History of British Gardening Series

In our fascinating History of the British Gardening Series, you can learn about the importance of the Domesday book and religion, discover more about the first plant hunters, and the rise of the English landscape movement till the modern day. 

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Roman Garden Conimbriga

Roman Gardens in Britain

The Romans were the first to start growing plants for ornamental purposes and not just to eat. Discover more about the impact the Romans had on gardening in Britain in this article.

History of British Gardening - Medieval

Medieval British Gardening

Sadly, no existing middle ages gardens have survived in their entirety in Europe, and historical documentation on medieval gardens and plants is scarce. Much of what we know is from paintings. Courtyard gardens were occasionally incorporated into medieval castles.

British History - Hampton Court Privy Garden

Tudor Flower Garden and Stewart British Garden

Tudor and Stewart British Gardens: Embracing Renaissance Revival with Knot Gardens

In the 15th century, the Renaissance movement influenced British gardening, giving rise to the enchanting Tudor and Stewart gardens. Among their captivating features were the meticulously designed knot gardens, reflecting symmetry and intricate patterns. These gardens symbolized unity and eternity while showcasing the era’s artistic finesse.

British History of Gardening - Restoration - Ornamental Canals

Restoration of British Gardening

As Charles II was restored to the throne, it was out with the old Tudor style and in with a more flamboyant and elaborate French influence, such as ornamental canals and avenues.

Reel Mowers - The first Lawn Mower

Georgian and Regency British Gardening

Gardening was coming into its own. With it came the birth of the English Landscape movement and the lawnmower. This period also produced the inspiring Capability Brown who came to prominence in the second half of the 18th century.

History of British Gardening Series – Victorian

Victorian Gardens Styles in Brittain

The Victorian period was celebrated for its progress, invention, new ideas and discoveries from giant glasshouses to garden tools.

Briticsh History of Gardening - Edwardian Hidcote Garden

Edwardian Era of British Gardening

Edwardians craved a rural idyll to capture the romance of the countryside within the confines of the ever-expanding urban and suburban landscape. It was a period of prosperity and this was reflected in the exuberant gardening styles.

British History of Gardening - Gardeners World Programme

Modern British Gardening

Modern British garden represents a vibrant fusion of tradition and innovation, paying homage to the country’s rich horticultural heritage while embracing contemporary garden design principles. Among the diverse gardening styles that have endured the test of time, the cherished “cottage garden” stands out as an emblematic and beloved approach that continues to captivate garden enthusiasts today.