Best .155 Timmer Line

For all those hard to reach places that your mower can’t get, you need a string trimmer. Also known as a weed whacker, weed eater, or strimmer, these devices are ideal for grass and weeds that are in tight spaces or are bordered. These tools cut grass and weeds with a string instead of a blade.

Over time these lines need to be replaced. For trimmers to operate swiftly and tackle the toughest grass and weeds you need the toughest line with a big diameter. For that, you need to consider and look for the best .155 trimmer line.

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Top 0.155 Trimmer Lines

Cyclone .155 Inch Trimmer Line

Cyclone .155 Inch Trimmer Line

This trimmer line is a commercial grade line made with proprietary material. It stands out among its competitors by its bright fire red color.

The Cyclone line is built with the highest quality nylon copolymer that is further reinforced for strength and durability. This particular model is one of the most popular ones of this size.

This line from Cyclone will hold up well over time so you can cut through a lot of shrubbery and weeds without damage. It is a multi-sided line that provides improved cutting ability for a more efficient job. It is ideal for work in small to large yards and works well for both residential and commercial use.

This particular trimmer string comes with 315 feet of line allowing for many refills. Another feature that makes this ideal for commercial use. It does a clean job every time it is taken out.


  • Heavy duty trimmer line
  • Commercial and residential use
  • Multiple refills with 315 feet in length
  • Great for professional landscapers


  • Line degrades if not used for over a year
  • Weakens with contact to hard surfaces

Arnold Maxi-Edge .155 inch Trimmer Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge .155 inch Trimmer Line

This commercial-grade trimmer line from Arnold Maxi-Edge features a 6-bladed shape. The line is dark red in color and with its shape design, it will cut through weeds and grass impeccably well.

There are 117 feet of line in the packaging and while it is affordably priced it is a top-quality line.

This commercial-grade trimmer line from Arnold Maxi-Edge is ideal for use in both gas and electric trimmers. It will get through all types of vegetable material including grass, weeds, and woody shrubs.

The trimmer line will work fine for both residential and commercial jobs as it is a heavy duty trimmer line. Your purchase will have you covered with a trimmer line for few times due to its length which provides up to 7 refills if used in the right way.

When you purchase this trimming line you will find an included bonus cutting tools. This will help to make your task of installation a bit easier as you will have all the tools right you need right there within the package.

With the design of this line, you can see a reduction in the amount of time you spend working.


  • 6-bladed shape
  • Universal, suited for a lot of different trimmers
  • Cutting tool included
  • Commercial grade


  • Potential for jamming

Oregon Heavy-Duty 0.155 Trimmer Line

Oregon 0.155 Trimmer Line

If you are looking for a trimmer line that will take care of the hard landscaping jobs, this Magnum Gatorline option from Oregon is worth a look.

This line is specifically designed with special features that provide users with a heavy duty commercial line for all their trimming work. Professional landscapers will like the many design features that make this line the best trimmer line.

The line is a multi-sided line with a square shape that is created specifically for improved cutting performance.

This heavy duty trimmer string is made with aramid fibers and dual polymer.

It weighs one pound and is 25 feet in length, which is not a lot.

The outer layer is designed with materials that prevent tangling. The inner core is made with materials that resist breakage.

Overall, these square trimmer line design features all make the line a tough one that won’t break easily even when used against hard surfaces. This makes the unit great for edging and other tasks that require this item to be used close to surfaces.


  • Good value for money
  • Heavy duty
  • Strong and durable
  • Square shaped for great cutting


  • Grey color may be hard to see
  • Not as long as competitors

Anleolife .155 String Trimmer Line

Anleolife .155 String Trimmer Line

This Anleolife string trimmer is made from tough copolymer nylon that features additional plasticized materials.

These added materials provide the line with a boost to its damage resisting capabilities and also increase its impact power.

This is a 3lb and 280 feet package that allows you lots of refills for your string trimmer models. The materials make the line tough and its diameter makes it a great commercial choice.

With a square-shaped multi-side design it can cut through your thicker weeds and grass efficiently and easily.

The Anleolife string can be used with several string trimmer models from brands such as Echo, Ryobi, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Weed Eater, and Stihl among others.

The line is thick and robust as well as it is easy to install. It has the cutting power to take care of all your heavy yard work. It will help you to get your garden or entire yard looking neat and tidy. Included with your purchase is a convenient cutting tool. This tool can help to cut this long line to the desired length for re-installation.


  • The internally reinforced, copolymer material
  • Square shaped
  • Good price for this length


  • The included small line cutter is finicky

Buyers Guide

What is a Trimmer Line?

The trimmer line is the most important working part of your string trimmer. This is what cuts the grass and weeds when you get to work. The line is simply a string that is inserted into the string trimmer head which moves around.

Trimmer line comes in a range of sizes and shapes and can be made from a number of different materials. These three main factors are the highest influence on a trimmer line’s strength and suitability for different tasks.

The average trimmer line is made from nylon and is round in shape. This will take care of light grass and weed cover.

Stronger and more durable lines tend to be made from copolymer nylon and can even be reinforced with other materials to increase their strength and tenacity.

When it comes to trimmer line shape you can find numerous options. Those with edges or twists allow more cutting ability to power through most grass and weed material easily and efficiently, while the most versatile and durable is usually the standard rounded shape.

Benefits of a .155 Diameter Trimmer Line

A trimmer line with the above-mentioned diameter is ideally suited for cutting through heavy-duty greenery. Think large weeds and grass with thick stalks and this line size can get through it.

This size is best used not just for large yards but for heavy commercial work, including industrial landscape golf courses, large estates, and so on. It is commonly used on the best walk behind string trimmers.

.155 Trimmer Line FAQs

What is the Best Commercial Trimmer Line?

The best commercial trimmer line in our opinion would be a twisted line with a diameter of .155 inches.

The size alone doesn’t determine the quality of a line and it is not the only thing that makes this one the best.

These feature a twisted shape that is best for heavy-duty use when you want to clear a lot of thick weeds or when you have a lot of work to do. The twisted line will add cutting power, and durability and will improve efficiency while reducing noise levels.

They are also built to stand up to any hard surfaces such as walkways and walls.

What is the largest trimmer line?

The largest trimmer line is a line with a diameter of 0.155 or above. Trimmer lines with a diameter of at least 0.110 are also considered heavy-duty. Anything that needs more cutting power than what the largest trimmer line can provide should look at brush cutters that operate with metal blades.


For your string trimmer to perform at its optimum it needs the best heavy duty 155 trimmer lines that are available.

You want to choose a trimmer string that has material that enhances the strength of the outer layer. Pick a product made from material such as nylon copolymers.

When it comes to shape, you want a trimmer string that has multiple cutting edges to provide more efficient cuts and more cutting ability in less time, unless the terrain is surrounded by hard surfaces, rocks, and concrete. In this case go for a round shaped option, like the Oregon 22-255 Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline Round String Trimmer Line.