Best Trampoline Reviews for 2022

Last Update: April 18th, 2022   

Best Trampoline Reviews for 2022

Anyone who has jumped on a trampoline can attest to how much fun they can be. There is something entertaining about bouncing all over the place, and it is a fun way to stay active. The best trampoline can promote balance, coordination, endurance and strength. In the past, trampolines were often associated with injuries obtained while falling and jumping.

Today’s trampolines place a high value on safety. Manufacturers compete with one another continuously to provide the best features for potential customers. What follows is a look at those features and eight products that represent some of the best trampolines on the market.

Best Trampoline – Buyer’s Guide 


Product safety is probably the most important feature when it comes to shopping for a trampoline. Anyone who has played on an older device can attest to how easy it is to fall or launch off of one. 

Within the last decade, product manufacturers have begun to include a safety net with their sales. These nets are designed to help keep jumpers on the trampoline and should be considered standard on today’s market.

Another initial product design that can cause injuries is the springs employed to provide bounce when jumping. These are located along the outer edges of the trampoline. 

Safety nets are not designed to prevent an arm or a leg from getting caught in the gap between these springs and the jumping surface. To address this issue, companies have started to produce no-gap trampoline designs.

This safety feature brings the safety net to the edge of the jumping mat, keeping any spring gaps safely outside. 

An even more secure safety upgrade can be found with products that have the net connected to the edge of the jumping surface. 

In recent years, some manufacturers have gone a step further by creating a trampoline that does not use springs in its design.

Padding is another safety feature included on many of today’s products on the market. Providing extra cushion around the jumping surface, as well as on the framework and poles, is something to look for even on the best trampoline for adults. 

This protection can help to prevent an injury when a jumper accidentally makes contact with these hard surfaces. With over 100-thousand American children suffering trampoline-related injuries each year, many parents consider all of these types of safety features critical for the best kids trampoline.

Trampoline anchor for safety

Most trampolines offer anchors as options

Trampolines can be robust structures, but with size, the risk of tipping over increases. Unless someone lives in an area with high winds, it may not be necessary. Nevertheless, most trampoline manufactures offer some form of anchoring feature for increased safety.

Trampoline Safety at Skybound Stratos with net system


A devices size influences more than the price tag, although the buyer’s budget will play an obvious role in any purchase. Larger trampolines provide more room during jumps. The size of the expected users will play a role in determining the mat size required, as larger individuals will enjoy themselves more if they have more space. Keep in mind that families with multiple children should consider a bigger model, and even a single child will have their friends over!

One factor to keep in mind when shopping for a trampoline is in the yard space that is available for it. While smaller models can cover just seven and a half feet, larger trampolines can easily double that. 

Typical Trampoline diameter and height for a 15 feet trampoline

Typical size of the most popular trampoline category - 15 feet

When the entire frame is added to the equation space could become a premium very quickly. The best outdoor trampoline will be large enough to accommodate users without preventing access to things such as a pool or shed.

Speaking of these things, a larger trampoline might encourage silly stunts. A deciding size factor, for parents and adults with daring partners, might be providing enough space to discourage dangerous antics like jumping from roofs, sheds, and trees. 

While we are mentioning trees, jumping clearance is another size consideration as well. A trampoline must allow a user to bounce without hitting over-head branches or power lines.


When a person thinks of jumping on a trampoline, they will often envision a traditional circular shaped device. This shape is said to provide the jumper with a deeper bounce that is softer than other shapes. As a classic design, it has been in use for decades. Almost all manufacturers will offer at least one circular trampoline in their product lines, which means potential customers have a lot of choices on the market.

Another round-shaped device is the oval trampoline. They tend to require more room for their setup but operate in a similar manner. 

Square-shaped trampolines are also available and may require less space than a similarly sized oval mat. Both of these shapes are able to supply a bit more jumping surface than a circular mat can, but this extra space is minimal for most users. 

There are also octagon trampolines for those looking for something a bit different.

A shape inspired by the world of gymnastics is the rectangular-shaped mat. They tend to provide more bounce with each jump, so that may not prove ideal for novices. The best rectangular trampoline designs use this feature to help young performers improve their gymnastics routine.


When it comes to other trampoline features, a couple of them stand out and are worth mentioning. These products do not come ready to use and will require assembly to complete. Some trampoline models can be very confusing when they are being put together, so a good instruction manual is a must. It will also be worth looking online for videos that show people putting one together.

Here is an assembly video for one of the products reviewed below (The SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System):

Keep in mind that assembly could require more than one person, especially with larger devices. An easy assembly usually means that the trampoline is also easy to take down. This is important as even the best rectangle trampoline (or circular, etc.) is not designed to withstand year around weather.

Another feature that is often overlooked is a rain cover. Some products include one, while others don’t. If a cover is not supplied, see if one is available as a separate purchase. This could be a deciding factor between two similar products.

Some trampolines do not require such protection because they are designed to be used indoors. Small toddler trampolines are a popular item among parents. They provide a center bar for the child to hold onto as they bounce up and down. In recent years, adult indoor trampolines have also made their way into the market, and are used for exercise programs inside the home.


Something that should not be overlooked is the quality of the materials used to make the trampoline. While all fabrics will age and wear, it is important to look for materials that can withstand some moisture. Fabrics designed for outdoor use will not rot as quickly, and metals with corrosion and rust resistance are a plus.


A first-time trampoline buyer will always wonder how much money it will cost them to get the best trampoline without breaking the bank. Our research shows that the cheapest models cost around 200 dollars. Many products will cost the buyer more, ranging upwards to 800 dollars. The more expensive trampolines can cost from one to three-thousand dollars on the top end.

As with most things, the size of an item will determine its price. The best kids trampoline will provide them with plenty of room for their antics as well as those of their friends. Deciding ahead of time how many people are expected to jump on it may eliminate some trampolines from the start. A product’s shape will usually influence cost the least, but it can alter the price with some brands.

Another factor in determining a price range is, of course, the quality of the materials used in making an item. The best outdoor trampoline will be made from materials that can withstand weathering without breaking down. Safety is also of concern, and a buyer should expect to pay for that. The best trampoline for adults will be rugged enough to support the largest family members or friends and will cost extra money for that support.

Best Trampoline Brands

As responsible parents, we are looking for the best trampoline brands who manufactures safe, reliable and good quality trampolines. There are dozens of trampoline brands out there and it may be intimidating to find the best among them, although a list of best trampoline reviews and such things could help you finding them. 

Other great indicator is customer reviews. When shopping for the best trampoline for kids, or adults, it is always wise to check evaluations made by previous buyers. In our list of trampoline reviews here we only include brands whose trampolines hit at least the 4 out of 5 rating, so you can shop with confidence.

Best Trampoline Reviews

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net

  • Robust with 330 lbs weight limit
  • Quick assembly despite the big size
  • Weather resistant
  • 10 year frame warranty
  • Quite expensive

The Stratos is a circularly shaped trampoline designed with spacious yards in mind. SkyBound offers this product with 12, 14, or 15-foot bouncing mat sizes. This does provide a potential customer with a few options when considering the location of the device in the yard.

Each of the six legs is W-shaped, a design element that can provide stability while the trampoline is in use. This also prevents the legs from digging into the ground and sinking. Depending upon the size of the mat, the Stratos comes with 84, 96 or 108 premium springs. They are made from 3mm gauge steel and are designed to provide up to 50 percent more bounce than a standard spring is capable of producing.

Trampoline Safety Poles - SykBound Stratos

Galvanized steel is used in the construction of both the legs and the safety nets poles. These, along with the springs, have been made to withstand premature rusting due to rain or sprinkler systems. 

The 12 poles used to erect the safety enclosure are concave in shape, a feature that can help prevent contact while jumping. This number of poles is double the amount used on some netting and should add to the trampoline’s integrity.

The safety enclosure netting is connected to the mat, a feature that keeps limbs away from gaps in the springs. It is rated 120g/m2 which should provide years of service if properly cared for. The mat is designed to provide support for up to 330-pounds of weight. All of these materials meet or exceed ratings from the ASTM and U.S. regulatory agencies.

Assembly time for the 15-foot round trampoline should be less than two hours, according to the manufacturer, assuming having help from a couple of more adults. 

This outdoor trampoline should provide many hours of entertainment and exercise for the family. It may be ideal for parents who are looking to keep their kids, and those belonging to the neighbors, active and busy during the day.

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

Skywalker Kids Trampoline 15 ft with Basketball hoop

  • Low price
  • Basketball hoop and 2 foam balls included
  • High spring count results in big bouncy effect
  • Dual zip and latch closure system to keep kids safe
  • Age limit of 6 years
  • 200 lbs weight limit

Skywalker’s 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk comes as a circle shaped trampoline is an affordable option for parents looking to provide their child with some fun outdoor activities. We mention this, as the product has a lower weight rating, approximately 200-pounds. That doesn’t mean that the Jump N’ Dunk is without entertainment value for its target audience, however.

Skywalker - The Best Kis Trampoline?

The stand-out entertainment feature (and the reason for the name) is the soft break-away basketball rim and net. It is attached by a velcro system and this item includes two foam basketballs as well. The safety net is attached to the mat, a design element that eliminates spring gap issues. 

This isn’t the only safety feature, as Skywalker has designed a dual-zipper and latch clip closure system with their safety netting that helps to keep kids safely within the trampoline.

Each joint on the legs and enclosure poles use a T-joint to lock the pieces into place, something that should add nicely to the structural integrity of the trampoline frame. The poles are covered in sections of foam padding for extra protection in the event that a user should make contact with them while jumping erratically. 

The company tests their products for durability and safety issues, and they are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards set by the ATM (the American Society for Testing and Materials). They also guarantee the frame with a three-year warranty as well as a more limited one-year coverage on other parts.

The galvanized poles and the 96 springs(measuring 6.5-inches each) are rust resistant. The springs are covered, and the manufacturer has provided six color option for these coverings. That little extra can help a parent stylize their child’s trampoline even more.

The Skywalker might be the best kids trampoline on the market today, and to add more fun, it is available in various colors, like purple, green, red and even stars and stripes!

Skywalker 9×15-Feet Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline for Kids

  • Well designed spring pad covers frame and springs
  • Weight rating increased to 250 lbs
  • Being rectangle trampoline it offers bigger space for jumps
  • No-gap enclosure
  • Higher price than the basic circular trampoline of same brand

Skywalker upped their weight rating on this model to 250-pounds. It is necessary as this 15-foot trampoline is rectangular in shape. This product will provide more bounce and is a style often seen employed by gymnasts during workout routines. A greater bounce is generated through the springs, which act more independently with this shape.

It is capable of providing the same bounce on both ends of the jumping mat. The mat itself measure 9-foot by 15-foot, which should provide plenty of room for fun and training. Four U-shaped legs are positioned diagonally along the corners of the device and should provide a steady platform while in use. This design will also prevent a corner from sinking into the ground with extended use in the yard.

Rectangle Trampoline benefits

There are certain benefits when going for the best rectangle trampoline

Eight poles secure the safety netting into place and are made from the same galvanized metals that the legs are constructed from. The poles are built with a slight inward bend at the top, which keeps the safety net away from the poles and helps to prevent any unwanted contact from an awkward bounce. All leg and pole pieces connect with a T-socket, providing ease of assembly as well a frame rigidity on this model. The enclosure net is made from a higher quality polyethylene fabric that is designed to last for an extended period, even in direct sunlight, if it is properly maintained.

The net is connected to the mat by a patented no-gap design and buttoned system at each V-ring. Not only does Skywalker provide a covering for the springs, this cover is padded to provide an additional layer of safety for users. If the yard space is available, the 15-foot rectangular trampoline might be the choice for experienced jumpers and aspiring gymnastic artists alike.

Zupapa 12 to 15-Feet Trampoline with Enclosure Net and Ladder

Zupapa 12 to 15-Feet Trampoline

  • 375 lbs weight capacity (15 ft version)
  • 330 lbs weight capacity (12 ft version)
  • TUV Certified - proof of great material and structural design for safety
  • 10 years warranty for trampoline frame
  • Highest rated trampoline on Amazon (4.8 / 5.0)
  • Higher price than the basic circular trampolines

Newly designed for the 2018 season, Zupapa offers their circle-shaped trampoline in 12, 14, and 15-foot mat dimensions. Weight capacities vary between the models at 330-pounds for the 12 and 14-foot mats, and 375-pounds for the 15-foot circle. The seven-inch spring count will also vary between products (12-foot: 72, 14-foot: 96, and 15-foot: 108 springs). The trampoline sits over two feet above the ground and will require staking to provide maximum ground contact while in use.

Something that is provided with this TUV approved product that is not found in many others is a ladder. It also includes a cover to help protect the materials from the rain. Six wind stakes and a pair of gloves are also a nice touch for those who may have forgotten these items during setup. Be aware that the product and accessories will come in three separate boxes.

In order to prevent structural stress, each leg and net pole are bungled at two points. Each galvanized piece of the frame is 1.5 mm thick and resistant to rusting. The legs have a slight W-shape to them and are distributed evenly at four points under the mat. Six poles support the safety net enclosure.

A feature worth noting about these poles is their length, which provides a six-foot net height. The springs are covered by a 13-inch wide material that is padded with 20 mm foam, as are the safety net enclosure poles. The bouncing mat is made from polypropylene that the manufacturer has tested for durability and UV protective properties.

The net contacts the mat which, along with the padded spring covering, shields users from their limbs being pinched or trapped in gaps. This trampoline may prove a good choice for yards that have the room to house a 15-foot wide device.

This Zupapa circular trampoline has outstanding reviews online, for example, Amazon customers rated it 4.8 out of 5!

Exacme Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Ladder

Examine Trampoline 6W legs Safety Pad Enclosure Net and Ladder T14

  • 398 lbs weight capacity (14 and 15 ft version)
  • TUV Certified - proof of great material and structural design for safety
  • Good reviews but competitors have better ratings

Kids shouldn’t have all of the fun, and Exacme agrees by offering their TUV approved trampolines with a 398-pound weight rating on the four largest models. This is a nice feature that allows a full-sized adult access to the bouncing action without going over the limits. The company provides this round product in 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16-foot sizes. This provides a wider selection to meet the needs of those of us that never outgrew our need to bounce!

Six W-shaped legs provide the mat 12-points to rest upon, a feature that adds stability when heavier weights are supported (note that the eight-foot model only uses three legs and the 10-foot makes use of four). Up to six poles hold the safety net enclosure in place, and the entry point is located near one of these frame components. The trampoline is not only TUV approved, it is also GST and UV testing approved as well.

Each galvanized steel component and steel brackets are protected against early rusting, and the other materials have been designed to prevent damage from the elements and the sun’s UV rays. The netting material is made from high-density PE and is taller than many safety nets are. These features add to the adult-friendly design of this unit.

The zipper we mentioned earlier is also a point of interest on this product. All openings experience stress as they are hit with the weight of a jumper. The zipper on this trampoline is reinforced around the surrounding netting. A wide-toothed design is also used to help prevent jams when it is opened and closed.

This product may be ideal for an adult who wants a fun way to exercise, alone or with their family and friends.


As our buyer’s guide and product reviews indicate, there is more to purchasing a trampoline than might be expected. Of all of the considerations, safety should priority number one. Nothing will ruin a day quicker than a trapped limb or pinched skin. Size is second only to safety, and it should be based not only on a user’s desire but also on the room available for the trampoline to fit in.

Each review covered reasonably priced outdoor products, as well as some indoor devices for adults and toddlers. We hope that this article helps to get you bouncing soon!