Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews

The most popular hedge trimmer type these days is the cordless hedge trimmer. In this article, we will discuss some of the key characteristics of the best cordless hedge trimmer and rate some of the trimmers for value and features. This way it might be easier for you to find the best cordless hedge trimmer for your needs in this very saturated and competitive market.

Why Use a Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

If you value comfort, ease of use, and low maintenance for your power tools, then the cordless hedge trimmer is the way to go.

Technology has advanced so much in recent years that a battery operated trimmer could potentially reach the performance of its gas or corded electric counterparts.  

The right hedge trimmer for your needs depends on various factors. In our buyers guide we introduced the different kinds of hedge trimmers and discussed the primary decision making process before purchase like identifying the hedge type, length and size of hedges you have, distance from the house, and other variables.  

This time we put our back into reviewing the best cordless hedge trimmers on the market today to come up with a winner as best performance trimmer and best cordless hedge trimmer for the money!

Pros vs. Cons of the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmers are the high tech version of the most common but cumbersome corded hedge trimmers. It is still a reasonably lightweight hedge trimmer, easy to use, and most importantly gives you the freedom to roam around the yard and trim those overgrown hedges. 


It does need batteries and those batteries need to be charged beforehand. This is something to keep in mind but since they keep their charge when not in use for a long time, this should not be a problem at all. 

Most manufacturers nowadays offer interchangeable power packs that you can use across their power tools range.

A typical householder in the United States has a lawn mower, leaf blower, string trimmer, and potentially a snow blower or other outdoor power tools that could potentially all share the same battery.

This is highly beneficial as modern lithium ion batteries tend to be pretty expensive on their own or when it comes to buying additional units or replacing them.

Battery run time has improved a lot as well, and to be honest, they usually hold better than ever and keep the tools running long after you have already physically exhausted.

When it comes to reviews we usually mention expected run times for your information. 

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews

BLACK+DECKER LHT321 Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Blade Length (inches)


Battery (Volt)


Weight (lbs)

BLACK+DECKER LHT321 Cordless Hedge Trimmer in Action

Key Facts

This Black and Decker model, as opposed to the previous tools on this list, is cordless and rather reasonably priced. The LHT321 is powered by a low vibration electric motor backed up by a 20V battery. The battery is part of Black and Decker’s interchangeable 20V MAX system so it can be used with other, compatible power tools as well.

Its battery lasts up to an hour with a single charge, according to the manufacturer, that is equivalent to up to 3000 sq ft of actual hedges trimmed.

One outstanding feature, not closely related to hedge trimming but still a nice touch, is that the SMARTECH™ battery includes a built-in portable charger for charging phones, tablets, and other devices.

The LHT321 is capable of cutting through 3/4 inch branches and features dual action blades to ensure less vibration and effective trimming. 

Comfort options include premium, micro-texture grip cover and ergonomic handles.


This cordless hedge trimmer at the time of writing has the highest customer ratings on Amazon. That’s not something to ignore when looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer.

Most customers praise the ease of use, cord free nature and some are happy that they went for the lighter and cheaper 20V system instead of the heavier 40V one. 

For longer jobs with big yards and lots of hedges, existing users suggest getting a back up battery to stretch the standard 1 hour operation time.

DEWALT DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer with 5AH Pack


Blade Length (inches)


Battery (Volt)


Weight (lbs)

DeWalt is an American world wide brand of great quality power tools and hand tools. It was founded in 1924 and kept its reputation high ever since. They are part of the Black & Decker Inc group these days. We believe that the DeWalt DCHT820P1 lives up to that fame, but let’s see the details below. 

This DeWalt battery powered hedge trimmer features a high output electric motor. It is powered by a high capacity, 5 Ah battery which is part of the interchangeable 20 MAX lithium ion system.

This makes the battery and any spare batteries from the same system that you may buy later suitable for being used in over 100+ DeWalt power tools.

The 22 inch blade offers extensive reach while keeping the size and weight of the hedge trimmer under control and provides easy maneuverability. It can cut through 3/4 inch of branches and is made of hardened steel. 


Reviews are all over this best hedge trimmer and customers seem to love it. Most of them praise the great quality of the heavy duty blades, that simply cut through whatever is fed to them. Some find it nice that both layers of blades reciprocate, rather than only one against a stationary blade.

People love the simplicity, easy operation, and start. Rough out of the package the tool was ready to go, just stick in the battery and remove the blade covers. That’s it.

Customers love the fact that with this they can forget about trying to get the thing started, the noise, the mess, wearing hearing protectors, or dragging extension cords around. Just concentrate on getting the job done.

Battery life seems to be pretty good as well, one customer reportedly used the hedge trimmer for 90 minutes and still left with 1/3 bars on the battery (source).

The only area where people could improve this tool is the fact that this is not a feather light tool, but still much better than previous generations of cordless hedge trimmers, for sure.

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Blade Length (inches)


Battery (Volt)


Weight (lbs)

Key Facts

This Black and Decker model shines where cordless hedge trimmers usually do not, and it is battery time.

It has a 40V battery that, according to the manufacturer, is capable of trimming 6000 sq ft per charge.

That’s twice as much as the previously reviewed B+D tool, and that was a modern hedge trimmer!

Just guess what it do in comparison to older models when its lithium ion batteries hold a charge 5X times longer and have double the life of old, legacy NiCd batteries that were common a few years ago.

The Black and Decker LHT2436 offers all the bells and whistles that other new battery hedge trimmers bring to the table, and is in line with Black and Decker’s offerings. It features dual action blades that can cut branches up to 3/4 inch thick.

Full wrap-around handle, low weight, and built-in cord retention bring comfort, ease of use, and agility.


People reportedly use this powerful hedge trimmer for 2 hours with a single charge, that is quite a lot of hedges being trimmed.

This lightest hedge trimmer allows customers to use it with a single hand to reach those higher branches.

Other customers who purchased this battery hedge trimmer highlight the fact that the LHT2436 has heavy-duty and solid housing, a small and easy to change battery, good balance, and is generally a great value (source).

The only notable complaint that some users raised was that the trimmer does not stop immediately when one lets the trigger go, it may take a second or two for the blade to stand still.

This might be a safety concern for some but with care and respect for such a powerful cutting tool, this can be contained for sure.

Which Are the Best Hedge Trimmers this Year?

If you want a good size trimmer with the biggest battery capacity and great performance then the best cordless hedge trimmer for you might be the DEWALT DCHT820P1 trimmer with the 5AH pack.

It has the highest customer rating among all the reviewed cordless hedge trimmers and we can highly recommend it to all residential customers.  

Prefer something cheaper? Get the best cordless hedge trimmer for the money, as the BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 trimmer might just be a better choice.

This electric hedge trimmer is under $40, which is ridiculous if you think about it. This much performance for the same amount of a family meal deal is a steal. 


Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

DEWALT DCHT820P1 20V Hedge Trimmer with 5Ah pack


Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer for the Money

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Hedge Trimmer