Best Gas Hedge Trimmer Reviews

The most popular hedge trimmer type for professional use is undoubtedly the gas hedge trimmer. In this article, we will dig deep into the use of gas hedge trimmers in residential neighborhoods and find the key characteristics of the best gas hedge trimmer that make them the best choice for around the house.

Why Use a Gas Hedge Trimmer?

Gas operated hedge trimmers might seem like a thing of the past when it was okay to fire up your 20cc trimmer on a Sunday morning in a residential area. 

Still, with all the manliness that is required to maintain and operate such monsters, gas hedge trimmers are coming back into fashion. When it comes to performance and long operation times, no question about it, a petrol engine eats all the fancy electric motors for breakfast. 

The right hedge trimmer for your needs may depend on various factors. In our buyers guide we introduced the different kinds of hedge trimmers and discussed the primary decision making process before purchase like identifying the hedge type, length, and size of hedges you have, distance from the house, and other variables. 

In this post, we attempt to find the best gas hedge trimmer on the market today and come up with some ideas when it comes to choosing the right tool for the job. 

Pros vs. Cons of the Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

Gas hedge trimmers have been around for decades and served both homeowners and professionals well. They do require attention when operated and demand more care when it comes to maintenance.

These days corded and cordless electric hedge trimmers are flying off the selves as candies. With increased electric motor performance and better batteries, they seem to be the better option in many situations. 

When owning a small yard with some hedges and odd bushes around, no one wants to take on the overhead that comes with the maintenance of gas hedge trimmers. They do need as much care and attention as a car or a gas lawn mower. Getting the right gas and oil mix, and changing spark plugs and filters, all seem like unnecessary chores these days. 

Professionals though seem to love it and for a reason. Not giving a chance to compromise on power, gas hedge trimmers are still the king of trimming hedges, trees, and bushes. There are no odd cords to fall over or cut through, and no limits on how far you can dare to go from an electrical outlet or mains plug. 

Also not limited by battery runtime, as long as you bring your fuel in a can, you are sorted for the day of hedging. 

When it comes to price, gas hedge trimmers are not cheap but when maintained and serviced properly, they can last for many many years and never leave you disappointed.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7 cc Gas Dual Action Hedge Trimmer


Blade Length (inches)


Engine (cc)


Weight (lbs)

Key Facts

Husqvarna is head to head with Stihl when it comes to gas powered cutting tools and no wonder that Husqvarna has ambitions in the hedge trimmer business as well.

The Husqvarna 122HD60 hedge trimmer has been out for a while, it’s not brand new at all, but this kind of makes it a good starter gas hedge trimmer, even if only as a basis for comparison. 

The 122HD60 is a low noised and reasonably light weight hedge trimmer for domestic use, with features like easy start (they call it Smart Start), low vibration (thanks to anti-vibration dampeners), adjustable read handle, and generally a promise of low noise (guaranteed LWA 101 dB(A)).  

It features a 21.7 cc 2 stroke engine that puts out 0.8 hp while the whole hedge trimmer weighs around 10.8 pounds. The double sided bar length is 23 inches with a recommended maximum branch/twig diameter of 4/5 inches. 


Reviews are kind of mixed for this particular Husqvarna hedge trimmer. Whoever is happy with their purchase, usually gives 5 stars and praises its power and how easy it is to start despite being a traditional gas operated hedge trimmer.

There are customers who were not happy at all with their purchase, mostly due to defective or seemingly poor quality items. However, operating a gas hedge trimmer is considerably more difficult compared to an electric hedge trimmers or battery operated tool, one should always read the manual before first use. Link to Husqvarna 122HD60 manual.

Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer


Blade Length (inches)


Engine (cc)


Weight (lbs)

Key Facts

For more than 40 years, ECHO Incorporated has been a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of professional-grade, hand-held outdoor power equipment for both the commercial and homeowner markets. 

Company reputation and the fact that they offer 5-year consumer and 2-year commercial warranty might be solid indicators of a quality product. 

This Echo hedge trimmer has a 21.2 cc two-stroke engine with a commercial duty air filtration system with a tool-less filter cover. For safety and comfort, there is a large front handle with a safety guard and a large rear handle for better control.  

Its 20 inch double sided, double reciprocating RazorEdge blades are considered to be on the small side but this on the other hand improves handling. It cuts up to 5/8 inch branches.


Customers who buy this product are happy with the freedom and power that gas trimmers provide. One person reported that he used the hedge trimmer for 8 hours, where the only limitation was the gas tank, which can be refilled in a minute. 

Most users highlight the quality build, rigid and heavy duty materials, and the great balance of the power tool itself. Reportedly it starts easy as well, thanks to the easy-start mechanism.

Which Are the Best Gas Hedge Trimmers?

Gas powered hedge trimmers are losing ground in the residential market as electric and cordless trimmers are getting better and more powerful. However, if you need power without compromise, demand the very best, and need to trim great lengths of hedges in one go, then getting the best powerful gas hedge trimmer is the only way to go. 

Still preferred by professionals, going for a gas trimmer is a statement and with all the manliness to handle and maintain these beasts you will likely stand out from the crowd. Especially in a quiet neighborhood!