow, could impact the overall efficiency. 

Warranty and Support

You have a full two-year warranty with the purchase of your Snow Joe 323E, and you are also ensured of great customer service and an easy return policy. Snow Joe is a company that takes pride in their products’ quality and craftsmanship and goes out of its way to provide you with the best designs of tools and equipment at the most affordable prices.


Overall, this snow shovel could be the answer to cut down on back-breaking manual shoveling. The electric powered motor can throw up a large amount of snow in a matter of minutes, further enhancing its charm.

This compact snow blower could be a great choice for small to medium sized yards, driveways, and decks, easily operated by young and old. When not in use, it is using a tiny space thanks to its compact design. 

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