Best Metal Garden Hose Reviews

All of us have been frustrated by a tangled or kinked garden hose at some point. It can interrupt more than the water flow when we have to stop what we are doing to move down the hose and fix the jam. A solution may be found in the newer technology of metal garden hoses. Not only do these products prevent kinks and tangles, but they also provide a nearly indestructible hose for watering a garden or lawn. We’ve compiled a short list of what we think are the best metal garden hose reviews and narrowed it down to one ultimate recommendation.

There are other benefits, which are touched on below. This is followed by reviews of metal garden hoses currently available on the market for our properties’ watering needs.

Why Would You Need a Metal Garden Hose?

Not all garden hoses are the same. The best metal garden hose on the market offers advantages over rubber hoses used for watering properties.

General Use Cases

A metal garden hose is capable of performing any service needed for a garden, home, or lawn that you have been looking after with care. It will perform these duties across rugged surfaces, including driveways and sharp rocks.

The metal hose can combine with a high-pressure nozzle easily. High-pressure water can be used on targets across large lawns or on a roof of a home or RV. But bear in mind the manufacturer’s pressure rating, as it is limited by the inner tubing.

A metal garden hose may be useful in some commercial settings too.

It will store in a vehicle easily, and travel better than most residential hoses.

A metal garden hose can even be used along the best hose timers as they have standard connections.

Due to the inflexibility of most metal hoses, you would probably need to forget your rail hose reel.

Metal Hose vs Rubber Hose

Rubber hoses can be cut fairly easily, especially when they are hot. A metal hose cannot be cut, even with a saw. Anyone who has ever picked up this hose on a hot day can attest to how hot they can get. Metal hoses will not become hot, even when left in the sun.

A rubber hose can bunch together and tangle while it is being used. The rigidness of a metal hose prevents this issue. Most people have experienced hose kinks that cut off water flow. The steel body of a metal hose cannot kink.

When they are not filled with water, they can weigh more than a metal hose will. This is due to the metal hoses’ design and construction materials.

Metal hoses can withstand chewing by pets and the rough handling

Parents and pet-owners will agree that their family members can wreak havoc on a rubber hose. 

Metal hoses can withstand chewing and rough play.

A rubber watering hose will expand under pressure until it bursts or tears. Metal hoses can withstand higher water pressures and maintain their shape without becoming damaged. They can take any pressure that a residential faucet provides.

Benefits of Metal Hoses

Materials and Durability

One of the most commonly used metals in garden hose production is 304 austenitic stainless steel. Austenitic steel refers to non-magnetic stainless steel with a low level of carbon along with high levels of chromium and nickel. It also contains large amounts of iron.

This material is commonly used in the manufacturing of refrigerators, commercial restaurant kitchen equipment, piping, and heat exchangers.

Many of these hoses are made of 304 austenitic steel, making them the most durable options available on the market. Garden hoses made from this material are considered virtually indestructible.

They are immune to the typical wear-and-tear that traditional garden hoses can experience, particularly dry rot and puncturing.

However, it is still not recommended that metal garden hoses be subjected to intentional mistreatment. Do not deliberately run over a metal garden hose with a vehicle.

Some consumers may be tempted to test a metal hose’s durability, but it is best to just enjoy the benefits that metal hoses offer, such as resilience, and kink-free watering without risking damage to property.

What Length Garden Hose Do I Need?

As with any garden hose, the length that it needs to depend mostly on what purpose it will serve. Consider the placement of the outdoor faucet to which the hose will be attached and its proximity to the garden or driveway, if car-washing is a concern.

Metal Garden Hose made from steel kink free

The good news is that most metal garden hoses are considerably lightweight, meaning that if a longer length is necessary, it will not be too difficult to maneuver or carry.

Depending on the type of metal garden hose, the lengths typically vary between 25 to 100 feet.

Consider the services needed for the hose: watering the garden, washing the car, filling the pool.

Determine the distance between the outdoor faucet and the area that the hose will need to reach.

Add six to ten feet to the measurement to allow for easier access and maneuvering. That will reveal the estimated length that the metal garden hose should be.

Can Metal Garden Hoses Be Extended?

Yes, metal garden hose extenders are available. They can be purchased online or from major home improvement brick-and-mortar retailers. While they should come with the standard male and female attachment, double check to make sure that the extending piece is compatible with the hose.

Garden hose extenders may be a great way to add those few extra feet needed to reach the garden or swimming pool. They are typically made from the same durable materials and can be both attached and removed from the garden hose and outdoor spigot quite conveniently.


Truth is, a metal hose often costs more than regular garden hoses. While the price can double that of a cheap garden hose, the cost is still within range of other quality hoses.

While this might be a negative point for budget-conscious shoppers, it continues to find a market among those seeking a hose that can withstand children, pets, terrain, and UV damage.


Additional fittings are available for stainless steel garden hoses, as well. Male and female adaptors are available that fit the standard size attachers at the end of the hose. For stainless steel hoses, stainless steel or brass fittings are recommended.

Faucet connectors, tri-clamps, and shut off valves are available as after-market accessories for stainless steel garden hoses and are available for purchase online, as well as at major brick-and-mortar home improvement retailers.

Brass hose fittings are among the most popular and most durable, and they can extend the life of the hose. Male hose fittings have the threading on the outside and female hose fittings have the threading on the inside of the hose.

Plastic hose fittings are also available, sometimes at a cheaper price. However, plastic fittings are not as durable and will need to be replaced more often.

Is a metal hose the world’s toughest garden hose?

When speaking about the exterior of a metal garden hose, the answer is yes.

The best metal garden hose will use 304 stainless steel in its construction. That will make it far tougher than other garden hoses on the market, like for example expandable garden hoses, as it is extremely durable and contains nickel and chromium giving it its corrosion resistant properties.

World Toughest Hoses - Metal Garden Hose with cut resistant stainless steel cover

A metal garden hose will still make use of a rubber hose under the steel exterior for carrying water from the faucet to the garden hose nozzle, however. 

This interior material can still be damaged by heat. Water left in the hose can still damage it just as it would in other hoses.

Metal Garden Hose Reviews

Best Stainless Steel Garden Hose – Forever Steel Hose 304

Forever Steel Hose 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose


  • Corrosion and rust proof
  • Expandable hose with another unit
  • Solid outer metal coating with NO Puncture promise


  • Some customers reported that it might crack easier than expected

This Amazon’s Choice metal hose produced by Forever Steel comes in a 50-foot segment that weighs 5.29 pounds when empty. It has a diameter of 5/8 inches. The hose is made from 304 stainless steel.

Forever Steel Hose also makes lengths of 25, 75, and 100-feet versions of this model.

This garden hose contains both chromium and nickel, a design element that helps to provide corrosion resistance over time.

The flexibility provided by the steel body allows this hose to roll into a coil that is about one foot in diameter, and less than six inches in girth. This will allow it to be easily stored in a variety of places.

The stainless steel covers the interior rubber effectively, providing good UV protection. The interior diameter promotes a longer spray stream, especially when connected to a good nozzle. The manufacturer offers customers a 30-day full refund on this product.

Best Corrosion Resistant Metal Garden Hose – The Original 304 Stainless Steel Hose

Original 304 Stainless Steel Hose


  • Cool to touch metal garden hose
  • Corrosion and UV resistant
  • Ultra flexible


  • The interior diameter is small making it a low volume hose
  • Weak end crimping connections

Advertised as the original metal hose, this 50-foot long product from Harvest Trading Group weighs 6.2 pounds dry. It has an exterior diameter of 5/6 inches.

This hose is built using 304 stainless steel that reflects sunlight, a feature that prevents overheating and UV damage. Harvest Trading Group also sells this hose in 25, 75, and 100-foot segments.

Corrosion resistance is provided by elements added to the metal, helping to keep the hose in the same condition all year. Each end on the Original sports a green colored male or female connector along with matching rubber sleeves.

The hose is a bit more flexible than similar hoses and can roll into a coil less than one foot in diameter.

A thicker inner rubber sleeve holds a solid shape and aids in building up pressure while water runs through it.

Best Garden Hose Consumer Reports – 50′ Metal Garden Hose By QSP, Stainless Steel with Brass Sprayer

Metal Garden Hose By QSP with Brass Sprayer


  • Highest rated metal garden hose on Amazon
  • Solid and large ends to avoid leaks
  • 12 months guarantee
  • Heavy duty brass sprayer included


  • Higher price than competitors

This product measures 50 feet in length and weighs 5.6 pounds. The exterior dimensions are a typical 5/8-inch diameter. The outer sheath is made of 304 stainless steel and provides less flexibility than some metal hoses as it coils to nearly 14 inches at a minimum.

While the metal provides the standard protection from damage that all metal hoses do, what stands out about this product is the oversized connectors.

The larger gripping area is a nice design element for those requiring the extra surface to grab onto. These couplings are heavy-duty and should provide a good seal. They appear to fit firmly on the hose ends.

A heavy-duty brass spray nozzle is included with the purchase. Quality Source Products offers a 12-month replacement if issues arise during that time.

No Kink Garden Hose 100 Ft – Hercules Hose Stainless Steel Garden Hose Kink Free

Hercules Metal Garden Hose Reviews


  • Interlocking armor design
  • Anti-leak aluminium connectors
  • 12 months warranty


  • Interior tubing is narrowly leading to low volume water flow
  • Quality is not as great as competitors according to customer ratings

This Hercules Garden Hose comes in a 100-foot segment that weighs 11.53 pounds. This hose makes use of a steel sheath that measures 5/8-inch in exterior diameter.

An interesting feature of the stainless steel outer body is the interlocking design. Each wrap of the metal interlocks with the previous segment, a feature that should provide extra durability over the years.

The aluminum connectors on each end are colored green. A solid green plastic grip is fitted below the male and female couplings, a nice sized grip for those who need it. As an added bonus, the Hercules comes with a plastic hose reel for winding the metal garden hose up. Its color matches that of the hose couplings.

The manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty on the hose. They also produce 25, 50, and 75-foot segments.

Best Lightweight Garden Hose – Tiabo Metal Garden Hose Stainless Steel Super Flexible

Tiabo Metal Garden Hose Stainless Steel

The Tiabo Hose is made from durable 304 stainless steel material. This hose is designed to deflect heat from the sun and remain cool to the touch – a feature that might be appealing to gardeners who spend many hours in the hot sun.

It comes with a nozzle with 7 spray patterns included.

The diameter is ⅜” and the holes in the fittings are around 3/16”. While it is not recommended that anyone drink from the water hose regularly, this product is lead free, which may make it a safer option for gardeners with kids.

Hundreds of consumers were happy with their purchase, leaving mostly positive reviews on Amazon. Most customers reported feeling happy with their purchase and its functions, especially its lightweight and tangle-free maneuvering.

A handful of consumers, however, were unhappy, reporting that the hose burst after a few months (a risk that is supposed to be non-existent with a stainless steel hose) and that it was not covered under a warranty.

Best Budget-Friendly Garden Hose – Bionic Steel 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Bionic Steel 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

This is another popular choice on Amazon. This product is one of the more cost-effective options available, as well, and comes in size increments of 25’, 50’, 75’, and 100’.

Several hundred customers took the time to leave a review of this product and reported satisfaction with their purchase in the areas of durability, maneuverability, and lightweight.

In desert climates where the sun can destroy water hoses every summer, many customers were happy with the several seasons the Bionic Steel’s 304 stainless steel metal held up in the elements.

However, over 100 customers voiced their dissatisfaction with their purchase, reporting malfunctions and breakage with a lack of warranty to cover it. Other consumers also reported that the fittings were susceptible to rust after just a few months.

Best 100 Ft Garden Hose – TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose

TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose

This product is available at a mid-range price for all of the sizing options available. It can be purchased as 25’, 50’, 75’, and 100’, respectively.

The manufacturer offers a 180-day satisfaction guarantee and attributes easy maneuverability to its light, 10-pound weight. This product features a corrugated design and the 304 stainless steel does not scratch or dent easily.

Of the consumers who took the time to leave a review of their purchase on Amazon, over 200 of them reported a positive experience with the FitLife Flexible hose and were satisfied with its performance in the areas of maneuverability, durability, and weight.

Most consumers mention how easily the water flows in a garden hose and how much easier it is to water the garden when the hose does not get tangled.

A few consumers voiced their dissatisfaction with the product, however, reporting leaks or bursts after just a few months. Some of the customers did experience malfunctions within the satisfaction guarantee window, though, and were able to get a refund.

Best Affordable Garden Hose – BEAULIFE New 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose with 8 Functions

BEAULIFE New 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

One of the more cost-effective steel garden hose options available, the Beaulife New 304 hose is another popular choice among consumers.

This model features a new design with a larger diameter that increases water pressure, as well as a variety of spray functions.

The nickel and chromium properties used in the manufacturing of this product also make it less prone to corrosion. Brass fittings included with the hose are also designed for durability.

Hundreds of customers were satisfied with their purchase, giving it a four or five-star rating in the areas of durability, maneuverability, and lightweight.

Some consumers were unhappy with the purchase after a few weeks, however, reporting malfunctions with the fittings, leaks, and bursts. Some consumers also reported having trouble with the customer service at the manufacturer.

Best Heavy-Duty Garden Hose – Cesun 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Cesun Metal Garden Hose with 304 Stainless Steel

This product is featured as a choice item on Amazon and is one of the more affordable metal garden hose options, as well.

The Cesun hose is available in lengths between 25 and 100 feet and the manufacturer also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month replacement warranty.

According to the manufacturer’s website, it is designed to deflect sunlight and maintain a cool touch as well as guaranteed to be rust and corrosion free. This upgraded model features a heavy-duty rubber sleeve over the fittings for further protection.

Over 150 customers were happy with their purchase of the Cesun, leaving positive reviews on Amazon for the product’s durability, lightweight, and maneuverability. A few customers, however, were unhappy, reporting rust and leaks after just a few uses.

Best Soaker Garden Hose – SPECILITE 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose

SPECILITE Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose

This is another one of Amazon’s choice products, featuring affordability and ten different spray features.

Rubber gaskets on each end of this soaker hose help prevent leaks and the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty, as well. The standard ⅝” female fitting fits into any ⅝” male fitting.

Comes with a 10 ways spray nozzle: shower, cone, jet, mist, angle, soaker, center, 1/2 vert, full and flat.

Specilite Hose Nozzle Features

Of the dozens of reviews left by consumers, most customers reported high satisfaction in the primary areas of maneuverability, durability, and lightweight.

Some customers were unhappy with the water pressure from the small diameter and a few others reported leakage early on. One customer also reported that the fitting did not fit the outdoor spigot.


The metal hoses we just discussed are very similar in design and quality. That leaves the door open as to which product is the best metal garden hose on the list. 

As this technology is only a few years old, each hose mentioned will provide similar output. A shopper will be forced to make selections based on minor features. Hopefully, this list of metal garden hose reviews helped a bit.

As each summer passes, the best metal garden hose currently available will be improved upon. This won’t matter much with the products listed above in our metal garden hose reviews, as they are durable enough to last for years to come.

After all, taking care of our lawn is a duty, sometimes a hunt for weeds, sometimes a noisy chore, but one thing is sure: it needs reliable and regular watering.