Sun Joe HJ22HTE Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Electric hedge trimmers are highly popular due to their light weight and easy maintenance. However, the most likely reason might just be price. Even the best electric hedge trimmer is roughly half or a third of the price of a gas or cordless hedge trimmer. **In this article, we review one of the best selling and highly rated electric hedge trimmers on the market today, the Sun Joe HJ22HTE electric hedge trimmers.**

Sun Joe Electric Hedge Trimmer features

Sun Joe HJ22HTE Electric Hedge Trimmer Facts

Sun Joe Electric Hedge Trimmer HJ22HTE


Blade Length (inches)


Motor (Amp)


Sun Joe has a proven track record of building quality and innovative gardening power tools, and the HJ22HTE is no exception. 

At 5 lbs, it is lightweight, compact, and ergonomic with a full wrap-around front handle. 

The 3.5 Amp electric motor is okay, we have seen stronger motors on the market, but it does the job well. 

The blade is a good sized 22-inch, which is right at the sweet spot. It’s neither too heavy and difficult to use nor too short and ineffective. The Hoe HJ22HTE features pre-hardened, rust resistant stainless steel blades, that should last for many years with little maintenance.


When it comes to hedge trimmers the moving blades can easily become intimidating. Manufacturers have been trying to make their products safer for decades and it really shows on today’s modern hedge trimmers. 

This trimmer is equipped with a dual handed safety switch to prevent dangerous startups. Also has a feature that stops accidental cord or mains plug damage when the hedge trimmer is tugged too hard.

Talking about cords, it comes with a short electric cord so it’s better to get a quality extension cord to reach the further ends of your garden or yard.

It has the above mentioned full wrap around handle to protect your hand.


Sharpening, blade lubrication, and cleaning is still a mandatory chore if you want your tool to last long. But being electric, you can save a lot of hassle when we compare maintenance requirements to gas or battery operated hedgers. 

This one needs no gas and oil mix nor spark plugs, starts with a push of a button, and runs for an unlimited time. The only restriction is your physical ability and the length of the extension cord. 


The manufacturer offers a full 2-year warranty.

What Do Existing Customers Say?

Customers who bought the Sun Joe HJ22HTE speak highly of their purchase. It is regarded as very well made and customers find the stainless steel blades provide good quality that can last for ages.

Noise is reportedly lower than competitors, thanks to the slightly less powerful motor and clever design. According to the manufacturer, the decibel level is 97dB.

People with an understanding that the HJ22HTE is not a heavy duty hedge trimmer, appreciate the low price and for occasional trimming around the house find it a good purchase. 

We honestly tried to find negative comments but it was rather difficult to come by. Of course, you should do your own research, but we really like this hedge trimmer and we would certainly buy it for small to medium sized tasks.

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